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Latest designs and most attractive doors are advised for use in a variety of domestic and light commercial applications, including apartment buildings, hospitals, institutions, safe rooms, data centers, server rooms, and other similar locations. We are offering solid wooden doors for our customers across Dubai now.

The beauty of your surroundings is enhanced by PlushFurniture because of its wide range of wooden doors in Dubai. In the creation of remarkable high-quality bespoke doors, we give exceptional workmanship and design while using the best woods.

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Get Custom Wooden Doors At an Affordable Price

We are sharing custom wooden doors and their specific designs for our customers all over at very affordable prices. Models with varied design aspects are displayed on our wooden door website. Interior doors are classed as follows, depending on the sort of opening:
These models fold down to fit on tracks along the wall and take up no room in front of or behind the hole.
The pendulum models demand a lot of open areas because the walls of these structures plow in both directions.
Plowed ground
These classic constructions are made up of one or two canvases that rotate around in a semi-circle. As a result, free space is necessary for the swinging items to operate comfortably on the side where the doors open.

We Manufacture All Kinds Of Wooden Doors

Interior doors and all the stylish layouts for them are available on our website and may be classified into numerous varieties based on the manufacturing material.

  • PVC coating, plain or patterned
  • Natural wood construction.
  • Natural veneers of premium woods.
  • Decoratively treated or untreated glass
  • Nests.


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Noteworthy Features Of Wooden Doors Dubai 

You won’t regret making an offer for our wooden doors in Dubai. We are the best wooden doors supplier in Dubai that offers a variety of features in wooden doors.

  • Solid hardwood frame facing solid-core door shutter.
  • Strong hardwood door shutter door with solid wooden frame.
  • Hollow Solid-core door shutter with HPL-laminate or MDF-veneer faces in a solid hardwood frame.

Depending on their position in a structure and the fire threat connected with the building, our doors operate as a barrier for anything to enter inside.

No.1 Wooden Door Suppliers In UAE 

We are big believers in establishing market leadership ahead of the competitors. This may be ensured by maintaining consistent and careful attention on industry trends and developments.

We guarantee to stay viable in our respective businesses and will lead to global markets.

Our services include in-house designing, engraving, routing, and installing the best quality wooden doors in Dubai for you. You will get the best wooden door price in UAE from Plush Furniture once you shop for your favorite products here.

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Customized Door Accessories

Door, door frame, seal, ornamental accessories, wooden closets designs and hardware accessories are all provided here. Noise levels are certified in the factory for all types of conventional and non-standard soundproof doors. We have excelled in the creation of the best doors for you. Our team provides a vast selection of door styles available for purchase and delivery across the UAE. Our doors are as traditional as they have always been. You just need to make the right pick.

Now Customize Your Lumber Doors

The customers have the right to choose the door of their choice. After all, they are choosing a business wood door company that offers a unique combination of high-quality doors, extensive design, rapid turnaround, and attentive customer support. After you’ve found the ideal internal wood doors, fire-rated wooden doors, or exterior wooden doors, you might appreciate PlushFurniture level of detail and sound advice the most.

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We provide various forms of wooden construction and follow a simple approach to assure client happiness and product quality.

  • Request a Free Project Estimate

We examine your project needs and provide you with a free proposal.

  • Send us your project specifications.

Please send us your project specifications by email or phone.

  • Installation & Quick Delivery

We will prepare items in our own facility, which is equipped with contemporary machinery. Quickly deliver and install to your site.

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Hand-Crafted Doors – FAQs

The warmer air in the summer months is the cause of more environmental humidity and increased moisture levels. This leads to wooden doors expanding or swelling up to an insignificant extent.

You can apply wood glue to fill the crack and clamp that region firmly. Then remove the excess glue oozing out of the crack. Leave the door as it is overnight so that wood glue can work effectively.

You can apply polyester resin to fill the area and wait for it to hold its place. Then, perform the sanding process for smoothening the wooden door gouge and touch up that area.

Yes, sandblasting can be done for wood doors. It’s the sandpapering procedure that imparts a vintage appearance to the wooden doors and desired finishing.

Yes, composite wood doors can be painted but you can’t use regular latex paint materials for this purpose. The best option is to use oil-based enamels for touching up composite wood doors.

It is not a rule of thumb to manufacture doors using only wood, however, the primary reason for doing so is because wood is all-natural aesthetics, exceptionally malleable, and an easy-to-work-with option.

It mostly occurs with old wooden doors due to high humidity and rise in temperature.

The wooden door swelling in winter is due to excessive moisture absorption and evaporation.

To buy the best quality customized wooden doors at affordable prices in Dubai, you can visit our furniture shops in the UAE.

A wooden door can have different prices based on the type of wood and its weight. This might cost anything between AED750 and AED10,000 for different types of doors. This cost will be determined by your unique choices.