Best Cat Proof Curtains

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Cat owners sometimes wonder why their pets scratch the draperies. Cats naturally scratch to remove dead skin cells from their claws and leave their scent on anything they scratch. Cats mark their territory and communicate through scratching.

Choose the right curtain fabric first to maintain this decoration. Plush furniture is providing some cheap but cat-effective draperies.

Why Do Cats Climb Drapes and Window Curtains?

Cats love to climb! It’s no wonder they are the most popular pets on the globe! They can jump, climb, and explore in ways that dogs can only dream of. If you’ve ever seen a cat climb a tree, you know this to be true. Cats are just made to climb! 

From the earliest generations of domestic cats, they’ve been hunters and climbers, and it’s only become more and more in their blood over the years! You may have seen a cat climb a tree, but did you know it can also climb a ladder or a refrigerator? It’s true! Cats are great at adapting to their environment and finding ways to climb to the top of things. If you have a cat, you’ll notice this for yourself, but don’t be alarmed. It’s just a part of who they are! 

Most Cats Will End up Damaging Long Curtains

It’s enjoyable and in cat nature. Therefore we should give them chances to do it our way. Most cats will damage lengthy curtains if given free rein. When you play outdoors with your cat, you have noticed that your cat would easily reach high places, and your cat wouldn’t have this access inside. As we know, animals climb trees for reconnaissance, prey, enjoyment, and safety.

Cat Proof Curtain Types

Thermal Curtains

thermal curtain

It is not common sense to shatter thermal curtains with cat claws. Thermal curtains are designed to keep out the cold and the heat so that the temperature level inside your home stays comfortable. But, if you have a cat, you may have noticed that they often claw at curtains and carpets, which is a natural instinct for them. So, a thermal curtain fabric is made of an acrylic woven backing and is a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend. It will prevent your curtains from being torn and expose your home to the elements. 

Use Velvet Curtains

velvet curtain

If your cat doesn’t play with it, it may prevent hair from adhering.

  1. Velvet curtains are luxurious and cat-friendly.
  2. Velvet curtains come in many styles, and cats won’t damage them if you hang them in your home. 
  3. Finally, velvet curtains look good and insulate and block the light.

Insulation Curtains

insulation curtain

Insulation curtains, like blackout curtains, provide a greater thickness than regular curtains, and the thickness maintains a consistent temperature inside a house, which is the primary goal of its design. Most of these drapes include some sort of foam or inner lining, which serves the primary purpose of retaining heat but also provides protection from scratching due to the material’s thickness.

Polyester Curtain

Polyester Curtain

Polyester silk curtains are the perfect way to keep your curtains safe from cat claws harm. Using a durable and sturdy fabric will ensure that your curtains will withstand the claws and teeth of even the most curious of cats. Plus, the smooth surface of the fabric is easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about your curtains getting ruined by pesky pet hair

Blackout Curtains

insulation curtain

Blackout curtains are a perfect addition to any home to block out the sun during the day or for the cat to play at night. One common question when looking at this kind of curtain installation is whether or not the curtains are actually that different from the standard curtains in a home. 

They are often constructed of one or two layers of cloth rather than three or four layers, but that’s not the defining feature. Instead, the thickness of the cloth will make all the difference. Thicker material is more resistant to tears, even if it is made of cloth. 

Dogs might be able to chew the curtains if they are too thin, but if they are thick enough, they will only manage to damage the curtain without damaging the curtain rod of the wall itself.

Curtains Made of Linen

linen curtain

If you want your curtains to be more durable, go for ones made of netted linen. Since linen is thick and difficult to paw, even the most determined cat will have difficulty with it.

Net Curtains

net curtain

The advantages of using net curtains for cats are numerous, and more people are beginning to understand how it is beneficial to have them installed. 

  1. First, net curtains are safe. 
  2. Pets who tend to try and climb all over the home definitely have an interest in curtains. 
  3. Cats are notorious for climbing curtains, but it will be difficult to do so with net curtains.
  4. Keeping the current curtains in front of your windows is a wise investment. 
  5. Even if there are cats who love to play around with cloth, they won’t have anything to play with if you don’t have net curtains.
  6. The invention of net curtains has made this a great option for cat owners.

Make Use Of Curtains Made Of Microfiber

microfiber curtain

If you want your cat to stay away from your curtains, you should use microfiber curtains. Microfiber curtains have less material than other curtains, which means there is less material for your cat to scratch and less material for the cat to smell. Microfiber curtains are easy to clean because of this. Your cat may decide that scratching the curtain isn’t as fun as scratching other things in your home, so it will stop scratching your curtains.

Use Sunbrella Fabric

sunbrella curtain

  1. Due to the heavy-duty nature of the material, this curtain is often installed in an outdoor setting. 
  2. However, this may also be employed inside your home, providing color and brightness to your household while ensuring that your cat does not approach it.
  3. Because they are constructed out of solution-dried acrylic, a material known for its durability, these curtains are considered resistant to cats. 
  4. When cats try to play with these drapes, their claws easily come off because of the material.

Use Canvas Curtain

canvas curtain

Because of its dense weaves and loops, the canvas is an excellent material for a curtain designed to keep cats out. This kind of cloth is often something other than what cats will play with since they do not find it very intriguing.

Because of its dense weave, it is both long-lasting and reasonably priced, so you won’t need to be concerned about the cost.


Having a cat as a pet may enrich your life in many ways, but it can also cause you some stress. You may cat-proof your curtains and furniture, get the cats some toys, or put in the time to teach them if you’re concerned about them playing and clawing your curtains.

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