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Are you considering laying a warm and comfy floor that is both sturdy and child-safe? Cork flooring is the greatest option for flooring inside your home. We provide high-quality cork floors with exceptional features. Cork is offered in a number of colors, including the staging layer at Plush Furniture. That stains are very lovely and improve the aesthetic of any space.

Cork Floor Tiles in Dubai offer qualities such as being water-resistant, crush-resistant, and having a stunning aesthetic aspect that serves to generate a contemporary look and traditional environment. It offers a sustainable and renewable flooring option that you may employ throughout your areas using beautiful wood chopped down from old-growth forests.

Elegant Cork Flooring Dubai 2024

We all want to live in a home with beautiful décor and elegant flooring. However, we desire to commit to a one-time purchase that will last for a long time regarding floors. Cork Tiles are prominent flooring choice that Plush Furniture offer, the leading supplier of quality flooring in Dubai.

Our cork vinyl flooring is highly popular since it is recyclable and eco-friendly, and it contains a lot of linseed oil, cork powder, hardwood powder, and other elements. Since we utilize only the highest quality raw materials in the formulation and production, our whole line of cork tiles is ideal in terms of soundproofing and shock resistance.

Cork is offered in a range of colors, patterns, styles, and designs. This flooring offers some safety in the event that somebody trips and falls. This makes cork flooring an excellent choice for living rooms as well as for older people who are prone to tripping.

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Cork Vinyl Flooring Dubai’s stylish popularity has contributed to its installation in practically every room of Dubai’s homes. Our cork floor will more than surpass your hopes because it has minimal thermal conduction and does not lose or retain heat, keeping your house secure from extreme cold and inconvenience when walking barefoot.

Plush Furniture is the leading provider of Vinyl Flooring in Dubai if you are searching for Cork Flooring near me. We at Plush Furniture are the top cork flooring supplier because we offer high-quality flooring at extremely affordable market prices.

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Sustainable Cork Flooring

Sustainable Cork Flooring

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Elegant Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring Dubai

Cork Flooring Dubai

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  • Sustainable

Cork flooring is made from the wood of the cork tree. The historical custom of only collecting the bark once every 9 years guarantees that the woods are not affected and can flourish for centuries. On the other hand, cork flooring is derived from a sustainable and eco-friendly source that absorbs a significant quantity of carbon dioxide. Although other trees must be cut to make wood flooring, a cork tree thrives and recirculates carbon from the environment at the highest rates.

  • Durable

Cork flooring is actually extremely durable and will survive for years if properly cared for. Cork is typically made up of millions of small air pockets in every sq. foot. Cork flooring can withstand considerable foot activity because of these gaps. Unlike conventional hardwood floors, cork flooring has considerable elasticity, enabling it to indent and gradually return to its former shape.

  • Provide Insulation

Cork flooring’s cellular structure also renders it an excellent insulator. The little air pockets act as insulation against changes in temperature. Cork flooring provides an R-Value of 3.0/inches.

Cork has 3 times the insulating value of tiles and more than twice the insulation value of pinewood and some types of carpeting. The stepping area of cork flooring will preserve a warm feeling in the wintertime and cool in the summertime. Cork’s 30-40 million cells for each cubic cm will assist in insulating your area from those loud downstairs tenants.

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  • Water-Resistant

Cork has an inherently water-resistant compound known as suberin. The suberin (impenetrable viscous compound) in cork vinyl flooring is a wax-like compound that resists water and provides excellent protection against bug infestation.

  • Versatile

Cork flooring may be laid atop a variety of subfloors, including hardwood, concrete slabs, and tiles. Cork flooring is simple to install as far as your flooring is flat and clean. While installing cork, the expensive operation of breaking up existing tile or hardwood floors is often avoided.

Another perk of cork tiles is you can use them as your kitchen flooring because of their anti-fatigue nature.


