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Sisal Carpet Dubai – Shop Our Natural Carpet Flooring

Purchase the best sisal carpet Dubai and other flooring carpets for a better experience with Plush Furniture. We are pleased to offer a variety of colors and shapes for sisal carpets. Professionals have developed the most elegant of designs, so there are plenty of options. It has a wide range of natural strengths, making it ideal for busy households.

Besides being a one-of-a-kind, a high-quality item made from natural fibers, and sisal carpets in order to provide a variety of choices, professionals have studied extensively how to develop this flooring in the most elegant designs ideal for small spaces and corridors. There is a wide variety of styles available, including sisal floor runners, boucle woven floor runners, jute rugs & carpets,  and wild-twisted floor runners.

Best Sisal Carpet in Dubai
Best sisal carpet

What Service Do We Offer For The Sisal Herringbone Carpet?

In Dubai, Plush furniture not only gives you quality carpet but also offers the ever best services for sisal herringbone carpets. So, you can get a quality carpet with quality services!

Creating Your Own Sisal Carpet Is Easy:

Choose your favorite organic carpeting pattern ( sisal woven, herringbone, sisal stripped) and border color from our broadloom carpet flooring collection to create your custom carpet. With the option to choose the size, you can make sure that it fits exactly where you need it. The following step-by-step guide will show you how to make a customized sisal carpet.

  • The type of natural flooring you choose depends on your preferences.
  • Choose a color based on the border.
  • You should enter the dimensions of the thesis carpet you intend to create.

To Check Out The Sample For Free:

For customers who are unsure about what exactly they want in their home, Wall to Wall Sisal Carpet provides free sample carpets in order to help them decide what will fit their décor.

We Deliver Free, Fast, And Efficiently:

The last step is to place an order and we will deliver our high-quality grey sisal carpet to your doorstep, once all the steps have been completed.


Need a Help?

Get a Free In-home Consultation With Our Sales Consultant

Classic sisal carpet

The Specialty Of Sisal Herringbone Carpet- Real Quality For Your Floor!

We offer sisal carpets with different patterns and textures such as plain, striped, woven, and oriental but sisal herringbone is the most loved one by our customers.

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Adaptability In Design

Grey sisal carpets can be adapted as outdoor carpets because of their high durability. We have a natural shading that makes it suitable to be used with both cool and warm colors or as a home accent regardless of the color used.


You Get What You Pay For:

With our carpets, you will save more than with other carpets. Because of its ease of availability and low cost of production, sisal carpet may be popular because it is easy to gain. This implies that people of all classes will afford them.

Sisal carpet dubai


Our Sisal Carpets Dubai Are Highly Designed With Expertise!

With home and office interiors, a good designer Sisal carpet significantly enhances the look of the place and motivates the people as well as enhances productivity and work efficiency. These carpets can contribute to the prosperity of residential and commercial areas.

Because of their versatility, they could be used anywhere as your stair carpets, bedroom carpets, or commercial carpets.

Sisal carpets are purely made from natural fibers and are considered one of the environment-friendly carpet options. Because of their natural fibers, they show strong resistance to heavy foot traffic.

You can get install sisal carpets in heavy foot traffic areas and they will not disappoint you by being torn away easily. If you are looking for a long-lasting carpet option then we recommend you go with sisal carpet.

Why Purchase Sisal Carpets? Major Benefits

The benefits of sisal carpets are many. You can choose sisal carpet because of its many amazing and outstanding features. So, choose what is real.


Highly Durable To Use Sisal Carpets

The longest-lasting carpeting solution available is sisal, and it is not just an option when compared with natural rugs and carpets.

In comparison with jute or other fibrous materials, sisal agave fibers are stronger and more durable.


Versatility Is The Key To Sisal Carpets:

Sisal has a great deal of value in terms of its appearance as well. Versatility makes sisal stair carpets look elegant in staircases and hallways.

Talking about the shape, we offer sisal round carpets as well as rectangular and square shapes too.


Health Benefits Of Sisal Carpets Include:

The natural fibers of sisal make the carpeting material ideal for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Using sisal carpets will improve your home’s air quality, as they emit no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), unlike synthetic materials like nylon. Your health is in expert hands with sisal carpet Dubai.


Choose Your Style

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Luxury sisal carpet

Luxury sisal carpet

High quality sisal carpet

High quality sisal carpet

Cheap sisal carpet

Cheap sisal carpet

Beautiful sisal carpet

Beautiful sisal carpet

Amazing sisal carpet

Amazing sisal carpet

Affortable sisal carpet

Affortable sisal carpet

Choose Us For Your Style!

Our collection of sisal carpets comes from some of the most renowned carpet designers in the world. Our highly skilled technicians according to your specifications can create custom carpet designs. We offer affordable carpets in Dubai of premium quality that can enhance your decor in a spectacular and gleaming manner. Whether you are looking for handmade carpets in Dubai or textiles of superior quality, we have what you need.

We care about your health and your needs. Our sisal carpets are always made with the highest quality materials. There is no room that they won’t look great in, whether it’s a living room, bedroom, or another room.

It is possible to have these carpets delivered to your home. We will provide you with the fastest and most reliable delivery services in any part of the UAE. The rates we offer are reasonable and our customer service is excellent. Today you can completely transform the look of your room by ordering our sisal herringbone carpets.

Top quality sisal carpet


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Kiran KC
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Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

Despite its strength and durability, sisal stains easily even spilled water may leave a stain and warp this natural fiber.

Using as little water as possible when cleaning a sisal carpet is important to prevent mold and mildew from developing.

There is no comparison between sisal carpets and other carpets for the price. As a result, they may cost a little more to install than a traditional carpet because of the extra costs associated with adhesives and fitting.

Natural carpeting and rugs are not the only carpets and rugs that are durable, Sisal is also among the most durable. Jute isn’t as tough and strong as the fibers of the sisal material.