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Make Your Place Elegant With Our Wool Carpets

Luxury Wool carpets are trending these days because of the comfort and look that they provide to the floors. No matter if they are installed in a bedroom, living room, office, or in a restaurant’s lobby, they look completely awesome in all places. If you are looking for beautiful wool luxury carpets for your place then you have come to the right place. We provide the best collection of all types of carpets made from wool.

We have 100% pure wool rugs along with blended versions too, such as wool white and black carpets. The beauty of both types of carpets is undeniable. Our carpets’ quality is something we never compromise on. That’s the reason they look very beautiful and completely awesome in all places. Our carpets are the best solution to your dull living room and bedroom floors. Select the best carpet from our collection and order now.


Amazing Benefits Of Our Wool Carpets

There are many benefits of installing our cheap wool carpets in office and residential areas. And you must have an idea of them before choosing them for your place. Here are some of the benefits of our carpets.


Durability is the biggest benefit of our carpets. Our carpets are made from a high-quality material which increases their life span and also makes them resistant to all types of damage.

Free from Chemicals

Our carpets are completely free from all chemicals. That’s the reason they are best for homes having pets and kids because they can safely play on our carpets without any danger of exposure to toxins.


The unique fibre structure that is present in our carpets can easily repel dust and dirt particles. That’s the reason these carpets can remain neat and clean for a long time without any need for high maintenance.

Wall to Wall Wool Carpets


We Provide Fire Resistant And High-Quality Wool Carpets

Our wool wall-to-wall carpet covers the entire surface of the floor and is considered the safest flooring in the market because of its fire resistance. This makes them perfectly safe for all uses whether they are commercial or residential. Since wool is a naturally fire-resistant substance, its carpeting is always a great idea to ensure the right kind of safety for everyone around.


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Shop For Our Extremely Soft & Fluffy Wool Carpets In Dubai

Appearance matters a lot when you are buying carpets. Everyone wants their carpet to look completely beautiful and attractive in their place and also increase the elegance of their place. That is why we are providing the fluffiest wool carpet tiles in the entire UAE market. Our carpets are very soft and this way they enhance the comfort of your place.

The wool gray carpets that are ideal for the bedroom give complete comfort to the users and when they walk on them they feel very relaxed. Our carpets are also ideal for offices and conference rooms because when the employees give presentations they never get tired of standing on our cosy carpets. So no matter if you want carpet for your home or business place, our wool rugs are the best option for you.

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We Are The Leading Wool Carpet Supplier & Installer

If you are looking for a trustworthy supplier of carpets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, then you must know that you can’t find someone better than us because we have been providing carpets for decades in the UAE and winning the trust of our customers. You can easily select us for the purchase of the ideal wool carpets Dubai for your place.

We are also providing installation services for all our customers all over the UAE. Our customers just need to tell us their address and we will send our expert installers to their place for the perfect installation of carpet. When you are hiring us for the installation of carpets, you don’t need to worry about the prices of our services because they are completely affordable and cost-effective, as well.


Choose Your Style

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

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Our Wool Carpets Are Very Easy To Clean

Everyone wants flooring for their place that is very easy to clean so they don’t have to invest a lot of time. That is why we are offering low-maintenance wool carpets Abu Dhabi for our customers at highly affordable rates. As you know our carpets are dirt repellent, they don’t get dirty too easily. The user just needs to vacuum them on a regular basis and they will remain clean for a very long time. That’s why users get installed wool carpet for stairs.

If there is a spill on the carpets then you can use an absorbing fabric on it so it will soak the spill. Or you can also use a wet microfiber mop the cleaning the stain. If the carpet gets too dirty after years of usage, and you want to wash it then be careful while selecting the cleanser for the wool carpet. Always select pH-neutral cleaners that don’t damage the fiber of the carpet.


Why Choose Us For Wool Carpets Dubai?

Plush furniture is the best brand for supplying high-quality wool carpets all over the UAE. We have the largest collection of carpets in the entire market available in different colors, textures, designs, patterns and shapes such as rectangular or round wool carpets. Every customer can select the carpet according to the requirements of the place.

We have interior designing experts in our showroom, you can ask them which carpet is ideal for you. They can give you the best suggestions according to the interior of the place. We guarantee you that all wool carpets can easily adjust in all types of interiors. We also offer the fastest delivery services in the UAE therefore you can easily get your carpets delivered by us at your doorstep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The cost of the wool carpeting depends upon the quality and design of the carpet. Usually, the price of these carpets is somewhere between $4 to $25 per square foot. The price of the carpet increases as the quality increases.

Yes, woollen carpets are the best idea for the floors. These carpets are not only beautiful but they are also very easy to maintain. They are fire resistant and dust repellent which makes them completely ideal for all places.

Yes, wool floor carpets are more expensive than synthetic fiber carpets. But when we compare the qualities of woollen carpets with their price, then we must say that these carpets are worth it.

The cleaning of woollen carpets is very easy. You just need to vacuum them to remove dust and dirt particles from the carpets. If there is any stain on the carpet then it can be cleaned by using mild detergent.