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Enjoy The Most Amazing Perks Of Cork Flooring

Due to all of its incredibly appealing qualities and attributes, Cork Flooring is growing in popularity. There are many various types and designs of flooring, each with unique practical and aesthetic qualities. Therefore, if you intend to install Cork Flooring in your home, we also give information on its perks. These perks include the following:

We Offer Soft And Comfortable White Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring from Plush Furniture is ideal for areas that require smooth walking outdoors. These tiles give a feeling of rubber floors that’s why it’s used for playgrounds. It offers a pleasant floor to walk on in business sectors such as offices, banks, clinics, and industries.

Cork flooring is also the most pleasant and elegant option for home settings. Because of its natural environment, cork flooring is alternatively known as green flooring. Cork flooring is completely natural since it is made from a cork oak tree. Cork Flooring Dubai comes in a range of shades, designs, and styles that will complement or fit any type of décor.

Cork Flooring is the most durable flooring and is not susceptible to scrapes and marks. Cork flooring is eco-friendly and is regarded to be the most recyclable flooring. These floorings enhance the inherent elegance of the rooms making the ambiance friendly and enjoyable.

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Our Cork Flooring Is Available In Versatile Nature

The traditional cork flooring offers a natural and calm appearance that complements family rooms with relaxed or casual settings. However, using cutting-edge manufacturing processes, we at Plush Furniture can create cork flooring in Dubai that looks like timber, marble, or even cement thanks to our vinyl sheet flooring. This cork flooring may be employed in a variety of interior home and business settings.

They have the ability to rapidly enhance the sights of your workplaces and other business structures. In terms of structural alternatives, Cork sheeting, boards, and tiling are all diverse. These varieties differ in terms of installation methods and are generally offered in engineer and solid variants.

Our Cork Floor also comes in a variety of different design possibilities, including dark brown colors and various lighter and medium-colored variants. You may design a whole new décor by selecting certain colors that complement your current décor.


We Are The Best Supplier & Installer Of Cork Flooring

Plush Furniture supplies and installs this trendy cork flooring using high-quality cork derived from the trunk of the cork oak tree. Our company creates one-of-a-kind cork flooring goods out of this biodegradable and renewable cork that is also ecologically beneficial. Cork flooring solutions are distinguished by their artistry, which includes crushing cork, pressing it, and transforming it into flooring layers linked using sealants. These floorings are created in this manner under the supervision of well-trained specialists.

Plush Furniture provides high-quality flooring selections and treatment at reasonable and cost-effective costs. For its superior quality, efficiency, and low prices, this cork flooring is at the top of our flooring options in Dubai. Our cork flooring installing services are very affordable and offered at your doorstep hassle-free.


Why Choose Us For Buying Cork Flooring Dubai?

Plush Furniture provides the top cork flooring Dubai choice for its clients while considering your location and budget. Our expert team members at Plush Furniture meet your needs and give you the ideal flooring solutions available. They will effectively assist you after inspecting your space and decor for a better outcome and a wonderful seeming location. So contact Plush Furniture right now and purchase with confidence.

We endeavor to supply you with high-quality services at reasonable costs so that you may take advantage of our stunning cork flooring in Dubai. Our cork flooring has an appealing look and is highly durable and robust. Get in touch with Plush Furniture via our internet website or give us a call at the 24/7 available number and describe your needs. That’s all. After that, you’ll receive cost-free quotes from Plush Furniture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cork is naturally water-resistant due to the natural wax. However, dampness that penetrates into the joints between the slabs can be absorbed by the high-density fiberboard (HDF) covering that commonly tightens drifting floorboards and provides its click-and-lock attaching mechanism.

Cork flooring is a sustainable, recyclable substance that is simple to install using common household equipment. It’s also visually appealing, quiet underfoot, and simple to maintain. It works well in living areas, workplaces, as well as the kitchen.

The criteria for kitchen flooring include sustainability, durability, water resistance, and scratch resistance. Cork flooring has all of these characteristics, making it an excellent alternative for kitchen flooring.

Cork flooring is soft and nice to tread on while still being sturdy and easy to maintain. This material may be utilized across the home and especially on the stairs in place of carpeting or hardwoods.