Seven Seater Sofa

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One of the best interior design concepts is the 7 Seater Sofa by Plush furniture Shop Dubai, which combines the benefits of enhancing beauty with providing the most space and comfort. This sofa set is the best choice for all homes as it makes for the best commercial seating arrangement in opposite to 2-seater sofas. We sell:

  • 7 Seat Sectional Sofas
  • 7 Seat Modular Sofas
  • 7 Seat Recliner Sofas
  • 7 Seat Corner Sofas
  • 7 Seat Fabric & Leather Sofas
Versatile Seven Seater Sofa
Classic Seven Seater Sofa

Benefits Of Our 7 Seater Sofa That Stand Out

Excellent Fit

This sofa is the ideal resting and seating arrangement, with the ability to comfortably accommodate many people.

Two Distinct Functions

This sofa is customized with the best upholstery fabric and can be fully converted into a bed and a sofa bed despite being substantially larger and having a space-saving profile.

100% Personalized Service

Space-saving Design

24 Hours Turnaround Time


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The most luxurious Models of 7 Seater Sofa Dubai.

You can choose from among the most distinctive and complementary latest 7 seater sofa designs variants at our platform. These are fantastic as pre-made furniture as well as being incredibly valuable when purchased as a piece of custom furniture. You can choose one of our stylish seven-seater models or have your chosen customized upholstery for sofas by us to best suit your needs.

The Incredible Features Of Our Seven-Seater Sofas

Our custom sofa premium models are designed to offer greater comfort and ample space for big-scale uses. In contrast with 5-seater sectional sofa set, our seven seater sofa set has a large size and ample space for everyone. This sofa set is the ideal way to completely furnish any given space without adding other furniture.

The most typical instances of our 7 Seater Sofa Set UAE suitability for business and workplace decors are waiting rooms and reception areas.

It is high-quality upholstery is stain-resistant, doesn’t fade, and is also simple to clean. This sofa’s broader and more comfortable profile suggests that it is primarily used as a sofa bed, sleeper sofa, and other similar furniture.

Curved Seven Seater Sofa

Choose Your Style

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Reliable Seven Seater Sofa

Reliable Seven Seater Sofa

Stunning Seven Seater Sofa

Stunning Seven Seater Sofa

Seven Seater Sofa Dubai

Seven Seater Sofa Dubai

Perfect Seven Seater Sofa

Perfect Seven Seater Sofa

Durable Seven Seater Sofa

Durable Seven Seater Sofa

Customized Seven Seater Sofa

Customized Seven Seater Sofa

Get Sectional, Corner, Recline, Modular, Custom Fabric Leather Sofas From Us

Plushfurniture has presented to you this great sitting arrangement and interior decor addition in a remarkable way, in addition to the standard selection of the seven-seater sofas from predefined collections, through the custom construction of the 7 Seater Sofa Dubai.

You can modify every building phase and customize a 7 seater leather sofa set based only on your aesthetic preferences, and we’ll do everything we can to make you happy. These personalized sofa sets resemble L shaped sofa sets offering excellent comfort, and they’re a terrific way to decorate your home distinctively.

Stylish Seven Seater Sofa

Why Pick Us?

The 7-Seater Sofa Dubai is another incredible option for both residential and commercial furnishings from Wall Curtains, your dependable source for home furnishings and decoration.

Our top-of-the-line sofa set is specifically designed to accommodate more usage and gives the best functioning over the long term.

So get the greatest sofa today and take advantage of incredible savings on this high-end furniture.

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7 seater sofa Dubai

7 Seater FAQs

Yes, we have seven-seat sofas in U-shape, L-shape, and a number of astonishing designs for fulfilling our valued customer’s requirements.

If you’ve purchased a convertible version, then you can enjoy this benefit. However, seven-seat sofas are large enough to be slept on normally.

Consider the room décor and shape, choose the best material, prioritize comfortable seating, and decide on your budget for an ideal purchase.

Yes, we deliver and assemble 7-seat sofa within residential space premises at reasonable charges.

You can have 7-seat sofas upholstered in both leather and fabric materials. So, the choice is primarily yours.

A standard-sized seven-seater sofa is 108x84 inches. The height is usually around 30-32 inches for the backrest.