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If you want to make your outdoor appearance more beautiful, you don’t need to go elsewhere! We bring the best outdoor furniture in Dubai for you. To add a touch of quality outdoor furniture, visit our store Plush Furniture in Dubai. We have everything, such as outdoor sofas, dining chairs, cushions, and pergolas, that you want to make your garden or outdoor beauty.

You must select an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable outdoor furniture set to enhance the function and comfort of your outdoor spaces. You can add our customized sofa set to your outdoor seating to create a peaceful atmosphere. It is now convenient for you to enjoy every little corner that we have designed to your taste.

Best Outdoor Furniture in Dubai

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Customize Outdoor Garden Furniture With Us

It is the primary concern when decorating your garden, lawn, or the outside of your home with wooden outdoor furniture. since there are several options, whether seating capacity or material, purchasing garden furniture in Dubai can take a lot of work.

Online patio furniture purchases might also make you wonder about return policies, if the items you choose need to be fixed and whether custom-made furniture options are available to suit your outdoor decor.

The roundup of our stores to buy Outdoor Furniture Dubai will include all these responses. We customize outdoor furniture according to the space available in your garden or backyard.


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Enjoy Custom Made Patio Furniture

Our outdoor furniture is specially designed for outdoor use, including balcony, patio, and outdoor garden furniture. It is common for families to enjoy gathering and congregating on the patio, and the right outdoor furniture can significantly enhance this experience. The advantages of outdoor furniture in Dubai include adding comfort and elegance to gardens, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces in tranquility.

Taking in nature’s inexhaustible bounty from a cozy corner of your beautifully landscaped garden is one of the most satisfying experiences. Being the best furniture store in Dubai, we have made outdoor furniture online shopping easy for our clients.

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Decorate Your Porch with Custom Garden Furniture

You will be pleased to know that we offer the most efficient outdoor furniture in Dubai that is worth your money. There are various options available depending on what you are looking for. In this case, we recommend synthetic resin wicker furniture if you desire something lightweight, sleek, modern, and low-maintenance.

Teak furniture is a luxurious and heavy option if you are looking for heavy and luxurious Outdoor Furniture in Dubai. Aesthetically pleasing aluminum furniture is a great way to give your exterior an eclectic look. As well as these options, we can also provide more ornate options according to the structure of the building and its size.

Create Your Own Comfort Custom Patio Furniture

With our outdoor furniture, you can create a refreshing outdoor environment that will be more pleasing and eye-catching, no matter what you are looking for.

Outdoor Garden Furniture:

You can choose our outdoor garden furniture set based on your space. In addition to garden sofas, separate tables, lawn carpets, and balcony chair sets, we offer garden set furniture such as a garden sofa, a garden table set, and a balcony chair set. We offer a variety of outdoor furniture sets, including sofas for balconies, at our Dubai garden furniture store. With its top-quality design, our outdoor furniture sets in Dubai are visually appealing.

Garden Furniture Dubai
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Discover Garden Furniture Gallery

Browse different types of custom garden furniture gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Modern Outdoor Furniture

Modern Outdoor Furniture

Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Outdoor Umbrella Furniture

Outdoor Umbrella Furniture

Outdoor Dining Chairs

Outdoor Dining Chairs

terrace furniture Dubai

Terrace Furniture

Our first-rate terrace furniture options include chairs, couches, lounges, tables, portable fixtures, and various other elements designed exclusively for the exterior environment. Incredibly resilient build quality and can effectively withstand all the external temperature conditions. Also, it can be utilized under all usage conditions such as harsh sunlight, heavy rainfall, snowfall or simply intense wear and tear. Last but not least comes the fact that shopping for our terrace furniture items is the best approach to make your otherwise useless terrace area way more functional and comfortable to use.

