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We are the top-rated supplier of Shaggy Carpets in Dubai. Our collection of shag floor coverings includes ones that are to improve not only the interior decor but also offer luxurious comfort. Each carpet we craft is made for a plush feel underfoot with its fluffy texture. If you are looking for a traditional long shag carpet or a contemporary short one, we cater to all preferences.

Shaggy Carpets Dubai

Explore Our Collection to Find the Most Stylish Shaggy Carpets Dubai

Looking for your perfect shaggy carpet in Dubai? You have come to the right place. Explore our extensive array of shag carpets like the high pile floor carpets to add depth & warmth to your rooms.

Are you into luxurious decor? Our wool Shaggy Carpets Dubai are built for just that – adding natural beauty to any interior decor. Better yet, choose our Berber shag floor carpets with stunning patterns to get that long-lasting charm for your interior aesthetics.

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Shaggy Carpets Dubai


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Shaggy Carpets Dubai

Request Free Shaggy Carpet Samples in Dubai!

Visit our store to look for these shaggy floor carpet fabrics – each one for diverse preferences. From synthetic polyester ones to luxurious wool fabrics, we have something for our interior needs. Book A Free Sample Delivery.

Shaggy Carpets Dubai

Garnet 001

Shaggy Carpets Dubai

Silver 225

Shaggy Carpets Dubai

Opal 002

Shaggy Carpets Dubai


Shaggy Carpets Dubai

Silver 225

Shaggy Carpets Dubai

Palermo 92

Shaggy Carpets Dubai


Shaggy Carpets Dubai

194 Forest

Shaggy Carpets Dubai

Transform Your Floors With Precision – Get Free Floor Measurements

We are here to help you discover your dream Shaggy Carpets Dubai. Contact us for expert advice, free floor measurements, and price estimates.

Reasons To Choose Our Shaggy Carpets in Dubai

You will be making a value-added investment to your interior decor by buying shag plush carpets from Plush Furniture. Feel the softness underfoot with every step due to the specially designed fibers. Each carpet fiber offers immense durability against heavy foot traffic.


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Discounts available on all our floor carpets

The advanced stain-resistant technology for the carpets ensures their hassle-free maintenance. Benefit from the insulation properties of our long-pile shaggy carpets in Dubai to keep your energy costs down. Our wide range of styles & colors allows you an interior decor of your choice.

Shaggy Carpets Dubai

Shaggy Carpet Inspirations – Our Gallery Awaits You

Come and explore our gallery of shaggy carpets Dubai, it’s full of inspiration for home decor. See for yourself how our floor carpets take the interior style of your commercial & residential spaces to another level.

Shaggy Carpets Dubai

Our Shag Carpet Installation Services Transform Your Home Decor

We are known for the seamless shaggy carpet installation in Dubai. Whether it’s big carpets or round shaped ones, we place them with perfection.

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Multiple installation techniques
for each carpet type

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Precise floor measurements & carpet cutting

Our carpet fitters are experienced in laying down all shaggy carpets in Dubai with cutting-edge fitting techniques and the latest materials.

From stretching to direct glue-down to double glue-down methods, our carpet installers ensure a seamless fitting of your soft floor coverings.

Why Prefer Our Shaggy Carpet Shop In Dubai?

When it comes to shaggy carpets, our store is not just another carpet shop but a brand for quality floor coverings. You are getting the best in the market, carpets made from top-grade materials. The impeccable craftsmanship in each carpet ensures its long-lasting durability. Our company is committed to providing eco-friendly and sustainable shaggy carpets in Dubai to reduce our carbon footprint.

Shaggy Carpets Dubai

Precision Services

We provide fast & precise services from booking to delivery to the installation of shaggy carpets.

Premium Materials

You are getting carpets made from high-end raw materials to ensure luxury outlook & longevity.


We ensure 100% customer satisfaction by providing personalization options for shaggy floor coverings.

Testimonials For Our Shaggy Carpets From Our Happy Customers

We know that a company can boast enough about its own products & services. What matters the most are past customers. Check out these glistening reviews from our satisfied customers for their shag carpet purchases.




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Cleaning our shaggy carpets is a breeze. Each carpet is made from quality fibers with stain-resistant technology. They only often get dirty by debris and dust. You can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove all the dirt & debris. For deep cleansing, use a shag carpet-recommended shampoo to wash them.

Yes, we have expert carpet fitters who can lay down carpets on any floor surface. Before installing your shaggy carpets on hardwood floors, we add suitable carpet padding. This ensures that your subfloors remain protected from damage.

The average lifespan of any shaggy carpet in Dubai depends upon its material quality, the degree of maintenance it receives, and the amount of foot traffic it experiences. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can expect our shaggy carpets to last for 15+ years.

Shaggy carpets are known to trap allergens such as pet dander and dust more than any other carpet type. Still, a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter will remove much of the allergen build-up. In addition, occasional steam cleaning also reduces the risk of allergies.

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