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How about controlling your blinds with one click? Your motorized blinds can now be controlled more easily with the palm of your hand. From us, you can find unique and innovative automated blinds. You can buy your exclusive window electric blinds now!

Besides protecting your children or pets at home, cordless motorized window coverings are also very energy efficient. Natural and artificial light can be controlled efficiently in your house with the help of your blinds. When you switch to our motorized window treatments, your hectic schedule becomes easier.

A motorized shade can be scheduled to open and close according to your family’s schedule. Our motorized blinds are available at affordable rates, so you can save money by purchasing them.

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Customized Motorized Blinds Dubai


Dubai Automatic Blinds- Technology For Motorized Blinds

Our motorized roller blinds put all control in your hands. From anywhere, you can control your blinds with a simple button press.

Our roller electric blinds are ideal window dressings because of their standard design. Over the years, these types of blinds have been used both in the home and in the workplace. An elegant and simple product, our motorized blinds are practical in almost any situation, and come in a variety of fabrics to match any interior decor. There are electric motorized blinds and battery driven smart blinds.

With our motorized blackout blinds, you can enjoy the benefits of good light blocking and light filtering properties. If you’ve slept undisturbed all night, you can easily program your electric blinds to gently wake you up in the morning. A handy remote control is included with the product, which lets you control the blinds. In order to live a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep.


Great Measurement For Motorized Window Blinds

It is necessary to have a connection near the window in order to enjoy the benefits of automatic blinds wireless. Select a motor size of 25mm or 35mm based on the dimensions of your window in order to install remote control blinds.

For small windows, the thickness should be 25mm and for large windows, it should 35mm. This width can be accommodated to a maximum of 10 feet. Motorized blinds can be made of a variety of fabrics such as blackout, light filtering, sunscreen and infamous roman fabric. An easy-to-use remote control makes it easy to install and operate even if you are miles away from your windows.

No More Indulgence In How To Install Our Blackout Motorized Blinds

Do you find it difficult to install blinds on your window? Being the best blinds shop in Dubai, we offer different kind of blinds including blackout motorized blinds. Your blinds can now be installed by a professional. As a customer-oriented company, we provide precision and efficiency in our blinds installation services to ensure a perfect result.

We have highly trained people and skilled professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choose our inexpensive, efficient, and reliable installation services instead of wasting your valuable investment on a self-installation.

Durable Motorized Blinds UAE
First Class Motorized Blinds UAE

Let’s Add A Clean And Elegant Look With Vertical Motorized Blinds:

We are fully committed to making your environment as comfortable as possible. Besides living a healthy, hygienic life, you will also be able to maintain your hygiene!

Any room in your home can benefit from motorized vertical blinds, including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and offices. These motorized blinds are suitable for offices because of its modern and minimalist design.

The motorized system eliminates the chance of clumsy pulls causing uneven roll-ups. In this way, they are always stylishly balanced when they are pushed down while being discreet when they are rolled up. The durable fabric looks nicer over time because it is handled less. For sufficient light, while maintaining privacy from nosy neighbors, choose a brighter option. Electric blackout blinds are recommended if you want to make the room completely dark.


Choose Your Style

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Versatile Motorized Blinds UAE

Versatile Motorized Blinds UAE

Top Quality Motorized Blinds UAE

Top Quality Motorized Blinds UAE

Stunning Motorized Blinds Dubai

Stunning Motorized Blinds Dubai

Reliable Motoried Blinds Dubai

Reliable Motoried Blinds Dubai

Motorized Blinds Shades Dubai

Motorized Blinds Shades Dubai

Luxury Motorized Blinds Dubai

Luxury Motorized Blinds Dubai

Our Innovative Motorized Blinds Put The Power In Your Hands:

With our motorized blinds, you can control the light as you please without having to get up. When you wake up in the morning, you no longer have to struggle to get out of bed to pull the blinds. You can control your blinds remotely or set a timer to open and close them according to your schedule.

With its wireless and battery-powered operation, it’s easy to install the shades and remote without worrying about electrical installations. A timer can be set to adjust the level, let in more light gradually until your alarm goes off, or you can set them to go up and down automatically.

We Create The Best Technology For Motorized Blinds In Dubai

You will find our motorized blinds with high standard and quality ever in Dubai. All varieties of blind and unbeatable. We won’t compromise on quality!

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The Technology Of The Highest Quality:

High-quality fabric is used in the manufacture of motorized blinds, or you can customized and can select fabric of your style. Very light soft and stretchable stuff. It’s smooth and resisted with a lustrous surface. With its highly shading rate, your room will provide absolute privacy.

System For Driving Smart Motors:

With a built-in motor of high quality and a Wi-Fi connection, it is smart. You can pull it to open it automatically. No worries during a power outage, you can operate manually. We provide both electric blinds and battery operated blinds. Choice is yours what kind of smart system attracts you the most.

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Why Choose Us For Best Quality And Innovative Motorized Blinds

Our collection of blinds features designs from the best blinds designers around the world. We can create custom blind designs based on your specific requirements with our highly skilled technicians. Our inexpensive motorized blinds in Dubai of premium quality will add a stunning and gleaming touch to your decor.

When you choose to buy automated blinds in Dubai from us, you will not have to sacrifice quality in order to satisfy your desires. The quality of the fabric used to make these blinds should never be compromised. Because we also offer motorized roman blinds, venetian blinds and vertical blinds. These blinds are perfect for any space whether it’s residential or commercial.

Get Dubai’s Best Motorized blinds now! Don’t waste your time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes that it is possible to motorize most existing blinds, but Plush Furniture offers affordable, stylish smart blinds that can be controlled with a smartphone, voice command, or remote.

You can find smart shades for nearly any window in your home with electric blinds that range in width from 23 to 48 inches.

Having smart blackout blinds that block out the light of the day helps you get a good night’s sleep of day. Make sure that the blinds open on a timer when you need to get up. Close them using voice commands or the remote when you’re taking a nap or watching a movie.

There are plenty of reasons to buy smart blinds. They are elegant and stylish and apart from that they are safe for kids. Another major reason is that they provide you complete privacy and protection.