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Plush Furniture brings you an excruciating range of floor insulation material in the form of Carpet Underlay which is the must for all carpets & rugs. Our underlayment made with quality material that you won’t get anywhere else in the UAE. Besides protecting your soft floorings against all the potential damage, it will protect any likelihood of damage to your precious floor systems at bay.

Our underlayment ensure the promising performance of your carpets and significantly make them last longer. So if you’re planning to buy a carpet underlay near me, then consider us for getting the best yet most affordable quality.

Carpet Underlay Make Your Lifestyle Comfortable

Carpet Underlay is the best way to make comfort and relaxation a part of your lifestyle. Our broad range of underlay options lets you choose the best according to fulfill your décor requirements. In addition, these underlayment’s increase the safety factor, too. As carpets or rugs, without any underlayment, have the potential likelihood of slipping or displacement which can result in serious injuries.

Carpet foam underlayment not only offers a comfortable underfoot but also protects your floor from the wear and tear of extensive daily use. That’s why the experts suggest installing foam underlays for every type of floor carpet. Whether you have sisal carpet, office carpet, bedroom carpet or grass carpet, it requires padding underneath to make the carpet more soft, durable, and easy to walk on. With our underlay, you can create a noise-free relaxing room by keeping the room warmer with insulating effects.

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We Offer Durable Carpet Underlays In Dubai At Pocket-Friendly Prices

We are among the top-notch suppliers of underlayments in Dubai and offer the most durable, resistible, and comfortable underlays in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and all of the UAE. Our high-quality carpet foam underlay improves the flexibility of commercial and residential carpets. And, with our comfortable and luxurious range of underlays including rubber, wool felt, Polyurethane, Double-stick, and Anti-slip rug underlay, you can expect an enormous deal of practical plus points.

This padding of ours provides soft cushioning effects to make your carpet flooring softer and more relaxing. We also offer customized underlayments to fulfill your needs and specifications. In addition to high quality, we also take care of your budget and offer these carpet paddings at exceptionally low prices. Consult our professionals for each and every concern of yours and we shall be more than happy to help.

Different Types Of Carpet Underlay Available At Our Stores

Let’s tell you about some basic aspects of always choosing the right padding for your home floor. At first, the underlay should be firm up to the extent that you should not be able to feel the floor underneath your feet. Secondly, it should be extremely comfortable to walk on and durable for a longer period of time.

You’ll be mesmerized to know that all of our 12mm carpets underlay exhibit these features, plus, they come in a wide variety of materials to help you choose from. And, to add to your happiness, we offer the most affordable carpet underlay prices in Dubai to serve you in a budget-friendly manner. At our stores, the main types of underlayments available include Rebond Foam, SBR Latex, Rubber, and Felt underlays.

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8mm Thick Carpet Underlay

Benefits of Carpet Underlay

Having an additional padded layer will increase the functionality of your wall-to-wall carpets, thus making them more favorable for you.

Here, we’ve mentioned some of the practical reasons for having our carpet foam underlay:

  • Absorb and counter the effects of crushing forces on the carpet pile such as heavy machinery, high foot traffic, etc.
  • The top-quality of our carpet underlay makes it highly durable and in turn offer longer lifespan or your residential carpeting.
  • Helps to cover tiny bumps in your subfloor and create a stable flooring level in your interior.
  • It also improves the acoustic and thermal insulation properties of your floor carpet.

Why Choose Us?

Our quality installation and customization services also speak volumes about our brand name. We are accessible from all over the UAE and provide services at your doorstep with just one call or email. Moreover, our services are affordable, trustworthy and extremely proficient and we have a team of highly-trained professionals.

We offer top-quality and most affordable products to fulfill all your needs, irrespective of the difficulty meter! There are plenty of other reasons too, for giving preference to us over any other company in the UAE, but the most noticeable of them all is the matchless quality of both the products and services we offer. So do hire us for carpet underlayment installation across Dubai so we may bring about a notable difference.

Rubber Carpet Underlay

Frequently Asked Questions

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The best underlay for your carpet is the one that comprises top-quality materials. Because the high-quality materials will make the underlayment durable and able to stand up to the test of time. It will help the underlay to protect and extend the lifetime of your floor. Generally, the 12mm thick underlays are considered best for carpets.

If your carpet has latex or textile backing, then it essentially requires an underlay to avoid uneven surfaces. Moreover, it is best to place thick padding underneath your carpet to protect your floor as well as your carpet from any damage.

The 12mm underlay is the thickest underlayment you can buy for your carpet. It will help you create a firm yet comfortable surface to walk on and with such thickness, you won’t be able to feel the discomfort of the floor surface underneath your foot.

The importance of an underlay for carpet is not just limited to underfoot comfort provision but it also protects and maintains your carpet against moisture or any other type of damage. On top of that, a thick underlay also improves the acoustic and thermal insulation properties of your carpet.