Buy 100% Natural Wool Carpets in Dubai From Us

If you are searching for carpets made from natural materials with precision handmade crafting, our wool carpets in Dubai are the product you need. Get superior-quality wool floor coverings to experience comfort underfoot. We use sustainable wool carpet manufacturing processes to ensure long-lasting performance.

Wool Carpets Dubai

Aesthetic & Functional Features Of Our Wool Carpets In Dubai

Our carpets are made of natural wool and are loved because of their natural manufacturing, which gives them excellent plushness. Our intricate stitching techniques resist wear and tear, ensuring their long-lasting durability.

Wool’s inherent insulation properties make our wool office carpets a perfect option to keep the indoor temperature under control. To offer safety, we add a non-slip backing layer to prevent the risk of falls & slips.



Insulation Level50%

Wool Carpets Dubai


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Wool Carpets Dubai

Explore Our Diverse Styles For Wool Carpets In Dubai

At, you can choose from an extensive range of Wool Carpets Dubai. From wall to wall carpet designs to traditional grey wool carpets, choose your aesthetic preferences. Book delivery of free samples today.

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Round Carpets Dubai

Free Design Consultation For Your Wool Carpets – Enjoy Up To 15% Discounts

Up to 15% off on our premium wool carpets in Dubai. Take advantage of our free design consultation with free floor measurements.

Choose From Our Wide Variety Of Wool Carpets in Dubai

Our store in Al Quoz, Dubai, features an extensive catalog of wool carpets. Our Berber wool stair carpets are built for longevity with tightly looped fibers. For your underfoot comfort, buy our Saxony wool carpets in Dubai with a dense pile.


Ratio Wool blend for synthetic options


Free delivery & Installation service available

Our textured wool round carpets are ideal for creating an interior decor of your choice. Choose from various choices for patterns, achieved by varying yarn twists during handcrafting. Each wool carpet type is available at affordable rates.

wool carpets 1

Our Inspirational Wool Carpets Gallery 2024

Step into our online gallery of handcrafted wool carpets in Dubai. Explore a range of diverse textures, colors, and styles. Choose your personal carpet style or order a custom one at affordable prices.

wool carpets dubai

Hire Us For A Perfect Wool Carpet Installation Service In Dubai

We are a top supplier of wool carpets in Dubai and as such our services include a flawless installation service as well.

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Meticulous preparation
for leveled subfloors.

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Precision cutting and fitting of each carpet area.

Our professional wool carpet installers use the latest installation techniques to ensure a smooth finish and a stable carpeted surface.

From glue-down fitting to stretch-in installation, our crew uses only the best wool soft carpet installation materials to meet high standards of quality.

Why Do People Prefer Our Wool Carpets In Dubai?

At, you can choose between 100% natural wool and synthetic wool options for your floor carpets. Our priority is to provide all wool floor carpets that meet the highest standards of quality. The skill of our craftsmen is reflected in our handmade wool carpets in Dubai, featuring unique designs. We are an eco-friendly company that sources wool via sustainable practices.

Wool Carpets

Precision Fitting Services

We provide top-notch wool carpet installation services for precision fitting.


You can order custom wool carpets in Dubai from us to be handmade in your preferred style.


Despite the premium quality of our carpets, they are available at market-friendly prices.

Hear From Our Happy Customers

Need some reassurance about our wool carpets in Dubai? Here are some of the reviews from our happy customers. Get inspired by their experiences with our products & services.




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Our wool carpets are known for their ability to handle high foot traffic because of the quality of wool materials. Natural wool is used in a ratio of 80/100, even for synthetic blends. Wool has natural resilience and is able to maintain its appearance and structure despite frequent use.

For resistance against stains and spills, we coat all our wool carpets with Lanolin, which adds to the wool’s natural resistance. Furthermore, wool’s fibers naturally repel liquid, leading to increased blot time. However, keep in mind that it is not fully immune, and in case of damage, you need to clean the area promptly.

Yes, our wool carpets are suitable for homes with pets. Wool has natural stain resistance and is highly durable to wear and tear. So, if your pet stains it or scratches it, let your pal play on it. Plus, wool repels odors and moisture, keeping your interior clean & fresh.

Yes, they are an ideal option to improve the air quality indoors. When it comes to trapping airborne particles and retaining them, wool is an excellent fiber. It also neutralizes most indoor air pollutants and allergens to keep air quality fresh. However, ensure regular vacuuming to maintain hygienic interiors.

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