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Get Effective Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Do you want to decorate your window with a noiseless and unique design? Here, you’ll find great soundproof curtains in Dubai that will enhance the beauty of your window. You’ll have more peace in your precious place now. Get soundproof curtains in UAE and live in peace.

It’s time to make your bedroom more sleep and relaxation-friendly by combating noise pollution with our exceptional soundproof curtains. They enhance the beauty of your home because of the thick fabric and beautiful colors.

We have a range of colorful patterns, sumptuous textures, cozy neutrals, and designer fabrics to choose from at Plush Furniture. Your new window dressing will be a piece of cake with exceptional acoustic curtains Dubai’s handy measuring guides and friendly customer service team to help.

Best soundproof curtains in Dubai
Affordable Soundproof Curtains Dubai


Experience Peace And Quiet With Our  Acoustic Soundproof Curtains

Invest in the best curtains for your room’s window if you do not intend to compromise on quality. We are willing to give you exclusive soundproof acoustic curtains made of high-quality material.

Our acoustic curtains come in two types – Quiet Curtains that absorb sound, and Acoustic Curtains that block sound. Based on the nature of your noise problem, we might use both types.

In addition to making elegant acoustic curtains and draperies, we also offer acoustic soundproofing services for commercial and residential clients.

Stylish And Fully Functional Acoustic Soundproof Curtains! 

It’s not enough to simply hang a curtain on your window. You will now benefit from quality and fully featured sound-blocking curtains that produce stunning results.

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The Right Way To Serve:

Light and UV rays are blocked by curtains to an extent of 85%-99% (dark color velvet curtains are best). Thanks to the innovative triple weave technology, you can enjoy watching TV with less noise.

Energy Smart And Innovative Design:

Room temperatures can be balanced by using a blackout fabric curtain that is triple weave to resist summer heat and winter chill. With drapery, you will be able to protect your hand-made furniture, floors, and artwork from the sun for many years to come.

curtain 8
curtain 8

Everything Is Set To Go With Soundproof Curtain:

You can get noise-proof curtains in any curtain hanging style you wish for such as grommet style eyelet or smart curtain rail system. All the sets you need are here, so you can start putting them up right away.

Buy Soundproof Curtains At Affordable Price With Best Quality

We offer you quality and innovative soundproof curtains that give your room a classic and elegant look. Now you can get quality acoustic curtains at an affordable price.

You get a privacy lining that is soundproof and blackout with our innovative soundproof curtains. We offer curtains that are similar in price to custom curtains, but with a blackout lining that provides soundproof privacy.

As a result of a long-term direct relationship with fabric mills, we are able to accomplish this goal. We never compromise on quality yet are affordable for our customers. Before placing an order, you may consult with our team so they could guide you on what kind of soundproof curtains will suit your windows.

Bedroom Soundproof Curtains Dubai
Customized Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Our Soundproof Curtains Feature Innovative Technology

You want to acknowledge the innovative technology in time development! Then take a look at our great and exclusive soundproof curtains Dubai.

We at Plush Furniture offer curtains that are able to block out noise and sound. The lining we use for our fabrics provides high sound absorption and sound-blocking characteristics, making them the first choice for your workspace curtains.

Sound scientists have collaborated with us to create linings that are suitable for a range of applications. In addition to their normal appearance and behavior, our curtains offer some advantages as well.


Choose Your Style

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Perfect Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Perfect Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Classy Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Classy Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Best Quality Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Best Quality Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Luxury Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Luxury Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Modern Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Modern Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Durable Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Durable Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Let’s Install These soundproof Curtains In The Easiest Way! 

Stay tuned if you’re wondering how to install acoustic soundproof curtains! There is no need to worry about installing curtains because we have a professional team of curtain installers available to help.

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Grommets hold it in place:

The grommets used in these two curtain panels are made from stainless steel. Curtain panels are equipped with eight grommets each. Ideally, the curtain rod should measure at least 1.25″ in diameter so that it can be hung both indoors and outdoors.

Consultation and Measurements:

Our consultants can also come to your home if necessary to discuss your curtains’ specifications and needs. We schedule the measurement procedure according to your suitability. You will be assisted by our technicians in taking measurements of the area.

curtain 8
curtain 8

The installation process is simple:

This curtain is made with a rod pocket header that makes it easy to mount over your preferred curtain rod (not included), while the straight hem at the bottom lends it a tailored look. The curtains do more than just look good; they reduce glare by filtering bright light.


Why Choose Soundproof Curtains From Us

We provide the most cost-effective and reliable way to purchase top-quality curtains in Dubai. If you are interested in a service, our experienced and competent staff will be happy to help you make your selection. Soundproof curtains are the most ideal choice for customers when they buy at Plush Furniture. Our prices are formed according to the needs and wishes of any client, taking into account their requirements and wishes. 

Patients’ health and well-being are our number one priority as health and wellness care providers!  You are very important to us, and we want to keep you healthy and provide you with everything you need.

Get in touch with us if you’re looking to buy soundproof curtains in Dubai, and we’ll help you find an option that suits your needs!

Reliable Soundproof Curtains Dubai


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An independent lab test showed that these curtains blocked between 60% and 80% of outside noise, giving more insight into how much sound they block.

If you want soundproofing curtains, choose polyester, suede, or velvet – anything that has extra fibers. In addition to thermal insulated curtains, thermal weave curtains, and thermal layer curtains will help cover all air gaps and provide even more sound absorption.

Soundproof curtains need to be at least 2 to 3 inches thick (5.08 to 7.62 cm) thick to provide protection against noise. Usually weighing at least 15 to 20 pounds, soundproof curtains are very heavy due to the materials used. The weight ranges from 6.8 to 9.07 kg. It is possible to custom-make soundproofing curtains with some companies.

The best soundproofing material is undoubtedly fiberglass because of its versatility and effectiveness. It is consistently fiberglass that has the highest Sound Transmission Class, STL, rating among mineral wool, cellulose, and other forms of insulation