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Floors are an important component of our daily lives since they increase productivity and security.

Because concrete floor shells are porous, they are vulnerable to water, scratches, and chemicals.

Having Epoxy floors in your residence can be great for you if you are living in Dubai.

Epoxy floor coating by PlushFurniture service Dubai improves the appearance, hardens the surface, and increases the floor’s resilience. Get your Epoxy flooring services in Dubai from the flooring Dubai shop.


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We can provide you with the greatest and most long-lasting flooring. Despite the fact that vinyl plank flooring is now fashionable, the value of epoxy flooring in Dubai cannot be overstated.

Epoxy floor coating manufacturers are restricted to Dubai; however, if you want the best epoxy floor coating for your home, PlushFurniture will be the ideal option for you.

For your homes, workplaces, hospitals, restaurants, industrial spaces, and parking lots, epoxy flooring is in abundance.

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Residentail Epoxy Flooring

Residentail Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

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Epoxy Resin Garage Floor

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy Resin Flooring

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Epoxy Floors for Home

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Resin Coat Epoxy Floor

Commercial 3D epoxy floors

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring Dubai

3D Epoxy Flooring installed in your house completely transforms the appearance of your room offering a unique blend of aesthetics, durability, and cleanliness.

Epoxy flooring is ideal for manufacturing facilities, car parks, factories, warehouses, workshops, restaurants, and server rooms because of its chemical, abrasion, and UV resistance, as well as its low maintenance cost and dust resistance.

They are unlikely to be harmed by heavy traffic in offices and factories. Because it is resistant to paints and stains, 3D epoxy flooring is simple to maintain.

Anti-slip compounds are used in the epoxy-flooring material to make the floor safer for users. Due to its anti-slip compounds epoxy floors are also used as kitchen flooring. Epoxy flooring Dubai has a shiny surface that may brighten up your house or business.

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We Have The Trendiest Varieties Of 3D Epoxy Flooring Dubai.

We provide the greatest ornamental flooring, which is regarded as the ideal coating for a variety of flooring applications. This floor coating is commonly seen on industrial floors, warehouses, outdoor areas floors, and locker rooms where heavy foot activity is a daily occurrence.

Every industrial-grade epoxy coating is made to the precise highest quality, making it suitable for both experienced and amateur applications. Regardless of the type of surface you’re working with, we offer the professional, durable, and ideal options you’re looking for.

The finest feature of this flooring is that it comes in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to match it to your existing decor.

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Get Expert Installation Services From Epoxy Flooring Dubai

We have been at the frontline of flooring technology for the past decade, delivering unique solutions to both the commercial and residential sectors to turn dull floorings into fully usable spaces with aesthetics, security, and cleanliness. We understand that urgent flooring installation in a busy workplace may be a difficult chore since it requires everything to come to a halt and takes days to dry.

As a result, we provide resin flooring with a variety of epoxy floor coatings that dry in a matter of hours. Two coats may often be completed in a single day, saving you time and ensuring a consistent result that can resist the harsh circumstances seen in busy workplaces. We have a diverse solution of epoxy resin floor, which implies we have a solution for any case.

Epoxy Flooring for Residential Use

Epoxy flooring is the most eye-catching and attention-getting flooring solution for the home. Install this flooring in your house and watch your home’s flooring sparkle for years to come.

Epoxy Flooring for the Home

Epoxy floors are a wonderful cutting-edge solution to cover your floors and create a safe, durable, and fascinating flooring alternative for residential spaces in Dubai and the UAE.

Epoxy Flooring for Commercial Use

We produce commercial epoxy floors at a very competitive price on a huge scale. Our industrial epoxy floor coating adds a layer of protection to your floor and increases its longevity.

Garage Epoxy Floor
Living Room Epoxy Floors

Basement Floor Epoxy

Our Epoxy flooring shields your floors from moisture, preventing leaks or spills from penetrating into the subfloor and creating structural damage. The epoxy basement floor cost is also extremely low; enjoy moisture-free flooring for the rest of your life.

Kitchen Floor Epoxy

As previously said, epoxy is a moisture-resistant flooring that protects your floor from water and other leaks. Install our epoxy kitchen flooring to give your kitchen a new lease of life.

Epoxy Hardwood Flooring

Our incredible epoxy flooring offers your floor a real wood appearance. Our epoxy flooring experts provide you natural wood flooring with a conventional and gleaming appearance.

We Offer Best Epoxy Flooring Dubai At Best Rates

Our flooring is of the highest quality among all the vendors on the market. Self-leveling epoxy produces a glossy, smooth metal-looking surface that reflects the light beautifully and has a fascinating play of hues and colors after the correct substrate preparation, mixing, and pouring of the metallic flooring.

Our Epoxy Floor services are top-notch and meet the highest standards. This incredibly appealing and long-lasting flooring has a number of advantages, including slip resistance, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance.

What Material Is Used In Epoxy Flooring Dubai?

Epoxy is a type of coating that consists of epoxy glue and polymer resins. Bisphenol A, Bisphenol F, and Novolac are the three major kinds of epoxy resins used in epoxy floor and wall coatings. These resins and hardening chemicals react with one another, forming a connection that gives the texture a hard plastic-like feel. All three are made up of epichlorohydrin and phenolic reactions, with the amount and kind of phenolic compounds determining the physical and performance attributes.


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Each job we undertake is done with the utmost precision and attention to ensure that your epoxy flooring Dubai looks great and lasts for a long time. We ensure that your flooring will be expertly fitted by the greatest professionals available, who are equipped with a comprehensive range of exceptional capabilities and have demonstrated their worth in our numerous commercial and industrial projects.

Furthermore, by keeping the cost of epoxy flooring low, we can assure that your flooring is installed by professionals with excellent precision and long-term durability.

We are your Epoxy floor makers and installers in Dubai for giving excellent flooring services if you are seeking the top Epoxy floor installer near me. We have a wonderful epoxy flooring service that is the most cost-effective, low-maintenance, and long-lasting solution.

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When you boil it down, epoxy coating costs anything from $3 to $12 per sq ft, with installation costing less than $1 per sq foot. The cost of floor tiles ranges from $3 to $5 per sq foot, with installation fees ranging from $5 to $10 per sq ft.

When purchasing epoxy flooring in volume to span several thousand sq ft, it may be as little as $2.50 per sq ft.

For your hard flooring, epoxy is a highly safe covering. You should consider adding it to your home or residence without any confusion.

Epoxy flooring is reasonably affordable per square foot when compared to several other forms of flooring. The epoxy may be put directly on top of pre-existing concrete, wood, or steel; thus, installation doesn’t require a major overhaul.