Balcony Furniture

Our all-exclusive balcony furniture range offers incredible styles of furniture to go well with each and every decor scenario. You can also enjoy having custom made balcony furniture built according to your personalized requirements. Lineup includes sofas, couches, single-seater sets, lounges, sofa beds, personalized floor cushions and a number of other incredible options. Our furniture items for the balcony are ideally resistant to Sun damage, moisture effects and ensures offering you a cozy seating space Plus, all of this furnishing stuff offers easy sitting to hold gatherings and events outdoors.

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Outdoor Dining Set

Outdoor Dining Set Furniture is the most perfect furnishing which will make your meal and munching times even more fun. From two-person dining furniture to bigger sized dining tables and chairs, you can shop for literally anything and everything from our platform. Our exterior dining furniture is available in both modern and vintage designs. This furnishing stuff is easy to care for and has the tendency to stay tough against all of the atmospheric conditions. Easily adjustable in a number of spaces such as pergolas, patios, balconies, terraces, gardens, gazebos and any other spot for dining.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker Furniture is incredibly long-lasting and can withstand all sorts of usage intensities. Our exquisite featured synthetic wicker is completely resistant to the damage caused by rotting, splitting and discoloration. Our wicker furniture is a completely environmentally-friendly option and if you’re in search of a sustainable quality furniture selection, then it’s the absolutely best choice to go. It’s very flexible when it comes to the addition of upholstery, custom fabrication, painting, staining and every other enhancement you look forward to. Besides seating furniture, you can also shop for wicker storage options from us.

wicker furniture Dubai

No More Worries About Weather Changes

Now is the time to ensure that your outdoor furniture in Dubai lasts as long as possible.  After buying our outdoor patio furniture, you will never have to worry about weather changes in your outdoor spaces. To survive weather conditions such as rain, wind, and sunlight, outdoor cushions and sofas with the classic sunbrella fabric.

Our outdoor furniture will instantly become the focal point of your living space once you place it in your living space. Excellent quality material is used to make our garden furniture products while maintaining comfort and durability.

As a result, our outdoor furniture is designed to provide a perfect long lifespan for your outdoor furniture set, which enhances its beauty even further.

Our Customized Furniture Services

Outdoor Sofa Furniture Set

Why Choose Us For Exclusive Outdoor Furniture

With great pride, Plush Furniture designs and creates customers’ dream garden furniture at an affordable price. To make it convenient for our customers to shop locally in their respective states, our showrooms are located in multiple states of the UAE. With over a decade of experience, we are the leading provider of outdoor furniture in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE. Since we have been creating high-tech outdoor furniture in Dubai for more than a decade, we have gained hands-on experience.

With our quality product, affordable rates, and experienced craftsmen, we can take on any project, whether unique, ambitious or challenging.

So, what are you waiting for? Call our experts and order garden furniture online today to make your garden attractive and appealing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can outdoor furniture be used indoors?

Using outdoor furniture indoors is actually quite a smart and lucrative idea since all the exterior furnishing items come with resilient & durable build quality that can withstand more usage intensity.

How can outdoor furniture be made comfortable?

A sturdy, weather-resistant frame is crucial to the comfort of outdoor furniture. The three most durable outdoor materials are aluminum, teakwood, and wicker.

How much does outdoor furniture cost?

The pricing of outdoor furniture Dubai initially depends on the material quality. In case of custom built furniture pieces, the cost is likely to be a bit higher. Other factors like custom upholsteries, color finishes, & protective treatments are likely to affect the overall pricing.

Is outdoor furniture waterproof?

Various finishes, from paints to heat treatments to preservatives, can enhance a material’s inherent waterproofing. As a result of having these materials, water-absorbing materials do not deteriorate, rust, rot, or grow mold and mildew.

Mould can grow on garden furniture

Yes, of course! Moisture from precipitation and humidity on outdoor surfaces can cause mold growth on outdoor furniture, and addressing the problem will require more than a light wash.

Can garden furniture be painted?

Yes, of course! Moisture from precipitation and humidity on outdoor surfaces can cause mold growth on outdoor furniture, and addressing the problem will require more than a light wash.