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Do you need to enhance the appearance of your place? Well! You’ve come to the right place. Our floor designs are versatile and we provide you with long-lasting gym flooring in Dubai that can handle tremendous pressure. That is why our gym flooring in Dubai is able to resist high traffic.

Because our flooring prevents slippage, you may do any sort of workout without fear of falling. Our exercise flooring mats protect you from any injury and they have anti-fatigue properties to provide foot support throughout a workout.

Contact us right away if you want to install exercise-productive flooring in your home and fitness center.

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Rubber Gym Flooring

Rubber Gym Flooring

Rubber flooring for gym

Rubber flooring for gym

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Interlocking Gym Flooring Tiles

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Home Gym Flooring

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Commercial Gym Flooring

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We provide a diverse selection of home gym flooring in Dubai in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. As a result, you have a variety of design aspects to select from, depending on your needs. Gym flooring, as we all know, must be both comfortable and appealing.

More individuals will work out in the gym if the flooring is attractive. As a result, we have created gym rubber flooring in Dubai that improves the gym’s appearance. You may also use this Dubai gym flooring outside in any location.

100% Perfect Solution for Gym Flooring 

Whether you’re building a gym or starting a fitness club, we’ll show you our top gym flooring alternatives. People all over the world have been too concerned with fitness and health in recent years, and when we talk about being in shape or bodily fitness, the first thing that comes to mind is exercise!

Only by using your muscles in a variety of methods can you achieve your ideal physical fitness. Before you begin your workout, consider your floor since inadequate traction and a lack of impact shock absorption can result in unexpected injuries.

We provide a variety of gym flooring goods that give a safe and healthy environment for working out. Gyms have less ventilation so our vinyl plank flooring can be used for your gym floors and it is also good for high-traffic areas.

15 mm Thick Gym Rubber Flooring

Benefits of Installing Gym Flooring

  • Protects gym equipment.
  • Cushions impact.
  • Enhances gym aesthetics.
  • Provides slip resistance.
  • Reduces noise level
  • Less Noise
  • Durable
  • Injury Protections
  • Floor Protection
  • Eco-friendly and Recyclable
  • Easy Installation &Maintain
  • 10X Increase in exercise productivity
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Anti Fatigue Gym Flooring

Get Secure And Durable Gym Flooring Supplies From Us

Plush Furniture Company offers comprehensive home gym flooring options for sports and fitness facilities, integrating technological, and design features for sports and fitness areas.

We offer exercise floor rubber mats containing 4, 6, or 12 one-by-one-foot synthetic soft foam tiles. And in addition to utilizing it outside, you can use it indoors to make yourself feel great.

Taking your gym equipment outside is a terrific way to enjoy nature from the comfort of your backyard, but it’s also a great opportunity to damage your grass or deck if you don’t use the same kind of protection you do inside.

We offer a magnificent appearance while maintaining high safety and performance for any sports flooring. Many activities that demand a lot of gym area are done daily, necessitating flooring usage.

We Are The #1 Rubber Gym Flooring Supplier & Installer In Dubai

The gym flooring is the key to getting your members fit since it makes the process easier. Our flooring lines are designed exclusively for sports and fitness areas, combining technology and design features.

We offer a magnificent appearance while maintaining a high degree of safety and performance. Rubber training flooring is an excellent choice for home gyms and fitness facilities.

The 15 mm is an excellent underlayment for gym floors. Because the rubber material is fairly durable.

Our polymeric Rubber is available in thicknesses ranging from 6 mm to 1/2 inch. Vinyl sheet & PVC flooring are good options for your gym floors.

Gym Rubber Flooring
Gym Rubber Flooring Dubai

Reason To Work With Us?

For your gym, we provide the highest quality gym flooring. The flooring not only improves the appearance of your home but also offers complete protection.

Our durable outdoor flooring for the gym comes in some styles and can give a comfortable setting even if you are on a tight budget.

We will recommend the best gym flooring mats for your needs and budget.

Our gym flooring in Dubai is gaining popularity since it can be used in any setting.

Our antibacterial exercise flooring isn’t only for the gym; it can also be used in other parts of the office. Schools, offices, exercise spaces, and training areas are just a few examples.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Rubber is the most common gym flooring; thus, it could be the finest choice for a home gym. It may prevent slips and falls while also cushioning impact, making it suitable for high-impact cardio or free weight training. As opposed to foam or hardwood flooring, rubber flooring will not dent, scratch, or gouge.

Generally, it may cost around $750 to $2k easily for gym flooring. The prices may vary based on your needs.

Rubber flooring for homes costs between $1 and $15 per sq ft. The most costly surfaces are poured rubber surfaces, which cost $7 to $15 per sq ft.

The most prevalent surface in a fitness center is rubber flooring. Because these surfaces are primarily created from recycled tires, the color options are limited. Recycled rubber flooring is less expensive than virgin rubber flooring, which comes in a variety of vibrant colors.