Buy Our Fast Motorized Curtains Dubai

Enhance the beauty of your home with our cutting-edge motorized curtains in Dubai. We make custom curtains at affordable prices to offer comfort and style side by side. Now control the incoming light within the interiors with our electric window curtains. Visit us to get quick and noise-free smart curtains.

Motorized Curtains Dubai

Get Light & Privacy Control With Our Motorized Curtains

We offer our customers 100% light and privacy control with smart curtains in Dubai. Each motorized window curtain is fitted precisely to your window length, offering detailed control over the opening and closing of the curtains.

Our motorized curtains in Dubai make your sleep uninterrupted. For a private office space, you can have complete privacy control via our electric curtains with just a tap on your smart app or a push of the remote control button.



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Motorized Curtains Dubai


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Motorized Curtains Dubai

Our Fabric Selection for Motorized Curtains

The fabric collection for our automatic curtains in Dubai is versatile. We will transform your homes with vibrant-colored drapes. Call today to get free fabric sample delivery in Dubai.

Rainbow Velvet 50

Motorized Curtains Dubai

Motorized Curtains Dubai

Motorized Curtains Dubai

Motorized Curtains Dubai

Motorized Curtains Dubai

Motorized Curtains Dubai

Motorized Curtains Dubai

Motorized Curtains Dubai

Motorized Curtains Dubai

Decorate Your Windows With Motorized Curtains – Save Up To 1

Choose our smart velvet curtains or motorized blackout curtains; and save up to 10% on all these window covering solutions.

Choose Your Preferred Motorized Curtain Type

Our motorized curtains in Dubai come in varying textures, designs, colors, and patterns. They can be used individually as office curtains or curtains in your home. Our sheer drapes are lightweight and have the convenience of adjustable white light.


Smart functions for efficient control


Different curtain types are available

Get effortless room-darkening drapes with motorized functions to ensure comfort. Enjoy customizable light control with our elegant-looking eyelet curtains. Elevate the interiors with motorized features in a pleated look with our pinch-pleat curtains.

Motorized Curtains Dubai

Our Gallery For Motorized Curtains In Dubai 2024

Visit our gallery to check the latest motorized curtain installation in Dubai. Either sleeping or working; get the perfect noise-less light control for your interiors with our electric curtains. Book Your Order Today!

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Book Our Professional Motorized Curtains Installation Service

We are a premier automatic curtains supplier because of 2 things; quality products and quality installation services.

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We do mess-free curtain installation in 1 Day.

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Low-priced fitting with 5+ years guarantee on motors.

With free, precise window measurements, we give better price quotations and efficiently install motorized curtains in Dubai. Our team installs them professionally from start to finish.

We offer various control options, such as smartphone apps for remote assistance, sensor integration for automation, and remote control for easier access.

Why Choose Us For Smart Curtains?

Our foremost priority is our customers as we sell only top-quality curtains. From soundproofing curtains to the ones that give total light control; our motorized curtains in Dubai

are the best in the entire market. With UV protection coating even on sheer fabrics; your custom furniture remains protected.

Motorized curtains

Professional Curtain Fitters

We have the best skilled motorized curtain fixing experts in the UAE; ensuring quality installation on every window.

Year-Round Availability

Our customer care is available 24/7 to answer your motorized curtain questions along with online booking.

Pre-booking Services

We offer pre-booking services like free window measurements and free smart curtain samples anywhere in Dubai.

Motorized Curtains Reviews From Our Dubai Clients

A company can praise only so much about itself. Customer reviews make a true statement. Check these reviews and feedback from our clients about our motorized curtains in Dubai.




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You can control a motorized window treatment with the push of a button. Automation devices, such as timers, sensors, or smartphones, enable an automated treatment to be controlled automatically. Although automated shades are easy to operate, you can also use a remote control or wall switch.

We have battery wands, plug-in power sources, and solar power for motorized curtains in Dubai. The power supply plugs directly into a wall outlet and works with 12V DC. A 12V battery wand allows for wall or ceiling mounting. The open/close function works with Somfy motors, which have a 5-year warranty on parts.

Our motorized curtains fitters make a mark on the wall where the mounting bracket for the curtains will be mounted, and drill the holes. Once the mounting surface has been prepared, they fasten in them the screws. Post-installation of both brackets, curtains are then locked in. The motor only needs to be connected to the power source.

Yes, automation for ordinary curtains is achievable. For this, you need smart curtains with accompanying sensors for day and night. The home automation system apps for motor curtains are custom-made to let you know when the curtains will open or close. Voice sensors let you control this with a voice command.

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