Buy Most Durable Artificial Grass in Dubai

If you want to add a greenish touch to your place, our synthetic grass is the perfect solution. Now, you can get quality artificial grass in Dubai for your home, balcony, and walls from us. We use top-quality synthetic fibers to create natural-looking grass carpets with immense durability and resilience.

Artificial Grass Dubai

Top Supplier Of Premium-Quality Artificial Grass Dubai

Many companies sell synthetic turf in Dubai, but we take the lead on every other company. The reason is simple: Quality. Our quality turf is made to look just like the original.

Get a refreshing look for your outdoor flooring with our artificial grass in Dubai. We have made it to withstand heavy foot traffic and wear and tear. We ensure the durability of our fake grass with top-class fiber stitching, a backing layer, and placement for seamless fitting.



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Artificial Grass Dubai


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Artificial Grass Dubai

Our Latest Color & Style Collection Of Artificial Grass Dubai

Explore our latest range of fake grass in vibrant shades – from emerald green to dark olive; choose the color you like. Call us for free sample deliveries anywhere in Dubai.

Artificial Grass Dubai


Artificial Grass Dubai


Artificial Grass Dubai


Artificial Grass Dubai


Get Free Consultation And Measurement Services In the UAE

We have experts ready to provide expert consultation on all artificial grass queries. Book free area measurements for custom quotes of artificial grass in Dubai with a 15% discount.

Get Ever-Green Artificial Grass Dubai for Every Space

We have a vast collection of artificial turf in Dubai to fulfill our customer’s diverse needs and uses. You can get a unique fake grass type for every type of floor. Additionally, our synthetic grass keeps your place green for 365 days a year.


Shades of green for desired grass look



Different grass fiber blade shapes

We have durable sports turf for your sports facilities, made to resist heavy wear and tear. Get our artificial grass in Dubai carpet rolls in Dubai to make your event grand with a natural feel. Adorn your balconies with these long-lasting fake grass solutions.

Artificial Grass Dubai

Our Latest Projects Of Artificial Grass Dubai

Get inspired to have our lush green, lifelike synthetic turf carpeting for your residential and commercial spaces. Have a sneak peek of our artificial grass Dubai projects gallery—call and book your orders.

Artificial Grass 3

We Offer Affordable Installation Service For Artificial Grass

We are here to provide the best artificial grass installation in Dubai at affordable prices. Additionally, we offer a visually appealing green lawn solution that requires low maintenance.

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Perfect Installation for long-term usage

Our skilled team ensures precise measurement and installation, using high-quality materials and advanced techniques to create realistic landscapes.

We have built a name for ourselves with our cost-effective artificial grass in Dubai. Call now to book our services.

What Makes Us The Best Choice For Artificial Grass in Dubai?

People choose us to buy artificial floor and wall grass because we sell top-quality products with a 10+ year market presence in a city like Dubai. We achieved this milestone by doing every job with 100% customer satisfaction. Our unmatched excellence is evident in our 1300+ artificial grass Dubai projects.

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Proper Drainage System

We ensure seamless fake grass installation in Dubai with proper drainage systems.

Long Lasting Grass

Our fake grass is a symbol of quality assurance in the market, built to last 20+ years.

Affordable Prices

We offer our premium-quality artificial grass in Dubai at a low price. Order today!

Client Testimonials

As a leading artificial grass supplier in Dubai, we always deliver top-quality fake grass and flawless installation services to our customers. Here are some reviews of our products and services from them.




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Like all artificial treatments, fake grass is a non-permanent landscaping option. It is installed so that it can be removed fast for better grass options. With proper cleaning and care, it can last up to 25+ years. i

Yes, our turf is eco-friendly, as it does not need water, fertilizers, or pesticides for its maintenance. The only water used with our fake grass is the one used to clean it off from dust and debris. Without fertilizers to nurture it, it has 0 carbon footprint.

Our artificial grass in Dubai comes in different textures and piles, such as low and high piles. A high-pile carpet with soft fibers is ideal for kids to play on.

Yes, artificial grass is made based on the heavy foot traffic. Our outdoor fake turf is made specifically for outdoor restaurants and hotel dining areas. With quality grass fibers made to last long, thus grass can last up to 20+ years.

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