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You possess two options for acquiring a sofa for your house or office: ready-made or bespoke. Due to reservations about quality and shipping, many people are reluctant to purchase ready-made sofas. Plush Furniture addresses your concern by providing a customized sofa set. It is the most important and necessary part of any home’s design.

Always strive to acquire a high-quality, customized sofa to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your interior décor and make your investment worthy. We’re among the leading furniture customization stores in Dubai if you want a Custom Made Sofa featuring flawless components and attractive designs.

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Browse Featured Varieties Of Our Custom Made Sofa

In almost every home in Dubai, a sofa set is among the essential pieces of furniture. It is the first element of furniture our visitors see when they step in, these sofas host our movie sessions, and it helps us relax on weekends.

Plush Furniture offers a wide variety of sofas custom-made with velvety upholstery fabric. Your selection to acquire one is influenced by various considerations such as your living space, budget, preferences, and requirements.

These various styles of custom-made sofa sets should blend in with the remainder of the furnishings and the overall decor of the space. Here are our custom-made sofa set varieties:

Modern Custom Made Sofa
Leather Corner Sofa

Customized Corner Sofa

Corner sofas open up additional space in the living area, freeing up the main entrance. In households in Dubai, larger families and limited rooms are frequent. And for larger households, a custom corner sofa might be the ideal solution.

  • Deep foam seats
  • Thick fiber topper
  • Living Room Featured

This type is also a sofa set suited for tiny living rooms, and it’s a fantastic way to open up extra space for walking. Furthermore, corner sofas are excellent living room design options since they enable you to create a tiny reading zone with a bookrack next to it!

Customized L-Shaped Sofa

This furniture piece may be used as a sofa set up for the lounge, the living room, and other areas because of its L-shaped construction.

L-shaped Sofa takes up minimum space and gives the homeowner more room for home décor. So, this is a fantastic sofa set for both compact and spacious living areas.

For smaller areas, a single L-shaped couch set will suffice! Nevertheless, if you have a larger room, you may add a few more little chairs following this one!

Designs for L-Type couch sets are offered in both hardwood and textiles. Our sofa sets are high-quality, affordable, stylish, and durable.

Custom Made L Shaped Sofa
Custom Made Recliner Sofa

Custom Recliner Sofa

Hardly anything beats the comfort of your home, and a recliner sofa often referred to as a single seater sofa is among the most delightful aspects of it.

  • Power adjustable headrest
  • Head and Neck Pillow
  • Equipped with a convertible seat
  • Lumbar support

Moreover, these sofas are known as relaxing sofa ideal for head & neck relaxation following a tough and tiring time at work. It’s a refreshing change from traditional sofas, where you may sit and relax by pressing a button. Really!

Custom Made Wooden Sofa

Wooden sofas have conventionally been the dominant design in many Dubai homes. The structure and body are made of wood and the luxurious look is given with our furniture fabrications.

The seats, meanwhile, might be anything you want. Consequently, most seaters feature an intuitive design that supports your bottom and retains the back balanced most of the time.

It’s tough, durable, and elegant. Wooden sofa sets remain classic and may last a lifetime as a part of the home and memories. You may add wooden crafted custom table in front of your wooden sofa to give perfect décor to your room.

Wooden Sofa

10 Years Service

100% Made-to-Order

700+ Colors

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Custom Made Leather Sofa

Choose our custom-made leather sofa if you want an elegant design and a glossy texture for your sofa set. Our custom-made leather sofa sets are perfect for a compact living room since these sofas are affordable, elegant, and easy to maintain. Leather sofa sets in Dubai are very simple to clean as well. Plush Furniture is currently delivering its clients in Dubai the finest custom made leather sofa set.


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Features of Our Custom Made Sofa

Our sofas are unique and offer plenty of perks. Our sofa sets possess unmatched features that can not be ignored. Here are the features of our custom made sofa sets:

Customized to Your Needs

Our sofa sets in Dubai are customized to your preferences and the needs of your space décor. Plush Furniture has a wide range of custom-made sofa sets, perfectly tailored to accommodate all of your needs.

We made everything from large furniture items to even manual design sofa cushions.

High Quality

Quality has been of paramount importance to Plush Furniture. We do not compromise even a little on custom-made sofa sets’ quality. Our sofa sets are made from premium-quality material that lasts longer than ready-made sofa sets.

Classic Leather Sofa
Blue Sofa with Customized Cushions


A sofa must be comfortable in order to be a worthy investment, and luckily our custom-made sofa sets are extremely comfortable, relieve stress, and give you a perfect spot to relax once you are back from a tough day out.


High-quality customized sofa sets wouldn’t mean high prices. Plush Furniture has always been an affordable brand, accessible to the majority of people.

We custom make sofa sets in Dubai as per your budget and accommodate all of your requirements.

We Are The Leading Custom Craft Sofa Makers & Supplier

Plush Furniture have been making and supplying the best custom-made fabric sofas with premium fabrics for years and have accumulated wide expertise in the customized furniture niche.

Plush Furniture is trusted by thousands of customers in Dubai and overall UAE.

Our commitment is unmatched, and we go above and beyond to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

When next time you are looking for a custom-made sofa near me, we will indeed offer you our services.

Modern Designed Custom Sofa

We Offer Different Types of Sofas with Complete Customization

We Are The Best Custom Sofa Maker To Give Your Room a Hypnotizing Effect

Eye Catching Custom Made Sofa

Eye Catching Custom Made Sofa

Custom Made Velvet Soda

Custom Made Velvet Soda

Custom Made Tufted Sofa

Custom Made Tufted Sofa

Custom Made Leather Sofa

Custom Made Leather Sofa

Black Custom Made Sofa

Black Custom Made Sofa

High Quality Custom Made Sofa Dubai

High Quality Custom Made Sofa Dubai


Our Customized Sofas Give Your Room a Hypnotizing Effect

Sofas remain one of the first things that catch our attention as we step into a room. Plush Furniture offers sofas that catch your attention instantly and give your room a hypnotizing effect. Our designs of customized sofa sets in Dubai will capture your guests’ glance with an exquisite appearance. Also, the comfort of our custom-made sofa sets will keep your guests relaxed and happy throughout their stay. Sofas from Plush Furniture are a fashion statement that no one else can come closer to!

Italian Leather Sofa

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Plush Furniture offers the whole spectrum of sofas that add character to your homes, businesses, clinics, institutions, eateries, cafés, and other places.

The elegant and traditional sofa set from Plush Furniture is provided to you at a very low and fair price, and it comes with several advantages.

Plush Furniture allows you to order your sofa online. Now go to the Plush Furniture website and look at the sofa selection.

Either choose one or construct your own design. Your desired sofa is transported to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

Custom-made sofa sets are not expensive when compared to one-way sofa sets. Custom-made sofa sets are worth your investment as they fulfill your needs in a better way.

Custom sofas are of superior quality as compared to store-bought sofas since they are made and tailored to your preferences. You can select the material and seating of your custom sofas that leads to superior quality.

If you personalize a sofa by choosing a unique material, armrest, backrest, or dimension, you can expect a delivery date to be anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks away. It’s possible that your custom sofa delivery will take more time. Leather sofas, for instance, typically take longer to arrive than fabric sofas.

If you want to purchase an excellent sofa, begin by inspecting the framework thoroughly. A high-quality sofa will feature a solid hardwood framework, whereas cheaper sofas can feature frames built of plasterboard or polyester.