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If you want to decore your interior more beautifully, you should come with our highest quality upholstery fabric Dubai at Plush Furniture.

A good quality fabric that endures for a long time is essential for interior décor, specifically curtains and upholstery for homes and offices.

With decades of experience providing different types of fabrics, Plush Furniture has been recognized as one of the most trusted upholstery fabric suppliers in the UAE for decades.

With a wide variety of furniture upholstery fabrics and materials in Dubai that last a long time, you can be assured of the finest quality and natural materials.

Best upholstery fabric in Dubai
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Discover The Types Of Best Upholstery Fabrics To Get An Aesthetic Feel For Sofa

With our bespoke & modern upholstery fabrics, you can give your sofa and bed a brand-new look. Upholstery is the best way to remodel your old sofa, bed, or furniture.

Let us give new life to your old furniture with our upholstery fabrics Dubai services, so don’t waste it

Bring an eye-catching and unique touch with different types of upholstery fabric. Let’s have a look at the types:

Leather Fabric: 

Adding leather upholstery fabric to sofas and chairs will make them look more stylish and durable. Aside from being easy to clean, this material is also easy to wash. Leather is the first fabric choice for chair and sofa upholstery.

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Velvet Upholstery Fabric

It’s just so wonderful to touch velvet! You can’t resist running your fingers up and down this rich fabric. The softness of velvet makes luxury sofas, bed headboards, and furniture inviting and cozy, the perfect fabric for chair upholstery.

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Polyester Upholstery Fabric

It is ideal for indoor and outdoor furniture upholstery due to its water-repellent properties, imperviousness to discoloration, and enduring durability. Polyester is an ideal sofa fabric for families with children and pets due to its long-term durability.


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Plush Furniture offers Upholstery Fabric in a wide range of colors and styles. Choose your favorite and get a quotation from our installation team.

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Give An Exceptional Look To Your Funiture With Our Premium Upholstery Fabric Collection

To give your old and weary sofa or other furnishing items a more elegant and durable look, you can choose from an array of fabric options offered by our Sofa Upholstery Services in Dubai.

Rather than replacing your beloved piece of furniture, think about renewing and repairing it with upholstery fabric Dubai materials. Our store offers a wide range of designs for the finest upholstery fabrics from reputable suppliers.

We are also the best upholstery fabric supplier in Dubai, offering you a wide range of outstanding colors, textures, and patterns for reupholstering furniture, resulting in a stunning final result.

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Entice Up Your Sofa With Highest Quality Sofa Fabric At A Very Reasonable Price

In large part, our upholstery Dubai fabric is the most popular today for upholstering premium furniture pieces such as sofas and chairs because of its long-lasting quality, reliability, and attractive appearance.

You can cover all your uncomfortable furniture with the highest quality Sofa upholstery fabric in Dubai. Your furniture will be transformed into an object of awe with our finest quality, 100% natural fabric materials. A significant advantage of our fabric is that the price is very affordable in Dubai.

The upholstery fabric gives your old sofas a brand-new look, apart from providing comfort and a budget-friendly price. The fabric of the highest quality is used to make our upholstery fabric, which lasts a long time and gives a stunning appearance.

Give Your Furniture and Sofa New Look With Best Supplier Of Upholstery Fabric Dubai

As one of Dubai’s top suppliers of sofa upholstery fabric supplier, we have maintained a 100% customer satisfaction record for many years. Our furnishing items are used in the interior design of several high-end hotels and restaurants in the UAE. Our professional team’s specialty is to manufacture trendy and luxurious items in various colors and styles that can complement any interior design scheme.

We offer Upholstery fabric for Sofas, and custom orders are welcome. We will manufacture your sofa fabric according to your specifications, including colors, styles, materials, and sizes. No worries about upholstery fabric getting damaged after many years of use.

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Why Choose Us For Upholstery Fabric in Dubai

Being the best supplier of upholstery fabrics Dubai, we build strong relationships with our customers by providing them with the finest quality and most durable Dubai fabrics.

We at Plush Furniture Dubai invite you to choose from various fabric materials for your upholstery, including cotton, linen, acrylic, leather, and many others.

Providing bespoke quality fabric and materials at competitive market prices is the key to our successful reupholstery services. Our professional manufacturing team in unique and trendy designs and sofa upholstery fabrics in Dubai.

You can choose the latest upholstery fabric & material Dubai according to your needs & requirements. We also offer outdoor upholstery fabric services, so if you want outdoor upholstery fabric, please reach out to us. No matter where you live, we will deliver our upholstery fabrics Dubai free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The best upholstery fabric for sofas is 100% cotton. Among the most durable fabrics, cotton is easy to launder. As well as providing an amazing look to the upholstery, it also provides a great feel.

There is no doubt that leather is the most durable fabric for upholstery. Using leather in high-traffic areas while looking comfortable is a great idea. Those with pets or animals should also consider leather

A few fabrics that are both durable and easy to clean are polyester, leather, nylon, and acrylic these fabrics are very easy to clean

Materials that do not absorb too much heat can be used to make couches. A variety of materials fall into this category, including cotton and polyester. When humidity is high, wool textiles can be scratchy and retain heat.