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The ideal decoration element for giving your house a uniquely distinctive touch is customized cushions Dubai. Designing your own cushion according to your tastes must be a thrilling experience. With our luxurious custom cushions, Plush Furniture enable our customers to completely personalize their environment. We are your diligent partners in meeting all of your home decorating needs, regardless of your design criteria. We carry a wide variety of fabric types in hundreds of vibrant and traditional color shades for designing your ideal custom cushions and pillows.

Our highly creative staff is eager to create a completely finished cushion taking into account your cushion’s size, shape, and pattern. Therefore, if you’re looking for the top designers of customized cushions your quest is over. Plush Furniture is the best-known brand, working with several residential and business clients to create their own cushions in their preferred style and at affordable pricing.

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Custom Cushions Dubai


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We specialize in creating unique high-end cushion designs. We are capable of designing, producing, and printing any kind of specialized cushions from 2-seater sofas to extra large sofa sets. We believe the best level of quality to our customers. Because of this, we offer a full range of cushion online customization options rather than only concentrating on size and shape customization.


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Cushion with Photo

The most cutting-edge method of decorating your cushion with a photo of you or a loved one. We create custom photo cushions out of luxurious fabric to be your ideal cuddling buddy. The most popular cushion among our exquisite selection of customizable cushions is a picture cushion.


Personalized Cushions with Different Designs

Text was created in elegant handwriting. You can add any kind of name, a message for a special someone, a sweet quote, or just a silly phrase in any writing style to your pillows or cushions. We do a fantastic job of designing it, and the text will be produced precisely as per your request.

If you care about your pet or you want any other image, getting them a personalized cushion to cuddle up on would make a wonderful gift. You can personalize cushion UAE with their name, a photo of them, or something else they adore. We would adore designing your pet’s personalized pet pillow.

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Top Quality Cushions Dubai

Top Quality Cushions Dubai

Reliable Cushions Dubai

Reliable Cushions Dubai

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Luxury Cushions Dubai

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High Quality Cushions Dubai

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First Class Cushions Dubai

Top Tier Cushions Dubai

Top Tier Cushions Dubai

Custom Cushions for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Cushions are a dual-purpose design that you may customize for use indoors or outdoors, making them a great addition to any decor. We offer a broad selection of our custom indoor and outdoor cushions equally compatible with extra large 7-seat sofa set. We carefully examine your cushion demands when designing your pillows. Regarding the use of a cushion, any material is chosen, including fabric, foam that is specially made, and other interior cushion material.

Our indoor cushions are made from less dense, higher-density foam. To create interior pillows, we use a diverse selection of luscious fabric. Therefore, our superior quality fabric can properly endure your personalization and avoid the prints from being ruined, whether you want inexpensively personalized cushions pillow with text, images, or any other unforgettable scenery.

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We have a variety of fabric options available that are suitable for outdoor sofa set and used to create your own outdoor long cushions. In order to give you a comfortable experience together with high-tech personalization, we also employ high density and robust foam, taking into account the requirements for outdoor use. High-quality printing methods are used to create your best pillow in Dubai with photographs or text prints, making them pleasant for outdoor use.

We create, craft, and provide a beautiful selection of customized cushions Dubai at Plushfurniture. made with strong materials and high-quality tools and procedures. Online cushion customization orders are delivered right to your door.

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On a couch or sofa with two seats, we advise putting 2 to 4 cushions. Utilizing two cushions gives your arrangement a trimmed and minimalist appearance, three cushions gives it a varied and more contemporary appeal, and four cushions gives you the chance to add depth and balance to your arrangement.

Despite having to spend a lot of money, memory foam seat cushions are a very efficient approach to improve your spine health. Memory foam seat cushions are not only lightweight and portable, but they also significantly boost the support for your spine and tailbone.

It is proven that body back pain has been done through wrong posture issues. There are different kind uncomfort issues that create the backbone curve. Proper pillow is one of the basic features of providing the lumbar support against the back. This support the proper alignment of backbone