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Customized Wardrobe Cabinet To Fitout Your Space

Wardrobe closets are an excellent approach to adding closet space to a bedroom. Without any requirement for renovations, permits, or drywall construction, adding a wardrobe closet is a reasonably simple and uncomplicated way to enhance space for hanging garments, folded items, footwear, and even drawer storage.

A custom wardrobe cabinet in Dubai is something you will have a desire to add to your bedroom. We build custom wardrobe cabinets same as we solid wooden tables that are tailored to your preferences.

Select Your Design

Customize The Storage

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Design Your Dream Closet With Wardrobe Cabinet 

You might be willing to buy a cupboard for your bedroom and probably thinking of heading to the market to seek your dream wardrobe cabinet.

But what if we tell you that a custom wardrobe cabinet tailored to your space requirement and preferences can be yours at a very affordable price? Sounds intriguing, right?

Having a custom wardrobe cabinet comes with its perks. You can choose the design, wood type, dimensions, and accessories of your new wardrobe cabinet for the bedroom as per your needs and requirements.

Plush Furniture Furniture Showroom provide you with high quality and affordable alternative to the ready-made wardrobe cabinets.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Cabinet

Our Wooden Wardrobe Cabinet Has Many Advantages

Your apartment ought to be a personalized haven, somewhere you can unwind and feel fulfilled. Nevertheless, too much congestion might make you feel worried or uneasy.

If you’re having trouble staying organized and keeping your bedroom in order, custom wardrobe cabinets are a wise investment. We at Plush Furniture offer plenty of wardrobe cupboard designs to choose from. These are some of the benefits of our custom wooden wardrobe cabinets.

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Sliding Door Wardrobe Cabinet

Maximize Space

It’s difficult to find cabinet options that complement with your space. Plush Furniture considers the arrangement of your area when designing custom cabinets that maximize space. With our premium quality wooden cabinets, you will find yourself in a bedroom designed by you.


Our premium-quality wooden wardrobe cabinet is treated to repel termites and moisture. They will neither twist nor swell in the monsoons, extending their lifespan even more.

A wooden wardrobe cabinet from Plush Furniture is a good investment due to its durability. We guarantee the durability of our wooden wardrobe cabinets.

Easy Maintenance

Bedroom wardrobes are pretty uncomplicated to maintain and clean. Wooden cabinet closets can be maintained clean and sanitary with a dry towel. Frequently dust your wardrobe cabinet and clean it with a non-abrasive solution. Easy maintenance of wooden wardrobe cabinets from Plush Furniture makes them desirable and worth an investment.


We offers versatility in color, texture, design, and price for exquisite wooden cabinets. Whether you are looking for small bedroom cupboard designs or traditional, Plush Furniture is your ultimate destination for vintage wooden cabinets. Communicate with us your preferences, and Plush Furniture will take care of the rest!

Fitted Wardrobe Cabinets
Golden oak Cabinets


Exquisite and Eco-Friendly

Wooden wardrobe cabinets instantly convert the place they inhabit into a bright and welcoming corner.

Wardrobe closets improve the overall appearance of the space while also making it more organized by neatly storing all of your possessions.

Wooden wardrobe cabinets are not only stylish, but they are also environmentally sustainable, making them an excellent alternative for environmentally aware individuals.

Single Door Cupboard

Single-door closets are perfect for compact bedrooms in Dubai because these closets are tall and thin, taking up little floor space. In case you just wish to hang one piece, a single-door cupboard is a great alternative, but not suitable for individuals who prefer sharing!

Kitchen Cupboard Design

The kitchen is the one place you want to customize. And what is more pleasing than customizing the closets that catch your glance every time you enter your kitchen. Having kitchen cupboard design that complements your kitchen flooring material sounds haven, and we are experts there!

Kitchen Cupboard Design
2 Door Cupboard

2 Door Cupboard

A dual-door cupboard is the most widely installed cupboard alternative because it can be employed in both compact and expansive spaces without being intrusive.

