Concrete Floor Polishing

Choose Best Polished Concrete Floor Colours

Decorative Polished Concrete Floor Texture 

Transforms your ordinary concrete floor, whether it is new or old, into a decorative, attractive surface which is very similar to marble & terrazzo floor

Stunning Concrete Floor Polishing

Stunning Concrete Floor Polishing

Luxury Concrete Floor Polishing

Luxury Concrete Floor Polishing

Home Concrete Floor Polishing

Home Concrete Floor Polishing

First Class Concrete Floor Polishing

First Class Concrete Floor Polishing

Elegant Concrete Floor Polishing

Elegant Concrete Floor Polishing

Perfect Concrete Floor Polishing

Perfect Concrete Floor Polishing

Get Amazing Features Of Polished Concrete Flooring:

You will find an amazing feature o polished concrete flooring for to make your flooring high quality and more eye-catching:

More Durable:

The durability and resistance of concrete floors make them ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic as well as heavy machinery. There are few chances of it being damaged, scratched, or chipped.

Easy Maintenance:

The maintenance required to keep concrete floors in good condition is minimal. You can easily fix any imperfections by mopping, waxing, or sealing them every few months.


You can save time and money by having concrete floors installed instead of carpeting or hardwood floors. You can expect to pay less than a square foot for polished concrete, depending on its complexity.

Cream Polish Concrete:

An organic, variegated, or marble-like appearance will be created by the polishing of the concrete pour’s surface. The natural variations created by the concrete pour will remain visible. Residential construction is most commonly installed with this type of polished concrete out of all the types.

Quality Light Grey Polished Concrete Floor

Are you getting rid of messy, non-shiny flooring? You’d better get off of it and transform your worst concrete floor into a glossy, attractive one with our best concrete floor polishing services. This is the perfect match for your flooring.

In conjunction with new concrete technologies, we have developed high-performance Polished Concrete for transforming an extensive array of finished surfaces into smooth, highly-resistant, and stunning glossy surfaces.

As well as providing improved water resistance and surface strength, our product also provides a sleek, easy-to-maintain look and feel to an old floor, making it a perfect fit for both commercial and residential applications.

Best Concrete Floor Polishing
Best Concrete Flooring Polish

Seamless Texture Polished Concrete Garage Floor Style

There is nothing more luxurious than polished concrete floors. Luxury home construction has become increasingly reliant for eco-friendly flooring solutions over the past decade. It is one of the main appeals of polished concrete floors that they can achieve a wide range of finishes.

It is common for architects and designers to specify many aspects of concrete floors when building new homes, from the mix of concrete to the troweling to the grinding, finishing, and polishing after the slab is cured.

We will take three main polishing colors for your ever-best concrete floor polishing. Let’s discuss one by one.

Classic Concrete Floor Polishing

Salt And Paper Residential Polishing for Concrete Floor:

An aggregate-bearing concrete floor, also known as salt and pepper, has the surface of the concrete lightly ground, exposing the smallest aggregates. This finish is extremely common in commercial and industrial construction, although it is most commonly used in new residential construction.

It is common to specify salt and pepper finishes instead of cream-polished concrete when remodeling a residential home. It is common for salt-and-pepper finishes to be specified in luxury residential construction because they are viewed as a higher-end or more luxurious quality.

A salt and paper concrete floor has these pros:

Concrete that is slightly more durable than cream-polished concrete can be used in renovations as well as in the construction of new structures.

Aggregate exposed polish concrete:

  • An appearance that is highly desirable
  • Durable to an extreme degree
  • A good choice for high-gloss polishing
  • Suitable for renovations and new construction
  • The polishing of high-gloss surfaces is well suited to it
  • An appearance that is both natural and modern
  • Installing at the lowest price
  • Gray in color most of the time
  • A fast installation process
Commercial Concrete Floor Polishing

Use the polished concrete flooring to renovate your place:

By converting your tired old flooring into concrete flooring, you can create an immaculate and durable flow throughout your home with the least amount of time and effort. Many, plush furniture has built a reputation for excellence in producing “Premium Diamond Polished Concrete Floors” which are among the highest in the world.

The combined abilities of highly qualified staff and innovative technology make it possible for us to produce flooring that exceeds the performance of the older polyurethane coating systems, and when it comes to renovations, you need to hire a service you can trust. Your flooring will be transformed with elegance when you work with us.

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Measuring & Installation

Go With Four Levels Of Concrete Flooring Polishing

Level 1: 

On concrete floors, polishing can be done at four different levels. In order to create a unique finish for your space, you can choose from a matte to a glass-like finish based on your customers’ preferences.

Level 2: 

It has a satin finish that creates a low-sheen finish that does not reflect much light when viewed properly.

Level 3: 

In level 3, your floors will be semi-polished, which will reflect overhead lighting and make your room look more spacious.

Level 4:

In the final level, the surface becomes highly polished, producing a clear, reflective surface.

Concrete Floor Polishing
Top Quality Concrete Floor Polishing

Grow With Us By Floor Concrete Polishing:

Concrete polishing is one of the services we offer at plush furniture. Since we have many years of experience doing the best quality concrete flooring, you can be sure that your flooring will look great and you will be satisfied with the really good appearance of your space.

With many years of experience in the flooring business, Plush Furniture is always striving to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly flooring solutions to Residential and Commercial buildings.

The shine of our concrete polishing changes the look of your floor rather than the dullness of your carpets or laminate floors. You can also enhance the natural and artificial light that enters your home by installing one.


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In addition to its shock resistance, terrazzo is also extremely durable. A concrete slab can even be laid with underlayments. In addition to being shock-resistant, terrazzo is also very durable, as a result of anti-crack membranes.

Ensure that Terrazzo flooring is sealed and grouted properly as the first step to maintaining it. You don’t need to worry about maintaining this flooring as long as you keep it clean and don’t use harsh chemicals.

A Terrazzo Floor will generally last between 10 and 75 years, depending on how well it is maintained. This is definitely a beneficial investment for the rest of your life, but only if you consider taking appropriate care of it.

Terrazzo Flooring Dubai offers the first-class benefits of flawless durability and heavy-duty performance. In addition, there are countless design possibilities, as well as a wide range of color palettes to select form.