Get Effective Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Here, you’ll find great soundproof curtains in Dubai that will enhance the beauty of your window. Reduce noise pollution with our exceptional soundproof window curtains to make your bedroom more sleep—and relaxation-friendly. At, we have a range of colorful patterns, unique textures, and top-notch fabrics to choose from.

Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Stylish And Fully Functional Acoustic Soundproof Curtains!

You will now benefit from quality, fully featured sound-blocking curtains that create a peaceful interior. Thanks to the innovative triple-weave technology of our soundproof curtains in Dubai, you can enjoy watching TV or doing your work with no noise.

The lining we use for our fabrics provides high sound absorption and sound-blocking characteristics, making them the first choice for your workspace curtains. For our blackout curtains, you get a privacy lining that is soundproof for a sound sleeping environment.




Soundproof Curtains Dubai


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Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Our Soundproof Curtains Fabric Collection – 2024

Visit our store in the Al Quoz, Dubai area, and check out an extensive collection of soundproof curtains in stunning fabric options. From synthetic polyester to natural wool, we have acoustic curtains for every interior need.

Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Free Consultation With Our Experts – Discounts Up To 15%

We have consultants for customers who want to buy soundproof curtains in Dubai. Call now for a free in-person or on-call discussion. We are offering 15% discounts on online orders.

Experience Peace With Our Soundproof Curtains in Dubai

Invest in the best curtains for your room’s window if you do not intend to compromise on quality. Our soundproof velvet curtains block the UV rays up to 50% and absorb sound up to 60%.


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Soundproof lining material available

You can get noise-proof curtains in any curtain hanging style you wish, such as grommet-style drapes or smart curtain rail systems. Choose from our variety of designs and styles to get affordable acoustic curtains in Dubai for a serene living space.

Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Our Exclusive Gallery For Soundproof Curtains Dubai – 2024

Need some inspiration! Check out these latest soundproof curtains in Dubai installed by our expert curtain fitters. See the blending of aesthetics with functionality in residential & commercial settings with stunning window treatments.

Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Hire Us For An Expert Soundproof Curtain Fitting Service

We are a renowned curtain fixing Dubai service provider with a team of expert soundproof curtain fitters available for any time service.

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Mess-free curtain installation in 1 day

Our consultants come to your home to discuss your curtains’ specifications and needs. We schedule the measurement procedure according to your suitability.

We offer a rod-pocket header for soundproof curtains in Dubai that is easy to mount over your preferred curtain, offering efficient soundproofing and light filtration.

Why Buy Soundproof Curtains From Us?

We provide the most cost-effective and reliable soundproof curtains in Dubai with effectiveness assurance. If you want to choose the rig fabric and design, our experienced team will be happy to help you make your selection. Our soundproof window curtains are the most ideal choice for your home or office spaces. Enjoy quiet interiors with our acoustic window coverings.

Soundproof Curtains Dubai


We value our customers and this is why our soundproof curtain prices are low.


Our acoustic curtains are made from high-quality materials giving them 15+ years of durability.

100% Customer Rating

With over 5K+ sound-absorbing curtains sold, we maintain a positive rating of 100%.

Reviews Of Our Soundproof Curtains Dubai

We have a market presence of more than 15 years and over this time, we have made a loyal customer base. Read for yourself why our customers love our soundproof curtains in Dubai.




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An independent lab test showed that these curtains blocked between 60% and 80% of outside noise, giving more insight into how much sound they block.

If you want soundproofing curtains, choose polyester, suede, or velvet—anything with extra fibers. In addition to thermal insulated curtains, thermal weave curtains and thermal layer curtains will help cover all air gaps and provide even more sound absorption.

Soundproof curtains need to be at least 2 to 3 inches thick (5.08 to 7.62 cm) thick to provide protection against noise. Usually weighing at least 15 to 20 pounds, these curtains are very heavy due to the materials used. The weight ranges from 6.8 to 9.07 kg. It is possible to custom-make soundproofing curtains with some companies.

The cleaning and maintenance of our soundproof curtains in Dubai are really easy. You need to vacuum them daily to remove dirt and debris. Depending on the fabric type, machine or hand wash them once a month. In case of stains or spills, spot-clean them with mild curtain cleaner solutions.

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