Most Durable Stone Carpets in Dubai

The best way to add durability and beauty to your floors is by installing our outstanding stone carpets in Dubai. You can get eye-catching designs for any kind of interior or exterior space. We have a huge variety of these carpets that will make your space more beautiful.

Stone Carpets Dubai

Buy Our Stone Carpets For Amazing Features

ur stone carpets can keep the temperature in your home cooler. They are also very stable and have a very long lifespan. At Plush Furniture, you will find aesthetics and lasting durability in our stone floor coverings.

Cleaning of our carpets is simple, and maintenance can be scheduled based on the conditions. Additionally, they are stain-resistant, so contamination is no longer a concern. Our stone carpets in Dubai are the best choice to give your home a stylish and classic appearance.

Energy Efficiency50%


Stable Surface Level50%

Stone Carpets Dubai


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Experience Years

Stone Carpets Dubai

Book Our Free Floor Measuring For Project Quote Of Stone Carpet

Get your free floor measurements on a single call. We give free design advice for your stone carpet needs. We provide amazing quotes with up to 15% discounts.

Beautify Your Outdoor & Indoors With Our Stone Carpets in Dubai

These stone carpets are suitable for balconies, terraces, flat roofs, pathways, patios, and poolside areas, for a 100% waterproof flooring solution. Order our granite stone carpets for immense durability and a non-slip surface layer for safety.


Resin Bound Stone materials


Color Options For Visual Appeal Of Stone Carpets

Our quartzite stone carpets in Dubai are perfect for driveways, offering high traction for vehicle wheels and adding to property value. For a finished look in your poolside areas, get our marble stone floor coverings with a non-slip walking surface.

Stone Carpets Dubai

Stone Carpet Dubai Gallery – Our Recent Installations 2024

Need some inspiration to have those natural-looking stone carpets for your outdoor or indoor decor aesthetics? Explore our online gallery of recent stone floor covers – call us and we help you choose your style.

Stone Carpets Dubai

Hire Us for Professional Stone Carpet Installation in Dubai

Stone carpets can be installed both indoors and outdoors for the desired aesthetic effect, and we offer professional fitting in the UAE.

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Placing moisture barriers for long-lasting use

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Non-slip coating after installation for safety

With our team taking on your stone floor carpeting project, you can have peace of mind that your home decor will have a new vibe.

From subfloor surface leveling to precise measurements to the proper underlayment, our experts use the latest techniques and materials for a seamless installation of stone carpets.

Why Choose Our Stone Carpet Dubai?

We offer the largest selection of slip-resistant and seamless-textured stone carpet flooring in Dubai. All our carpets are several times screened for size, shape, and quality, then washed and processed. With computer-controlled coloring, we ensure constant color reliability by using the highest-quality pigments. You choose us because of our commitment to providing quality stone carpets and services.

Stone Carpets In Dubai

24/7 Readily Available

We maintain our year-round online presence, so call us for your stone carpet needs day or night.

Durable Floor Coverings

Our stone carpets in Dubai are made to ensure immense durability to withstand that impactful foot traffic.


You can roam Dubai’s carpet market, but you won’t find cheap rates for stone carpets like ours.

Customer Reviews For Our Stone Carpets Dubai

You might have heard about our stone carpets from somewhere. But you are still not convinced of our services. If so, check these testimonials from our past happy clients and know why our stone carpets are the talk of the town.




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You do not need any professional cleaning or maintenance for our stone carpets. The epoxy resin finish offers that smooth shiny hard surface that can be cleaned with just simple mopping and sweeping. For more effect, do a deep cleaning with a power washer.

No, our stone carpets feature a non-slip walking surface. For this, we make them textured for traction underfoot. After the epoxy resin layer hardens and we give it a finished look, we apply a coat of non-slipping material.

Stone carpets can be fitted on a few existing floor surfaces, like concrete or brick. They are not recommended for wooden floors or PVC flooring, as removal and new fitting would be too expensive. For concrete and brick floors, our floorers can prepare the subfloor and install carpets.

Our stone carpets in Dubai are the best outdoor carpet solution because they rely heavily on stone materials, are flawlessly installed, and have protective layers that can withstand heavy foot and vehicular traffic.

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