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Sheer curtains are also known as sheers, which are made from lightweight and flexible fabric that can filter light and allow it to pass through them. These curtains are mostly used in living rooms, tv lounges, dining rooms, patio doors, and many other places. These curtains are smooth and very elegant. That is why people want to install them in places where little or no privacy is required.

If you are also looking for sheer white curtains for your living room, then you have come to the right place. We are the best suppliers of sheer curtains all over the UAE. We provide the best quality curtains to all our customers at highly affordable rates. You can select any design of curtains from our gallery or visit our store to get the perfect curtains for your place.


Buy High-Quality Sheer Curtains For Home

High-quality curtains are the basic need of every home because everyone wants their curtain to last long without any need for maintenance. So if you are hoping for high-quality sheer curtains for your place, then come to us and select your dream curtains made from the blend of polyester and other synthetic blends. Although sheer curtains can’t provide complete privacy still they are the best option for living rooms and dining areas.

Our finest Translucent Fabric Curtains provide protection against UV radiation. Even if the sunlight enters your room, you still don’t need to worry about the discoloration of the customized design furniture because sheers only allow minimal sunlight to pass through them. Our curtains are also best for baby rooms and children’s spaces, in order to keep them well-illuminated and hygienic.

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Sheer Curtains Fabrics – Choose Online Now

Plush Furniture offers sheer curtains with a wide range of colors and fabrics. Choose your favorite and get a quotation from our installation team.


We Offer Customized Sheers In Dubai

No matter which size of your window is, now you can get the exact fit curtains for your place from us. We are the top-rated suppliers of sheer curtains that can provide you with customized sheers for your place. Now you can easily decide the size, color, and style of the curtains on your own and we shall fulfill all your requirements.


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Get Professional Installation Services For Sheer Curtains Dubai

We not only offer premium quality sheer curtains but we are also offering professional installation services for all our customers. These days, everyone is busy with their work, so no one has time to install the curtains in their homes. That’s the reason we provide the most reliable services for the installation of curtains at your place.

Our company has a large team of installers, who are professionally trained in their work and give the most reliable and hassle-free services to all the customers. The rates of our installation services are also reasonable so everyone can easily hire us. Call us now, and book your order for the installation of all types of curtains and blinds.

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Astonishing Benefits Of Our Sheer Curtains

Before buying our sheer curtains, you must want to know about the benefits of these curtains, hence, you can confidently buy them for your places. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of our curtains.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Sheers are usually in light colors but they are still very easy to clean. You can maintain your curtains with minimal maintenance. They can easily retain their beauty for a long time.

Suit Every Decor

These curtains are available in many designs and styles, which is why they are perfect for every decor. The light and soothing colors of sheer curtains can easily be adjusted to all types of interiors to increase their beauty..

Highly Economical

Our sheers are made from high-quality polyester fabric and they are very cost-effective. The rates of our sheers are highly reasonable and everyone can easily afford them for their living rooms.


Choose Your Style

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Sheer Curtains Layered With Pink Blackout

Sheer Curtains Layered With Pink Blackout

Sheer Curtains Layered With Pattern Blackout

Sheer Curtains Layered With Pattern Blackout

Sheer Curtains Layered With Gold Blackout

Sheer Curtains Layered With Gold Blackout

Sheer Curtains Layered With Emarld Green

Sheer Curtains Layered With Emarld Green

Sheer Curtains Layered With Blue Blackout

Sheer Curtains Layered With Blue Blackout

Sheer Curtains Layered With Velvet

Sheer Curtains Layered With Velvet


Our Sheer Curtains Are Available In Versatile Spectrum

Sheer window curtains are available in a large variety for all our customers. We have almost all colors and shades of sheers so our customers can easily select the best shade and color of the curtains according to their place. There are also different designs and styles of curtains available at our shops and online. You can get the best styling for your places by shopping for these curtains from us.

Our interior designers can also help you in selecting the best curtains for your place. They have years of experience so they can guide you in the best way. We guarantee you will find the best curtains at our store at highly affordable rates.


Why Choose Us To Buy Sheer Curtains?

Plush Furniture, the best curtain shop in Dubai, has a very beautiful collection of sheer curtains for its customers. We never compromise on the quality of material that is used in the making of these curtains. These curtains are the perfect option for all types of rooms, including bedrooms, because we also provide the sheers with blackout linings.

We also provide delivery services for these curtains. No matter in which area of UAE, you are currently living in, we shall provide you with the best and the fastest delivery services to your doorstep. The rates of our delivery services are also reasonable. So without further delay, order your curtains from us and transform your room into your dream decor with the help of our sheer white curtains.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Sheer luxury curtains can provide privacy when there is a lining of thick fabric behind them. You can use the same color lining for these curtains and they look elegant and give privacy at the same time. Blackout fabric is mostly used to add privacy to sheer window curtains.

Yes, you can see through sheer window curtains at night. These curtains provide little privacy during the daytime but not at night time. These curtains allow sunlight to pass through them by reducing their glare, so during the day, they can stop intruders from seeing into your place but not at night.

No, sheer white curtains are in trend nowadays, because of their glossy and elegant look. These curtains can go well with all types of interior decor and are best for living rooms and tv lounges. People usually don’t use them in bedrooms because of privacy issues.

There are a large number of options instead of sheer window curtains. You can use blackout curtains, cotton curtains, velvet curtains, linen curtains, roman blinds, roller blinds, motorized blinds, horizontal blinds, and many others. You should select according to the needs of your place.