Most Stylish Round Carpets Dubai

Transform your interior aesthetic decor with our stylish round carpets in Dubai. They are ideal for both homes & business settings. Get a diverse range of round shaped carpets in a variety of materials in both natural and synthetic materials. Create an aesthetic focal point for your rooms with our luxurious circular carpet in Dubai.

Round carpets Dubai

Distinctive Features Of Our Round Carpets Dubai

Our round carpets show immense durability with advanced weaving techniques and the use of top-notch materials. Get the unique patterns and designs for your carpets with our latest pattern technology.

From loop pile to plush pile, these round carpets in Dubai offer a luxurious comfort underfoot with their dense fibers. The anti-slip backing layers make them not only appealing but a safer interior decor element.



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Round carpets Dubai


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Round Carpets Dubai

Order Free Samples From Our Round Carpet Fabric Collection

Our collection of round carpets in Dubai features a wide variety of fabrics for exquisite designs and elegant textures. Call to book free sample delivery of our natural and synthetic carpets.

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Book Our Exclusive & Free In-Home Round Carpet Consultation

Let our experts guide you toward your perfect round carpet choice with a free consultation. Get custom quotes for bespoke round-shaped carpets.

Our Variety Of Round Carpets In Dubai Available At Low Rates

At, you can choose from a wide range of round carpets at pocket-friendly prices. Our round shaggy carpets are known for offering comfort underfoot. Or you can choose our handmade Persian Round Carpets Dubai for interior decor.


Different fabrics to choose from


Diverse pattern choices for aesthetic appeal

Our different carpet types are perfect for adorning eco-friendly floorings like cork floors. Bring a textured look to your interiors with our sisal round shaped floor coverings. One of our best sellers includes carpets that are made of natural materials like wool.

Round carpets Dubai

Our Recent Round Carpets Projects In Dubai

Are you looking for design choices for your round carpet online in Dubai? Check our gallery of different carpet designs – featuring aesthetic visual appeal for residential & commercial settings.

Round carpets Dubai

Maximum Comfort & Luxury With Our Customized Round Carpets Dubai

As a top supplier of Round Carpets in Dubai, we offer the best custom-made carpets at cheap prices.

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Affordable rates for
custom-made round carpets.

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Free design discussions to pinpoint an exact match.

Get a tailored round floor covering in your preferred material, design and size preference. Right color scheme and precise patterns for bespoke solutions.

Customization techniques like hand-tufting are done by our expert artisans to add texture to your round carpets.

Why Choose Our Round Carpets In Dubai?

Our brand has been serving the people of Dubai with premium round-shaped carpets for 15+ years now. Our track record has a customer count of 15K+; a testament to our quality products. Our competitive pricing for high-quality round carpets in Dubai makes us a top supplier. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction with our 24/7 online presence to answer all your queries & questions for our carpets.

Round Carpets in Dubai

Wide Range

You get to choose from a broad catalog of traditional & modern designs.

Premium Materials

We utilize only premium-grade materials like wool, silk and synthetic blends for our round carpets.

Customization Options

Our variety of carpet customization options gives you complete freedom to personalize it.

Happy Stories Of Our Round Carpet Customers

Do you want to know why there is so much hype about our round carpets in Dubai? Read for yourself the stories of our satisfied customers, get satisfied and buy your next circular carpet from us.




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They come with functional benefits. They will become the focal point of your room’s interior decor. The circular design of these carpets goes well with any layout plan. Furthermore, within the room, you can lay them to create a specific area like for sitting or reading.

Yes, they are known for their pet-friendliness and high resistance to stains. For this, we apply stain-resistant treatments like lanolin coating to ensure easy maintenance and long-lasting use.

Yes, our store does sell outdoor round carpets designed especially for Dubai. Our outdoor carpets are made from materials of synthetic blends to provide both texture and all-weather element resistance. The color fading treatments ensure that your carpets remain vibrant for a long time.

The life span of our circular carpets, like any other carpet type, depends upon factors like which material it is made of, how much foot traffic it gets, and how much maintenance it gets. Still, with simple maintenance and occasional professional deep cleaning, you can expect our round curtains to last for 20+ years.

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