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Wanna make your home or office more stylish? What if you wanted to grab any guests that walked into your house?

Then, you’ve landed in the right place. Our velvet curtains are what you need! Give your space a new and refreshing look as you want.

Velvet Curtains Dubai provided by us have the ability to complete alter the look of your interiors with its dark and pleasant color styles.

Best Velvet curtains in Dubai
Teal Blue Velvet Curtains

Alter the Look of Your Interior With Our Velvet Curtains Dubai

Give your office the nourishment it deserves. You will have your office glammed up with our velvet curtains.

You can have your velvet curtains custom-fitted to your window structure. Your window gives you the shadow of relief or hopes to work more actively.

With velvet curtains, you can enjoy high efficiency, versatility, and several fabulous design features. Make your space stand out with our eye-catching designs! Your place will be the center of attention when everyone sees it. It is our goal to elevate the ambiance of your place and provide you with great luxury with our best selection of curtains.

Let’s Grab & Enjoy The Peace With A Noiseless Velvet Curtains

You’re tired of your noisy curtains interrupting you while you’re working, aren’t you? Let’s get rid of them and replace them with our sound proof velvet curtains.

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Noise-reducer curtains for privacy

Put an end to all those messy noisy curtains! It is because velvet curtains are made up of multiple layers of fabrics that are highly crafted. Featuring quality material, it will ensure your privacy is protected to the fullest extent possible! Our velvet curtains feature the best sound-absorbing fabric.

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Great match that meets your needs

Our velvet blackout curtains block sunlight from entering a room and add a sense of darkness for a great night’s sleep. You can use it even during the day to make your nap more comfortable. After sitting in this amazing environment, you will feel active even though you are tired from your hectic routine.

Custom Solid Color Velvet Curtains

A Great Variety Of Benefits Can Be Gained From Velvet Curtains

With many luxurious ways to enjoy life, you can now live the life of your dreams! The benefits are as follows. Let’s take a closer look at them.

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Perfect For All Location

These velvet curtains offer such a classy look! Then, it can go anywhere in your place. Form your living room to your bedroom. Covers the entire window of your office.

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Light Filtering & Privacy

You will love the softness of our velvet curtains. During your guests’ visit, you will enjoy some sunlight while maintaining privacy. You give them too much luxury to work in your place.

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Dual Hanging

You can hang your curtains with a designer look in your window with the added tabs on the back. This differs from ordinary rod pocket curtains, which only have one tab on the back.

Hang Quality Velvet Curtains That Provide You Quality Touch

If you want to add a quality touch to your place, you should go with our high-quality velvet curtains that create a sense of uniqueness.

Highly Quality And Soft Velvet: 

The fabric used to create soft best velvet curtains is velvet, which is made of dense piles of evenly spun fiber, with a smooth eyelid. There is always a close relationship between threads in velveteen fabrics. Its softness is one of the most desirable qualities of velour. Velvet fabric that looks as good as it.

At an Affordable price:

It is easy for everyone to afford our velvet curtains for their living rooms because of their very reasonable prices. Purchase at your range of price.


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With A Luxury Velvet Curtains, Your Room Looks Ideal And Clean

Get a touch of velvet curtains that are quality and stylish for your workspace if you want it to be an ideal place for you to work.


Keep your room ideal

Its amazing and unique design block 100% of unwanted outside light, reduces noise, and help improves energy efficiency by keeping the room cool in the summer and warmer in winter.

Easy Set Up

For quick and easy installation, the grommet eyelet curtains designs are only standard decorative rods for a few minutes. Ready to be hung right away. Fits a rod up to 1.25 in diameter.


Keeping dust and dirt at bay

Keeping your custom wood furniture clean and dust-free is easy with this velvet window curtain. Your essential well-being will be fully protected from all the dust coming into your room.

Because your office’s protection is what we want. Live a clean life it’s your right!


Choose Your Style

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Plain Velvet Curtains.

Plain Velvet Curtains.

Red Velvet Curtains

Red Velvet Curtains

Pink Velvet Curtains

Pink Velvet Curtains

Grey Curtains

Grey Curtains

Blackout Velvet Curtains

Blackout Velvet Curtains

Sound Absorbing Velvet Curtains

Sound Absorbing Velvet Curtains

Navy Blue velvet curtains.


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You are our top priority! We are very concerned about your health and your needs.

We Ensure that the material used in the making of these curtains is of the highest quality. We offer the best velvet curtains with blackout linings, making them the perfect option for any room, including bedrooms.

We have invented an amazing motorized curtain that not only gives you relief but also gives you the flexibility of controlling it anywhere you are. Sit anywhere and control your curtain however you want.

You can also have these curtains delivered to your home. No matter where you live in the UAE, we will provide you with the fastest and most reliable delivery service. As well as offering reasonable delivery rates, we also offer other services. By ordering velvet curtains from us today, you can transform the decor of your room.

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No matter how coated the velvet is, it should always be lined. Cotton or synthetic pads are recommended. In this way, you can extend fabric life and reduce pile loss.

Steam can speed up velvet’s natural pile recovery process. Steaming and brushing in the pile’s direction can lift the pile and reduce pressure marks. In most cases, wrinkles and fold marks will disappear with time and moisture.

It’s so easy to incorporate touches of this timeless, tactile fabric into your living space all year round, whether you want to create a luxe, glamorous look or a more restrained look.

When velvet curtains are faced up, they will create a deeper, richer colour and will eliminate any pile disturbances during relaxing.