Best Shop For Outdoor Curtains in Dubai

If you are searching for the best shop to buy outdoor curtains in Dubai, you have come to the right place. Our curtain collection offers the best window covering solutions with all-weather-resistant curtains for your outdoor needs. Top-quality outdoor curtain fabrics are available in diverse types and varying designs at low prices.

Outdoor Curtains Dubai

Premium Outdoor Curtains In Dubai – Features That Matter

Considering Dubai’s harsh weather climate, our outdoor curtains are UV-resistant, protecting them from color fading under sunlight exposure. Dubai is humid at night, and the waterproof feature of our curtains makes them the best choice.

The thick dense fabric build makes our outdoor curtains in Dubai thermally insulated, offering temperature regulation for indoors. For outdoor grommet curtains, we have a rust-free feature for easy installation and a long lifespan.

All-Weather Protection70%



Outdoor Curtains Dubai


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Outdoor Curtains Dubai

Our Fabrics & Design Collection For Outdoor Curtains Dubai

At our outdoor curtain store in Dubai, you can view a wide range of fabrics and design choices for outdoor drapes. From durable polyester to breathable sheer curtain fabrics, you can choose from different options for outdoor windows.


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Outdoor Curtains Dubai

Free Window Measurements With 15% Discounts On Outdoor Curtains

For a limited-time offer, we are offering discounts of up to 15% on all our outdoor curtains online in Dubai. Get your free window measurements for custom quotes.

Our Range Of Outdoor Curtains In Dubai – Choose The Perfect One

At, you can choose from a wide collection of outdoor window curtains for every practical and style need. Our outdoor sheer curtains offer an airy feel with their light fabrics for shaded area sitting.

200 – 400

Thread counts for outdoor curtains


UPF rating to resist UV rays

Our blackout drapes for your gazebos are made with heavy-duty fabrics for a darkening effect and withstand strong Dubai winds. Cover your shaded patio spaces with our thermal insulated outdoor curtains in Dubai to keep the heat at bay.

Outdoor Curtains Dubai

Our Outdoor Curtains In Dubai Gallery – 2024

Have a visual sneak peek of our premier outdoor curtains gallery, featuring elegant curtains of diverse types. From elegance to practical window treatments, our collection has inspiration for your interior decor taste and needs.

Outdoor Curtains Dubai

Hire Us for Hassle-Free Outdoor Curtains Installation

We offer professional outdoor curtain installation in Dubai using cutting-edge techniques to provide flawless shading for shaded patios and pergolas.

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Post-installation check for smooth functioning

From ceiling-mounted tracks to tension rod fitting to free-standing frames, our outdoor curtain fitters install each solution with attention to detail.

Get the most affordable fitting treatment of outdoor curtains in Dubai by our skilful workers. We assure that you get the best aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

Why Our Outdoor Curtains In Dubai?

For 15+ years, our store has been a top choice for buying outdoor curtains in the UAE. With 20K+ curtains delivered for residential and commercial outdoor areas, we maintain a customer repeat business rate of 100%. This is all thanks to our high-quality outdoor curtains in Dubai, which are made from premium fabrics to ensure maximum features.

Outdoor Curtains Dubai

Best Customization Services

Our skilful curtain crafters will design your custom-made outdoor curtains as per your specifications.

Long Lasting Curtains

We keep in mind Dubai’s climate needs to make curtains that have all-weather resistance for long usage.

Free Delivery

We are available 24/7 for order booking and free delivery for outdoor curtains anywhere in Dubai or UAE.

Know Why Our Outdoor Curtains Are Loved

Check out these glistening reviews about our outdoor curtains in Dubai. See why our customers prefer us over other curtain shops & stores. Be the next proud client of our curtain shop.




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Our store offers premium-grade outdoor curtains in Dubai. Our best sellers include ones made from polyester, olefin, and acrylic. Polyester is fade-resistant, acrylic offers high UV resistance, and Olefin can resist humidity. Choose any one of these materials for curtains for all-weather protection.

Cleaning outdoor curtains is really a breeze. Just remove them and shake off the dirt. If the fabric is machine washable, put it in the washing machine on a gentle spin cycle with mild detergent. For spot cleaning, make a mixture of water & vinegar. Keep check of the signs of wear & tear and mold growth.

Yes, we have the best team in-house to customize your exterior curtains for motorized functions. You can choose from a variety of motor functions, such as automated systems, remote-controlled options, or wall-mounted button switches. Some motors are attached for noiseless functioning, along with all the proper hardware.

Yes, we have curtains for outdoors in all sizes and shapes that can be used as space dividers within decks, pergolas, and patio spaces. The best curtain types are heavy-duty curtains, like polyester blackout curtains. Our team will efficiently fit these curtains on rods, tracks, or tension rod systems on demand.

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