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When choosing blinds for your windows, what factors do you consider? Are you considering installation, humidity requirements, window size, or lighting requirements? Roman blinds in Dubai from Plush Furniture provide all these aspects and more for you.

Home decoration is part of our services. With our fantastic selection of Roman Blinds Dubai, you will create a beautiful home or office. Our specialty is customizing home decor to suit your taste. Roman blinds can be made of many materials, including rollers, wooden blinds, fabrics, and so on.

Best roman Blinds in Dubai
Pink Roman Blinds


Embellish Your Space With Roman Blinds In A Variety Of Design

If you are looking for the best Roman Blinds in Dubai to transform window areas, we have what you need. We offer you the best range of window blinds which are easy to install and include several additional features. Window coverings like blinds – which act as window covers and control how much light enters the room – play a significant role in giving your balcony a contemporary look.

Window coverings can be done in a variety of ways, but by far the most effective way is to install Roman Blinds or any other blind. Roman window blinds can block out the sun and protect your privacy. Roman blinds, which stack evenly when being opened, differ from standard window blinds or shades in terms of quality and design. Their smoothness is obvious when they are open, unlike typical vertical blinds or shades, which have bumps or ribs.


Roman Blinds Fabrics – Choose Online Now

Plush Furniture offers Roman Blinds with a wide range of colors and fabrics. Choose your favorite and get a quotation from our installation team.

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Roman Blinds-RB06
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Perfect Cord Operation In Roman Blinds For Windows Blocks Light.

With our exclusive blinds, you won’t have to worry about excessive sunlight. You can now enjoy the level of darkness in your room even during the daytime!

Window coverings such as Blackout Roman Blinds can block out the sunlight. The smooth surface of Roman shades gives them an edge over vertical shades or blinds since they are stacked up evenly when opened, but they are not bumpy or ribbed like typical vertical shades.

In most cases, Roman shades are operated by a cord mechanism, which allows them to be adjusted to cover a variety of areas. Horizontal stiffener rods or eyelets are usually connected at the bottom of the blind to the cords on the outdoor side of the blind. A smoother open portion of the blind will remain in this case, while the bottom of the blind will be stacked evenly.

Ensure Your Uniqueness With Our Non-Conventional Roman Blinds In Dubai!

With a collection of stylish, modern, and elegant roman blinds in Dubai, we are here to give you the ultimate experience. It is our goal to leave the perfect impression on our Blinds forever. By decorating your window properly, you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Hang one of our beautiful curtains or blinds that are unique and high-quality to accomplish this task. Besides beautifying your home’s interior, they will enhance its value.

The elegance of your home can be complemented by our extensive selection of window dressings. Stylish, durable, and high-quality are all the characteristics of our products. From modern to traditional styles, we have a wide range of aluminum, roman, roller, and Blackout Blinds to suit your needs.

Blackout Roman Blinds
Velvet Fabric Roman Blinds

White Roman Blinds To Provide Privacy And Care For The Kids Is Best

With the thermal foam backing of roman fabrics, the reverse of the blinds impedes 40%-70% of light, enhancing privacy and providing energy efficiency.

The cordless design provides safety and a clean design. Have you been searching for window coverings that are child and pet safe? Parental testing and certifications have been conducted on these shades for child safety and the best fit for kids.

With a white cellular shade backing, this room-darkening Roman Shade provides privacy, energy savings, and a uniform look from the outside.

Functional shades made from 100% Blackout textured fabric with a waterproof back layer are available from us. Your home will be more efficient and you will enjoy absolute privacy. Besides bedrooms, living rooms, patio sliding doors, and media rooms, it is a perfect fit for many other rooms as well. Besides being cordless, it is also safe for children and pets.

It’s totally environmentally friendly with a valance style that increases a sense of advancement.


Choose Your Style

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Printed Roman Blinds

Printed Roman Blinds

Marble Styled Roman Blinds

Marble Styled Roman Blinds

Dining area Roman Blinds

Dining area Roman Blinds

Bedroom Roman Blinds

Bedroom Roman Blinds

Bathroom Roman Blinds

Bathroom Roman Blinds

Room Darkening Roman Blinds

Room Darkening Roman Blinds


With Living Room Roman Blinds, You Can Decorate And Enhance Your Window

Once you’ve finished a long, exhausting day, what do you want to do? Do you have any specific visionary desires? Is it you want to provide a pleasant experience for your sight? Your time in Dubai is made more enjoyable with roman blinds in Dubai, since they provide you with an exceptional shadow.

Choosing our blinds will give you the comfort you need and the value you want. With their warmth and softness, noise-dampening properties, and tighter insulation, they make a cozy addition to any room, making it cozier, more peaceful, and less energy-intensive. For those who are looking for window blinds in Dubai, our company offers them.


Why Choose Our Roman Blinds

In order to maintain the health of our customers, we make our blinds in a way that will not harm them.

It is always important to make sure the fabric used in making these blinds is of the best quality. The blinds come with blackout linings, so they are perfect for many rooms, including bedrooms.

We designed amazing grey roman blinds that not only give you relief but also give you the ability to control it from anywhere.

Alternatively, these blinds can be delivered to your home. No matter where you live in the UAE, we will provide you with the fastest and most reliable delivery services. As well as reasonable delivery rates, we also offer flexible payment options. By ordering roman blinds for windows from us today, you can make a vast difference to the decor of your room.

Grey Roman Blinds

Frequently Asked Questions

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We Have Answers

Shades should not be shortened or cut because the damage will occur to the operating mechanisms and the warranty will be voided.

Yes with our all window covering services we provide installation as well.

The shades will stay in place if you grab their bottoms and push them up; if you want to close them, pull them down.

They can be, without a doubt. Be sure to order roman blinds half an inch wider when you place your order. If you order them to the exact size of the window they’ll come a half inch smaller in width.