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Get rid of hard and messy floors that even injure your feet. If you want to be a safe and soft touch for your step, then don’t go anywhere! With our best flooring Dubai products, now grow your step more creatively. Our Flooring Dubai shop is for you to give you a standard to live in a home.

You can enhance the safety and reliability of your environment using these flooring tiles. Besides keeping your floor fresh and smooth, it also enhances the appearance of your home. Any interior design is incomplete without flooring, which plays a key role in the look, feel, and atmosphere of a room.

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Variety of Floorings Made For You Are Available In Our Flooring Dubai Shop

Being the renowned Flooring suppliers in Dubai we offer a wide variety of high-quality flooring products from market-leading manufacturers at affordable prices – allowing you to choose the flooring that is right for you without going over budget.

Being the renowned Flooring suppliers in Dubai we offer a wide variety of high-quality flooring products from market-leading manufacturers at affordable prices – allowing you to choose the flooring that is right for you without going over budget.

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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring continues to be a popular option because of its variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Their strength and ability to handle heavy traffic, combined with their water- and stain resistance, make them an extremely popular flooring option. As well as being less expensive and relatively simple to install, they are also relatively easy to manage and maintain.

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Rubber Flooring

Because of its exceptional versatility and durability, rubber flooring has become increasingly popular among homeowners in recent years. Gyms and hospitals are commonly thought to use rubber flooring. A stylish interior décor option that withstands heavy traffic, rubber flooring has gained popularity over the years.

Wooden Flooring

Inlay wood medallions are an integral part of our commitment to providing innovative wood flooring products. In addition to traditional European styles, we offer contemporary wood floor designs as well. In order to create distinctive floors and accessories, our wood flooring combines a variety of elements, including wood, marble, and metal.

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Laminate Flooring

Being the popular laminate flooring service provider in Dubai, you can choose us to install your laminate flooring as we prefer quality over quantity. We offer composite flooring, Aqua laminate flooring, and laminate flooring made of SPC.

You can go with your first glimpse! We deliver all kinds of flooring from flooring suppliers in Dubai 


Be The Grabber With Quality Floorings Dubai Hurry!

Is it really your goal to make your home as luxurious as you think it should be? We have popular flooring products now, so come and check them out! Your standard is high.

The foundation of our business is quality:

With more than a decade of experience outfitting professional stages and studios, has made dance accessories stronger, safer, and smarter.

The Moment Calls For:

We make our Dubai flooring using ultra-resilient polypropylene and topped with printed vinyl so it will fit your style, keep up with your performance, and last for years and years to come.


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Make Your Place As You Want To See With Amazing Flooring Dubai Products

Have you thought about updating your place so that it stands out from the rest? We being the Flooring Dubai suppliers are at your disposal when you need them.

Choose your favorite flooring from Dubai

Take advantage of our flooring Dubai service to transform your floor for a low cost and with no hassle. Our flooring tiles are perfect for covering any room in your home. It is unnecessary to use messy adhesives and glue.

Be Inspiration For Your Improvement:

It’s impossible to imagine a dance studio without a tap floor engineered to perform at its very best. With our floor tiles, you can easily install and glide across them, making them suitable for almost any type of dance.

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This lightweight tap board features a 3/8″ profile, which you can assemble and disassemble in minutes for easy transport.

Bedroom Vinyl Flooring
Click Vinyl Flooring Installation
Herringbone SPC Flooring


Flooring Dubai Spread The Beauty All Around In A Quick Way!

Can you imagine what your room would look like if you could redesign it completely for the cost of nothing?

You won’t find a better collection of vinyl floor tiles than flooring Dubai suppliers!

Using our flooring is possible in every room in your home, including the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom, the bathroom, the foyer, and the basement. Adhesives and glues are unnecessary.

To show off your lovely new living room to your friends and neighbors, just peel and stick the tiles onto a dry and flat surface.


Choose Your Style

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Grey Spc flooring

Grey Spc flooring

Kitchen Laminate Flooring

Kitchen Laminate Flooring

Vinyl Plank Herringbone Flooring

Vinyl Plank Herringbone Flooring

Oak Wood Herringbone Flooring

Oak Wood Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone Pattern Flooring

Herringbone Pattern Flooring

Solid Wooden Flooring

Solid Wooden Flooring

Get Flooring Tiles With Multipurpose Floors And Use Effectively

Regardless of what kind of task you have at home, you’re always prepared. Your home will be more effectively protected if you choose flooring Dubai.

Flooring For Home Gyms:

Suitable for many weather and weather, impact-resistant, non-porous, and waterproof. Exercise machines and weight machines can be placed on dense rubber flooring. Mats and tiles made of this material won’t dent, puncture, tear, or pull apart like foam mats and tiles made of EVA.

Floors With Multipurpose:

The mudroom and utility room floors can be protected, as well as the laundry room and craft room. You will not have to worry about the tiles fading or cracking because they are UV resistant. You don’t need adhesive glues or tapes

Areas Covered Include:

Using each pack of tiles, you will create a protective floor covering of 18 square feet. If you want a solid color floor, you can buy one pack. If you want a checkered floor, you can buy both colors. Because the tiles are not permanent, they can be readjusted and repositioned anywhere.

Our Company Has Many Reasons For You To Choose Us. Let’s Grow Together!

We will be glad to assist you in creating a mixture that is tailored to your project. Become a designer that takes your creativity to a whole new level!

In the UAE, Plush Furniture offers the best rubber tile flooring with many years of experience.

Our complete installation tools will fit any flooring you invest in Dubai, which will cause a cost-effective return on investment.

A significant part of our installation process is providing convenience and speed for our customers.

Living Room Vinyl Plank Flooring

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The floor is glued to it, so it won’t fall down, this feature makes our flooring product water resistant. But for anything that isn’t glued down, my dog can chew through it.

Because it is pretty thin, you can probably put it over a smooth surface. Despite its sticky nature, you might remove it.

No, I would say. It’s great, but it’s not waterproof due to the adhesive they use.

We provide glueless flooring products too that don’t need any adhesive material. They have tongue and groove structures to lock in.