10 Best Alternatives to Shower Curtains

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We tend to take things for granted until they break or become worn out, and we need to replace them. Consider different shower curtain options instead of rushing out to buy the first item you see. There is likely to be an idea here that will work for your bathroom, from inventive fabric uses to upcycling used goods. Our interior design team has suggested some of the best alternatives to shower curtains.

What Makes a Good Shower Curtain Replacement?

What Makes a Good Shower Curtain Replacement

If you need a shower tiles curtain or want to enhance the appearance of your bathroom, there are a few options for traditional shower curtains that you might want to consider.

Elevate Shower Space: A Guide to Buying the Perfect Shower Curtain

A glass door is one possibility. Your bathroom will feel open and airy and may appear larger thanks to a glass door. Additionally, the shower’s glass doors let light in, making it simpler to see when shaving or doing makeup.

A shower screen is an additional option to a shower curtain. Shower screens made of glass or plastic come in a variety of styles. Most screens include hooks for drying towels or washcloths and an integrated soap dish.

Screens can be installed inside or outside your shower stall and either slide or be fixed. Sliding shower screens are a great alternative if you have a small bathroom because they take up less space than a fixed screen.

What can you use as shower curtains, and how?

What can you use as shower curtains, and how

Shower curtains can be found in various shades, designs, and sizes and are normally constructed of cloth or plastic. Numerous inventive and amusing shower curtain options are available, yet many people choose shower curtains that go nicely with the rest of their bathroom décor. Some people choose to use shower curtains made of materials other than conventional ones.

For instance, many individuals choose a curtain fabric that is simple to clean for showers. To let in more light in the shower room, some people use clear plastic shower curtains.

No matter what kind of shower curtain you pick, it’s critical to make sure it fits your shower space appropriately. If not, it might not offer enough protection and privacy.

Frequently Used Bathroom Shower Curtain Alternatives

Look no further if you’re seeking original, imaginative shower curtain replacement ideas. Here are 10 excellent alternatives to shower curtains.

Sliding shower doors made of glass

Sliding shower doors made of glass

Think about glass sliding shower doors as an alternative to shower curtains. Over standard shower curtains, glass sliding shower doors provide several advantages, including a more fashionable appearance, easier cleaning, and increased durability.

You may upgrade the appearance and feel of your bathroom by installing glass sliding shower doors. They are also easier to clean than shower curtains since there are no fabric folds to collect dirt and mildew. Glass doors will last longer and need fewer replacements because they are more durable than most shower curtains.

Pivot Door

Pivot Door

Utilize a pivot door if possible. Pivot doors are typical in homes because of their sleek, modern design. Additionally, they can be opened and closed with only one hand and are simple to install.

Pivot doors can be made of a variety of materials, including glass, wood, and metal. Ensure the glass pivot door you purchase is strengthened and tempered to prevent breaking. Additionally, highly sturdy metal pivot doors can be finished in any color or design you like.

Bamboo blinds

Bamboo blinds

Consider bamboo curtains and blinds if you’re seeking for a fashionable and environmentally responsible shower curtain replacement. Fast-growing bamboo has been used in different regions for generations to make everything from tools for cooking to building materials. They can prove a best alternatives to shower curtains.

Bamboo curtains come in a range of designs to match any decoration. They can be suspended from a rod or track, mounted on a tension rod for a modern look, or both. Bamboo curtains are a great option for most bathrooms because they are lightweight and simple to maintain.

Used shower curtains again

Used shower curtains again

Think about recycling an old shower curtain for one kind and fashionable replacement. There are numerous options for doing this, and the greatest part is that most of the time, it’s extremely affordable.

Use it as a tablecloth as one technique to reuse a shower curtain. Simply drape the curtain over the table and fasten it with tape or pins to accomplish this. You can hang a shower curtain on the wall as well. The curtain need only be hung on a tension rod or hook, then secured with push pins or adhesive strips.

Another excellent use for a shower curtain is to make a skirt out of it. You can accomplish this by chopping off the bottom of the curtain and sewing or securely pinning it together at the top. This skirt can be worn without additional accessories or with a belt to liven it up.

Shiny Shower Curtain

Shiny Shower Curtain

Try a shimmering shower screen if you’re looking for a shower curtain substitute with a little extra flair. These distinctive screens may add a touch of luxury to any bathroom and are guaranteed to enhance your enjoyment of taking a shower.

Shower screens with a shimmering look are composed of a unique substance that reflects light. You can select the ideal one to complement your bathroom’s decoration because they come in several colors and styles. You won’t ever have to worry about mildew or mold growth because they are also simple to maintain and clean.

Glass Enclosed Block

Glass Enclosed Block

Consider using glass blocks if you seek a distinctive and fashionable way to surround your shower. Traditional shower curtains can be replaced with glass blocks, which offer privacy and a stylish appearance and are one of the best alternatives to shower curtains.

Comparing glass blocks to standard shower curtains, there are various advantages. They first offer total privacy while still allowing for natural light. Because of this, they are perfect for tiny bathrooms or any other area where you want to maximize light. Additionally, they provide your bathroom a sleek, contemporary appeal that quickly improves its design.

Curtains made of hemp

Curtains made of hemp

Hemp shower curtains are a terrific choice if you seek a more natural substitute. These curtains are not only eco-friendly but also fashionable and long-lasting because they are made from 100% organic hemp fabric.

You can pick the ideal hemp shower curtain to complement your bathroom’s design because they come in many colors and patterns. They require only a machine wash on cold and hanging drying for easy maintenance.

Shower without doors

Shower without doors

A doorless shower may be your bathroom’s functional and fashionable design element. When designing a doorless shower, there are a few factors to consider, including drainage and privacy.

Showers without doors can be made in a variety of ways. A glass panel that divides the shower from the rest of the bathroom is an alternative to a walk-in shower without a door. Note that doorless showers require effective drainage to prevent water from splashing into the bathroom. Another thing to consider is privacy, especially if the bathroom is shared. You might consider using frosted glass or a privacy screen for a doorless shower.

Shower door with a hinge

A hinged shower door is an example. If you’re searching for a product that is simple to keep and clean, a hinged shower door is a fantastic choice. Additionally, it can give your bathroom a sense of luxury. Consider the following if you’re thinking of getting a hinged shower door:

  • To avoid leaks, ensure the door is firmly sealed.
  • Pick a look that goes well with the bathroom’s decoration.
  • When selecting a door size, consider the size of your bathroom.
  • Verify if it is simple to open and close the door.

Looking for customized door? Examine Wooden Door Product Designs

An inexpensive method to modernize your bathroom is with a hinged shower door. Find the ideal door for your room by keeping these suggestions in mind.

Vertical Hanging Plants

Shower curtains can be replaced with hanging plants if you have limited bathroom space or want to add a unique touch. Numerous plants can flourish in the moist conditions of a bathroom, and they can give color and liveliness to your area.

Even the smallest bathroom may feel like a paradise with the addition of hanging plants because they require no maintenance. Pothos, spider plants, or philodendrons are excellent low-maintenance plants to consider for your bathroom. These types are resistant and tolerant of high humidity and low light conditions.


Therefore, if you’re looking for a new shower curtain but don’t want to spend a lot of money or want something a little unique, Plush furniture recommends trying one of these alternatives. We anticipate that you’ll be delighted by how well they turn out.


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