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Dining Table
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Buy Custom Built-in Tables in Dubai

An entire set of furniture is hardly complete without a table, whether it’s a dining table, a dressing table, or a coffee table.

Several different varieties of customized tables are employed and required in every corner of your house.

Customized tables not only offer a great balance in the space, but they also provide comprehensive functionality.

Select wood, style, shape, and especially color of the customized tables to match your décor. A wonderfully designed and constructed custom tables best compliments your existing furnishings, bringing all of the parts of the room altogether and influencing the indoor atmosphere.

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Explore Custom Crafted Table Designs

custom made wood table dubai

Wooden Table

custom made kitchen tables dubai

Kitchen Table

custom dining tables dubai

Dining Table

custom made live edge tables dubai

Live Edge Table

custom made accent tables dubai

Accent Tables

custom epoxy tables dubai

Epoxy Table

custom made oak tables dubai

Oak Table

custom made metal tables dubai

Metal Table

custom made narrow console dubai

Narrow Console

customized dressing table dubai

Dressing Table

custom made office tables dubai

Office Table

customized study table dubai

Study Table

custom made nook tables dubai

Nook Table

custom made extendable tables dubai

Extendable Table

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Acrylic Table

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Drop Leaf

custom made oval dining table dubai

Oval Dining Table

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End Table

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Pool Table

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Poker Table

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Marble Table

Custom Tables With Best Designs

Plush Furniture concentrates on manufacturing premium-quality custom tables, bases, and seating for the catering and business table industries. For all sectors of luxury, encompassing casinos, restaurants, eateries, private clubs, or even homes, we work together with designers, engineers, and hardware suppliers to produce made-to-order, handmade, and inexpensive table designs.

Explore our extensive collection of custom pool tables, coffee tables, and side tables, or explore our products for inspiration to spark your imagination. Plush Furniture also has a large selection of table bases and contemporary tables that may be customized in many ways to build your own personal style.

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Get Custom Made Wood Tables At a Low Price

Incorporating a piece of a wood table that is built to your preferences and like is now possible at a low price with Plus Furniture’s custom-made wood tables. We offer a wide variety of tables, from custom-made wood coffee tables to custom-made dining tables.

Affordability is now not an issue with customized pieces of furniture, especially when Plush Furniture is here at your service with all the expertise. We can tailor any table to your needs and preferences while keeping your budget for interior décor in mind. The experts at Plush Furniture will also provide valuable suggestions on designing and custom-building your table.

Customized Dining Table
wooden dining tables

Benefits of Customized Wooden Tables

Our custom tables come with various benefits that will brighten up your interior décor. High-end customized furniture has been proven time and again to be highly economical and aesthetically pleasing. Our custom designs are unmatched in terms of quality and affordability. Here are more benefits of our custom table in Dubai:

Customized to Your Needs

You may modified your product according to the unique design, which extends beyond the quest for items. Square and round tables both function well in smaller square-shaped spaces. The square table is great if you simply entertain yourself or your moderate family for lunch. At the same time, the round tables also make a warm and intimate setup for gatherings with modest guest lists.

Premium Quality

Once you order our custom-made table, the designers and architects will create it as per your requirements. The craftsmanship is always better than what you’ll find anywhere. Our table makers pay great attention to all customized tables, guaranteeing that the final product meets all size and specification requirements.


Despite the notion that custom furniture items may turn out to be expensive, we have established affordability in our custom-made tables for years. Our custom tables come at a low cost with high quality. Reach out to Plush Furniture and get a quote now!

Unique Style Wooden Tables
Custom Coffee Table

A Perfect Fit Customized Design & Build

Will you find something more frustrating than receiving a highly anticipated table and discovering it doesn’t quite fit the intended space?

Even if you go into the store equipped with a measuring tape, a millimeter difference can have a drastic effect on your décor.

Our custom tables completely eliminate this issue by being fitted precisely to the place it is designed for.

We manufacture and design custom tables as per your interior’s aesthetic needs and space requirements whether you want it for your living room in front of your hand-made custom sofa or you want one as your side table in bedroom.

Types Of Custom Tables We Have

Plush Furniture offers a wide variety of custom tables to to employ in many places like the bedroom, dining area, living area, or the patio. We have a solution for all of your table needs inside or outside of your house.

Coffee Tables

Exquisite coffee tables that will intrigue you as you sit by them and appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of our custom wood coffee tables. Customize coffee tables to your requirements.

Oak Coffee Table
Modern Designed Dining Table

Side Tables

Side tables can add to the aesthetics of your décor despite occupying a relatively little space.

Our customized side tables can act as the focal point for your interior décor with all the beauty it incorporates with their color and brilliance.

Dining Tables

Eating by an exquisite piece of furniture like our custom-made dining table can fulfill your aesthetic appetite also.

Plush Furniture offers exquisite pieces of custom-made dining tables in Dubai at a very affordable price.

Choose Reclaimed Wood Design

Solid Wooden Custom Tables

Solid Wooden Custom Tables

Small Coffee Table

Small Coffee Table

Customized Dining Table Dubai

Customized Dining Table Dubai

Curved L shaped Coffee Table

Curved L shaped Coffee Table

Wooden Tables for Cafe

Wooden Tables for Cafe

Wooden Coffee Table

Wooden Coffee Table

Why Choose Us?

Plush Furniture is your perfect choice for premium-quality custom tables in Dubai. We have been manufacturing and customizing tables for many years.

We proudly claims to be among the most organized and customer-friendly businesses throughout the UAE.

Our customer service at Plush Furniture aims at customer satisfaction and reliable resolution of their queries and concerns. Additionally, our company offers the required guarantee of the items that we provide to our customers.

So, choose Plush Furniture for premium custom tables today!

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Custom-Made Tables -FAQs

Most commonly people get customized tables in granite, laminate, metal, and wood material options. The table top is mostly wooden while the base frame is metallic.

Custom table means a perfect furniture item designed accordingly and therefore, you can choose the design, size, finishing, material, color, and other aspects.

Yes, a can place an order for a custom outdoor table. In fact, it’s a great idea to capitalize on your investment.

The cost varies and is dependent on table material construction, size, quality, etc. However, a rough estimate places the cost between AED 500 to AED 5,000.

To get innovative yet appealing designs for customized tables in Dubai, you can visit our best furniture shops in the UAE. We offer the most exclusive design options for custom-made tables.

Yes, most manufacturers allow a period of around 1 year for warranty claims in case of any structural damage to the customized tables.

Well, it’s not a common practice, especially for customized tables. However, some manufacturers follow a period of 30 days return policy.

Building a custom table may cost you anywhere from AED 300 to AED 10,000, depending on your requirements in terms of dimensions and accessories.

Remove the hardware from the table, perform sanding, clean the table, and paint a coat of primer on the table. Then, you can apply another paint coat for a glossy finish after 2 hours.

Let the wax cool down, scrape the wax, heat the wax area, and again scrape the surface. Then, apply a mixture of vinegar and warm water to completely remove the wax marks.