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People use outside carpets to make their areas more appealing and stylish with their modern looks. Suppose you are also looking for high-quality and beautiful outdoor patio carpets. In that case, we offer you the most attractive carpets for all outdoor areas, whether you want to install them on balconies, lawns, gardens, or backyards.

The beautiful color combinations and the attractive patterns of our outdoor stone carpets in Dubai make them unique and really comfortable. They are supremely eye-catching and make the area more beautiful than before. So what are you waiting for? Select the ideal exterior carpet for you and make your place stand out.


Our Outdoor Carpet Makes Your Outdoor Area Safe For Kids And Pets

We offer carpets made from premium quality materials, so our customers will never have to face any difficulty using them. Outdoor areas expose kids to injuries because they don’t have proper flooring, but when you buy our outdoor carpets in Dubai, you must know that your kids are safe from all the danger. We install a cushioning carpet underlay, so if kids or pets fall on them, they will never get any injury.

These patio carpets are completely perfect for outdoor areas because they make the area more comfortable. You can even walk on them for hours without getting tired. In short, our carpets are perfect in all aspects, no matter which way you want to use them. Being the recommended outdoor flooring supplier in Dubai, we provide value-for-money services.

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Amazing Attributes Of Our Outdoor Carpets

There are many amazing features of our outdoor carpets. Our carpets are anti-slip, easy to clean, highly affordable, never get damaged by changing weather, never allow mold and mildew to grow, and are highly durable. When you buy sisal carpets from us for the outdoor area, you will enjoy many benefits, such as durability, fade resistance, natural material, and weatherproofing.


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Get Customized Outdoor Lawn Carpets From Us

You don’t need to worry about the shape and size of their lawns because we are here to provide them with made-to-measure indoor outdoor carpets. Whether you have a very big lawn or a small backyard, you need to tell us the lawn size, we will provide you with an utterly suitable carpet. Round carpet offered by us for your small lawn can give an elegant look. If you face problems during the measurements of the lawn, we acan send flooring experts to your place to measure it the right way.

We allow our customers to select the color, style, pattern, and material of the carpet on their own, so their outdoor area will reflect their personality. If you are unsure which carpet is best for your outdoor space, you can seek advice from our experts. They will help you in selecting the perfect carpet.

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Our Outdoor Carpets Are Highly Attractive-looking And Waterproof

Our stores have a large collection of all the types of our carpets from which our customers can select according to the needs of their place. We have nylon carpets, polyester carpets, man-made polypropylene carpets, acrylic carpets, and many others.

Our carpets are completely waterproof, so there is no need to remove them while it’s raining. After rain, they can easily dry from the sunlight, and users don’t have to face any difficulty in using them. The best thing is that these carpets can resist the growth of mildew and fungi on them. That’s the reason they are safe for the health of the user. Another thing that is also amazing about our carpets is that they require very little maintenance.


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We Are The Best Outdoor Carpet Dubai Supplier

There are many suppliers of outdoor carpet rolls in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, but you must know that they are all not offering good-quality carpets to their customers. That’s the reason people always select us to buy the most reliable and beautiful carpets for outdoors from us. We try our best to make our carpets in such a way that they can fulfill all the needs of the user and keep the area more organized and attractive with their colorful appearance.

We usually import premium quality material for the making of our outdoor area rugs, which makes our carpets highly durable. The life of our carpets is longer as compared to the local carpets on the market. Our carpets are beautiful and can last for a long time, so our customers don’t need to change their outdoor rugs again and again.

Why You Choose Us

Plush Furniture is the top-rated outdoor carpet supplier all over the UAE. We have a vast number of customers who are using our outdoor and indoor carpets and are happy with their quality. They always select us whenever they have to buy a premium-quality carpet and also recommend us to their family and friends. Our services are very fast, so we can deliver your customized outside carpet in just a day or two. Our delivery services are completely reliable, so you can totally trust us.

We are also offering installation services for all types of indoor and outdoor area carpets for our customers. Our installers have vast experience in the installation of carpets. We install a comfortable and durable underlay first and then install the carpet on it. So the underlay will increase the strength and durability of the carpet. Without further delay, call us now and book your order. Or you can also visit our store to select the best carpet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Outdoor carpets are completely different from indoor carpets. There are many types of carpets that can be used in outdoor areas. The most reliable outdoor carpets are acrylic carpets, polyester carpets, polypropylene carpets, and nylon carpets. They are waterproof and can resist environmental damage. All these carpets are also highly affordable.

It depends upon the quality of the carpet. If the carpet is made from waterproof material then it will be safe after rain and if the carpet is not waterproof then you have to remove it before the rain. Many outdoor carpets are waterproof such as nylon, acrylic, and polyester carpets so try to buy them while choosing carpets for outdoor areas.

Yes, the outdoor deck can also be carpeted. Usually, the outdoor deck is covered with artificial grass but an outdoor carpet is also an innovative idea for it. Although the outdoor carpet can resist molds, still when you are installing it on deck, you have to properly dry the carpet after a rain so it will remain safe from fungi and algae.

Yes, outdoor carpets can be easily placed on the concrete floor. But there are some things that must be noticed. When installing the carpet you have to completely glue it to the floor so it will not slip on the concrete floor. To make the carpet more long-lasting on the concrete floor, always install an underlay with the carpet.