Two-door cupboards come with a variety of internal fitting possibilities, including a mixture of hanging surface and shelving or a complete twin hanging space.

3 Door Cupboard

A triple cupboard is a terrific option if you’ve got a lot of items to store in a single place. Because a 3 Door Cupboard has a larger footprint, it’s important to consider whether the space in the area is large enough to accommodate one while still not being too intrusive.

4 Door Cupboard

If you require extra space for your items that wouldn’t fit inside your 3 Door Cupboard, a 4 Door Cupboard is the way to go. A 4 Door Cupboard will offer sufficient space for your belongings while occupying considerable space.

Sliding Door Cupboard

The convenience of sliding doors is unmatched, and we know that you will love a sliding door cupboard to occupy your space. Having a sliding door cupboard not only offers convenience but also extra space-saving with the option of eliminating doors that open to make you feel uncomfortable!

4 Door Cupboard

Choose Modern & Contemporary Cabinet Style

Browse our gallery and choose from modern to vintage & small to extra large style.

Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets

Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets

Sliding Door Cupboard

Sliding Door Cupboard

Single Door Cupboard

Single Door Cupboard

Kitchen Wooden Cupboard

Kitchen Wooden Cupboard

3 Door Cupboard Design

3 Door Cupboard Design

Wooden Wardrobe Cabinets

Wooden Wardrobe Cabinets

We Are The Best Custom Wardrobe Manufacturers & Suppliers

Plush Furniture has earned a reputation in the custom made furniture store in Dubai. Plush Furniture has been trusted and loved by thousands of customers throughout the UAE for customized furniture items. Now we offer exquisite and premium-quality custom wardrobe cabinets in Dubai that will only add to our positive repute and high customer satisfaction.

DIY Custom Wardrobe Cabinet with Plush Furniture

Many homes lack adequate storage. The interiors were either built in an era when everyday wardrobes were small or they did not have enough built-in storage capacity to fulfill the expectations of current households. Plush Furniture can assist you if you have a storage issue. We can construct the kind of stunning, custom wardrobe cabinets in Dubai that anyone would be delighted to exhibit out in the clear using locks, glass panel additions, and shelves.

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3 Door Cupboard

Why Choose Us For Wardrobe Cabinet Dubai

Plush Furniture is undoubtedly the wardrobe manufacturer and supplier in Dubai, as being said by our customers. We offers eye-catching custom-made furniture that can enhance the elegance of your interior.

Our skilled designers have created a variety of closet solutions that meet today’s households’ storage requirements.

Our customers have pride on our services and product quality, and we are constantly thriving toward excellence. Choose Plush Furniture, and we will take care of your needs for customized wardrobe cabinets.

Wardrobe Cabinet FAQs

The traditional type of doors that are also most commonly used in the wardrobe are swinging doors. Besides, there are bi-fold, by-pass, pocket, french, and many other options

If you are placing an order for a custom wardrobe cabinet, then you can take the benefit of personalizing your wardrobe cabinet size and design

You can enjoy the benefit of additional hanging space in the wardrobe by applying cloth organizing techniques to save some space.

The total number of shelves depends on the wardrobe measurements. However, there are 12-15 inches of space between consecutive shelving compartments.

Yes, almost all furniture manufacturers offer a warranty for wardrobe cabinets. However, the time span varies between 7-15 years accordingly.

Yes, you can get your wardrobe cabinet customized according to the space requirements for an ideal fitting and extra storage.

Most probably, you will not be able to return your wardrobe cabinet once purchased. However, some furniture manufacturers will allow for an exchange or replacement.

To buy the best quality yet affordable wardrobe customized cabinets in Dubai, you should visit our best furniture shops in the UAE. We offer wardrobe cabinets in a variety of amazing options.

Install all the necessary wardrobe hardware and touch up the TV cabinet for delightful yet practical wardrobe conversions.

Use and cut the plywood sheets to build the wardrobe frame/structure. Add dividers and construct the drawers. Perform sanding and give a finishing touch by painting the closet. Now, you can easily install hardware and make the wardrobe functionally beneficial.