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Wall Artificial Grass Dubai | Decor Your Wall With Our Fake Grass

Choosing quality wall artificial grass will give your wall a natural look. No need to worry about it being installed in commercial or residential areas. Our wall artificial grass provides the look of natural grass to your walls. The outside environment will make you feel like you’re spending your time outside.

Furthermore, it can be used outside as well as indoors. Plush furniture is the best forum for contacting you if you are interested in installing this artificial grass. Undoubtedly, you will be treated to the best quality of materials, relax in a relaxing environment, and benefit from other advantages associated with our wall artificial grass.

Best wall artificial grass in Dubai
Best Wall Artificial Grass


Good To Know Some Appealing Features Of Wall Artificial Grass

You will not be able to imagine the quality or the ever-best features of wall artificial grass that we have to offer.

There are multiple reasons why our artificial grass for walls is so popular. First and foremost, it is the most cost-effective way to save money. Being the best supplier of artificial grass in Dubai, we always provide the best options to our clients.

You will enjoy a relaxed and calm environment with artificial grass for walls. You only need to dust it with a cloth daily to keep it looking nice. Due to the spoiling caused by pets and children, other flooring options, like carpets, may also look odd.


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With Artificial Grass For Walls From Us, You Can Save A Lot

With our artificial grass for walls in Dubai, you can create a soothing and natural environment for your nerves. With Dubai’s unpredictable and unfavorable weather, we help you keep an attractive lawn all year round.

You do not need to install irrigation or drainage systems for it, and it is a highly durable material. As its anti-staining properties make it safe for kids and pets, it is a great choice. In addition to being highly resistant to constant foot traffic, it is also very lightweight and portable. The fine synthetic fibers don’t fade or shrink with sunlight or water and keep their color and size for years to come. As a result, Artificial Grass has the same natural appearance as real green grass.

Classic Wall Artificial Grass

Find Out Why Artificial Grass for Walls Dubai is So Smart!

With our fake grass for the wall in Dubai, you will indeed be tempted to install it in your home because of the legit benefits it offers. With our artificial grass for walls decor, you won’t have to worry about caring as much as you would if you used real lawn grass, yet it still looks as natural as real grass. 

Due to the water and electricity-saving properties, artificial grass for walls in Dubai is an affordable and wise option.

Natural grass requires you to water, mow, declutter and even purchase lawn equipment, whereas this grass requires little to no maintenance. No dust or dirt clots on artificial grass, and there is no need for harmful herbicides or pesticides that would be dumped on natural grass.

Know Exceptional Facts Of Artificial Grass For Walls

Are you thinking of bringing artificial grass to your home wall? Then it is your best decision for your home’s beauty. You can buy quality and eye-catching artificial grass for your home wall from Plush Furniture in Dubai.

Our artificial wall grass has a lot of unique factors that become the cause of choosing it. 

Safe Material & Soft Touch:

In addition to being SGS certified, our artificial grass has been made with a totally safe, environmentally friendly, and toxic-free PE material. This product is made from lightweight, super-strong, high-density polyethylene that is also soft to the touch, making them safe for your family.

Assembling Is Easy:

There are mounting holes in each panel so you can easily attach and install these artificial grasses anywhere you like. Plus, you could even hire a experts & professional who will install this at your place.

Customized Wall Artificial Grass


Choose Your Style

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Premium Quality Wall Artificial Grass

Premium Quality Wall Artificial Grass

Modern Wall Artificial Grass

Modern Wall Artificial Grass

First Class Wall Artificial Grass

First Class Wall Artificial Grass

Elegant Wall Artificial Grass

Elegant Wall Artificial Grass

Durable Wall Artificial Grass

Durable Wall Artificial Grass

Reliable Wall Artificial Grass

Reliable Wall Artificial Grass

Hire Our Expert Artificial Grass For Wall Installation Service

The most important factor in buying wall artificial grass from Plush Furniture is ensuring that you receive professional services from the beginning to the end, from accurate measurements to cutting and installation. Our most professional artificial grass installation Dubai services cover you entirely at this point so that you can count on us.

You can enhance your places without breaking the bank by getting these services at the most affordable rates. As a result of this excellence, you will continue to get the most out of your home décor investment for a long time.

Stunning Wall Artificial Grass

Why Should You Choose Us For Wall Artificial Grass

We at Plush Furniture are pleased to present you with artificial grass for walls in Dubai as a beautiful way to enhance your walls. As a leading supplier of fake grass solutions in the UAE, we have built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality solutions to our dearest customers. Enhance the look of your outdoor and indoor spaces with our artificial grass for walls in premium quality.

If you plan to install artificial grass, give us a call, we guarantee that we will build according to your needs and specifications. Our standard differs from other companies since we never sacrifice quality for quantity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s absolutely pet friendly, which means that claws, nails, pee and poop, odors, and even chewing cannot damage our quality fake grass. Furthermore, it is completely non-toxic, so it is safe for your pets to play with and sit on.

The wall’s artificial grass must be adhered perfectly to the subfloor for at least 24 hours. Any movement before this time can cause the grass to displace or even fall off, so it’s strongly recommended not to go over it.

In a home, use a staple gun if you are attaching it to a wall. Staple each piece of grass to the wall with a helper. If you tamp down the grass blades with the staples, it will look better.

Your wall will not fade or crack for 5 years. Our testing, as well as tests conducted by independent scientists, have proven it. Our Designer Plants are of the highest quality every time you buy them.