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Artificial Grass Dubai | Buy The Best Fake Grass For Garden

If you want to add a more natural touch to your place? Then, our best artificial grass is the perfect partner for you. Now you can get quality and eye-catching artificial grass for your home, balcony, and walls.

We provide you with all the luxuries to decore your home or enhance your home’s beauty. You can now add a natural touch to your yard with the best artificial grass in Dubai.

We at Plush Furniture make sure that you get the best evergreen artificial grass for your property without sacrificing quality. It feels like real grass or natural lawn because it has UV defender coating, never loses its green hue, and never fades. It provides the best quality and is cost-effective for everyday use.

Best artificial grass in Dubai
Artificial grass for yard


Get Artificial Grass in Dubai To Shape Your Balcony or Yard

Is artificial grass something you would like to add to the outdoor and indoor areas of your home or workplace? If you want to make any place look graceful and close to nature, don’t be afraid to install artificial grass, whether it’s residential or commercial. Providing cheap artificial grass in Dubai and installation services is our specialty.

To create a replica of natural-looking grass carpets, we use synthetic fibers of the highest quality. High tensile strength and durability are characteristics of these fibers.

Therefore, they can deal with all weather conditions without creating any consumer problems. Adding sophistication to your establishments is our specialty, so we provide the best artificial grass in Dubai.


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Get An Excellent Flooring Solution With Our Artificial Grass Dubai

The goal of artificial grass is to replicate the appearance of natural grass by using synthetic fibers. Sports that are played on grass are often played in stadiums or on grassy grounds. Hotel lawns, motel lawns, office lawns, as well as commercial and residential lawns are now famous for this grass.

You can use this artificial grass wherever you want! Let us clear you that Plush Furniture provides the best artificial grass that is suited to many places such as:

 In Residential Area:

There is a lot less upkeep required for artificial grass than it would be for a natural lawn.

The hassle of maintaining artificial grass is one of the reasons why people prefer it for garden areas. Our research has shown that this is also beneficial for elderly individuals and pets.

On Rooftops:

A rooftop can also be covered with artificial grass for a much lower cost.

Rooftop features can easily be transformed into aesthetic features and can be transported anywhere. Both residential and commercial settings benefit from artificial grass.

Artificial Grass For Roof
Artificial Grass For Lawn

At Event:

In addition to open events and shows, artificial grass also enhances the appearance of the surfaces and surroundings by giving them a green, natural look.

It is convenient for events when artificial grass is used on the floor since it can be reused whenever it is needed.

In Commerical Areas:

It is more desirable for companies to have greenery surrounding their business and commercial spaces in commercial areas.

The purpose of this is to provide free aesthetic space around buildings and commercial areas. Providing a soothing feeling for people using commercial spaces is achieved with artificial grass.


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Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Commercial Artificial Grass

Commercial Artificial Grass

Terrace Plastic Grass.

Terrace Plastic Grass.

Fake Grass Carpet

Fake Grass Carpet

Best Artificial Grass Company

Best Artificial Grass Company

Outdoor Grass Carpet Dubai

Outdoor Grass Carpet Dubai

Outdoor Artificial Grass

Outdoor Artificial Grass

The Amazing Benefits Of Our Artificial Grass That are Extraordinary

To help you create an elegant look for your space, we make sure that our products can instantly blend style and elegance. Taking advantage of the artificial grass that we can offer you in the UAE, you can get extraordinary results that will exceed your expectations.

  • The fake grass we provide is the best in the industry, easy to manage, clean, and can be adjusted to any location.
  • Pets and children can be kept on artificial grass if you have them.
  • The artificial grass we sell is of exceptional quality and does not fade over time.
  • Aside from being heat and insect-resistant, it is also UV-resistant and this makes it the best choice for outdoor flooring.
  • With artificial grass, you can avoid buying pesticides and insecticides and save time and money.
  • Years after installing it, it still looks fresh, lasts for a very long time, and requires very little maintenance.
Lawn Artificial Grass
artificial grass for balcony

We Are The Best Artificial Grass Supplier In Dubai That Provide Durable Fake Turf

Depending on how large and what area you need artificial grass for, you can choose a price range that best fits your budget.

The supreme quality of artificial grass is our foremost goal, and we strive to provide our clients with excellent products and services.

With the help of our full-time research and development team, our team in Dubai is constantly developing new projects using advanced technology.

Our artificial garden grass is UV-resistant to withstand intense sunlight of direct sunlight, so our customers can enjoy heat-resistant grass.

Our Exceptional & Affordable Installation Service For Artificial Grass

The artificial grass we provide is ideal for wide areas. We would like to welcome you to an entirely new world of innovative products and accessories. For outdoor areas, we offer many kinds of artificial grass that can survive harsh weather conditions, such as heat and cold. No matter where the artificial grass is placed, it will maintain its shape even when heavily trafficked.

We are the ideal choice if you are looking for a trusted artificial grass installation company in Dubai. Synthetic fibers make up our grass, which has a flat surface that is reminiscent of natural grass. Residential and commercial areas can be planted with this fake grass.

Our team will inspect the area where you wish to install artificial grass in Dubai when we visit your location. To ensure the proper installation of artificial grass, it is necessary to take complete measurements.

Entrance Fake Grass.

What Makes Us The Best Choice For Artificial Grass Dubai?

With unique manufacturing of artificial grass, we ensure the water never becomes clogged during rainy seasons, as we choose skilled professionals and innovative techniques.

Maintenance, management, and cleaning of our artificial grass are easy.

The artificial grass we offer in Dubai or on our website can be purchased by visiting our site and booking a free home visit.

If you would like to greet your valued visitors in an open area or at your home’s entrance, place this grass there. You can certainly graze dry patches of grass even during rainy seasons with our grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Providing they are aesthetically pleasing, we will cover any slope. We have over a decade’s worth of experience in installing artificial grass on all types of surfaces, fields, and anything else that can benefit from it.

You can use artificial grass on your skin and with your children. Unlike artificial grass which is low quality and prone to abrasions, we use soft, permeable Skin-Friendly garden polypropylene.

The installation usually takes six to eight weeks. During the winter months, it takes longer. For your artificial grass protection, you should stay away from it for around 24-48 hours.

Maintaining it is not necessary. However, if the grass needs to be cleaned of dust or other substances, normal watering will take care of it.