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Vinyl Kitchen Flooring is the preferable choice for giving your kitchen floor an attractive appearance. We at Plush Furniture focus on providing premium flooring in Dubai. One of the most cutting-edge and useful solutions to dull kitchens is flooring kitchens. Here, we provide a variety of flooring options, including kitchen vinyl flooring.

We assure complete client happiness. The center area of group activity is indeed the kitchen. Therefore, it should not be surprising that you’ll prefer something durable for your kitchen flooring. Waterproof flooring options are yet another fantastic choice since spills and splashing can lead to floor problems. We at Plush Furniture are your only choice if you want all of these features on one floor.

PlushFurniture Offer #1 Kitchen Flooring Solution

When compared to alternative flooring solutions in Dubai, our kitchen flooring is extremely functional, water-resistant, and prevents kitchen floors from slipping.

If you decide to get it. At Plush Furniture, we offer premium quality, a variety of collections, patterns, and colors for kitchen floors at completely reasonable costs.

To prevent any gaps between sheets while putting more vinyl floor sheets, every sheet on the floor is properly aligned. You may also install vinyl flooring tiles otherwise based on your area and budget.

Laminate Flooring is the specific concept with synthetic material and natural appearance that you would like to use. We assume you now have ample ideas of kitchen flooring Dubai solutions to use in your kitchen.

Herringbone Kitchen Flooring
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Ceramic tile kitchen flooring

Ceramic tile kitchen flooring

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Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

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Kitchen Wood Flooring

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Kitchen Laminate Flooring

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Kitchen Flooring Tiles

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Save 10% For Versatile Kitchen Flooring Installation Services

Our kitchen flooring options don’t stop at three or four flooring alternatives. Based on the preferences of our kitchen flooring customers, we provide over 20 different types of kitchen flooring. Each of our flooring options has a special quality that gives your floors exceptional strength. Our specialists can help you choose the ideal flooring for the kitchen if you’re unclear about the Best Flooring For Kitchen. Just let Plush Furniture know what your kitchen needs are, and we’ll manufacture you some wonderful, specially made kitchen flooring. Our Dubai kitchen flooring will swiftly repair any broken surfaces in your kitchens, giving them an updated look. You may construct a beautiful kitchen floor construction in a single day that may last your entire life. Not just that, Plush Furniture also offers kitchen floor installation services throughout Dubai at very affordable rates.

Herringbone Kitchen Wood Floor

Top 5 Advantages of Kitchen Area Flooring

  • Waterproof

The kitchen flooring option is particularly water-resistant and can be manufactured using waterproof elements. This makes it superior to ceramic and limestone tiles, which may crack and have compromised grout lines if subjected to repeated wet and dry cycles over an extended length of time.

  • Easy to Clean

In case your kid splashes milk over your kitchen floor before you get time to clean it up, just sweep up any solids, like cereal or shattered glass, then rinse the area as necessary to eliminate everything from the floor. After that, clean the floor using a sponge mop and warm water, and detergent or shampoo.

  • Customized Styles

Since kitchen floors are easily moldable into various patterns and dimensions, kitchen flooring solutions can be tailored into whatever style and pattern you desire, whether contemporary or classic, for your particular home area. Typically, kitchen floor tiles may be made into any form you desire, including herringbone, chevron, parquet, circles, cubes, or strips to match your kitchen’s decor aesthetic.

  • Affordable

In comparison to other kinds of household materials, the kitchen flooring option isn’t that expensive. Compared to ceramic or stone tile pricing, which can range from AED 40-120 per sq. foot based on the material, color, and design selected, kitchen tiles manufactured of various synthetic rubber materials are typically less expensive—often less than AED 60–150 per sq. foot.

Herringbone Kitchen Wood Flooring
Anti Slip Kitchen Flooring
  • Durable

The kitchen flooring option is strong and long-lasting enough for households with kids or pets to use frequently.

Kitchen tiles manufactured from a variety of materials are frequently incredibly strong and resilient enough to support even the heaviest of weights, especially children and pets. Our kitchen cork floors are best for kitchen floor areas because of their durable, warm, and anti-slip nature.

The engineered kitchen floor is resistant to boiling water, extreme heat, tough oil stains, and splashing. Simply said, Plush Furniture will provide you with affordability and excellence in every kitchen flooring.

We Offer Budget-Friendly Commercial Kitchen Flooring

With personal customer service, free assessment, samples, and counseling, we at Plush Furniture handle practically any work at rates that are quite competitive and very budget-friendly. In order to serve customers at the most affordable rates possible, Plush Furniture offers 24/7 qualified professionals and responsive customer service.

Our flooring can meet all the demands of a kitchen floor and survive for years without suffering significant damage. We can provide your kitchen with customized parquet flooring so that all of the weird angles in the room seem good.

The costs for our kitchen with hardwood floors are likewise extremely affordable. We are concerned about our clients’ needs. That is why we have established basic prices for all varieties of kitchen flooring.

Laminate Wood Flooring

We Are The Best Kitchen Flooring Supplier in Dubai

For years, Plush Furniture has effectively offered kitchen flooring solutions throughout Dubai, specializing in the best kitchen wall tile solutions; you might say we’re specialists in flooring. Kitchen floor tiles, kitchen tile flooring, wooden tile floors, as well as kitchen laminate flooring are just a few of the several kitchen flooring options we provide.

Our entire assortment of PVC flooring combines with temperature, stain, and water-resistant coatings to provide you with increased comfort and prolonged durability. Thanks to Plush Furniture, your kitchen gets the customized makeover you’ve always wanted.

Why Work With Us?

Plush Furniture has been offering various types of kitchen flooring solutions in Dubai for many years and has expertise in all kinds of kitchens, both commercial and residential. Per the needs of your kitchen flooring, we at Plush Furniture can provide you with the right flooring. In addition to providing the kitchen floors, we can also assist you with the kitchen floor installation. Our team of skilled professionals can install your wooden kitchen flooring expertly because they are experts in their respective fields.

For the installation of your kitchen floor, you can contact us because our solutions are always accessible to our clients at reasonable prices. Plush Furniture has been providing flooring solutions for several years and is a renowned flooring services provider. We at Plush Furniture work hard to offer the highest quality products and solutions at competitive prices. Our team of professionals at Plush Furniture will handle all of your requirements from beginning to end, assuring client satisfaction and contentment.

Vinyl Plank Kitchen Flooring

Frequently Asked Questions

Since it provides a home with a cozy, naturalistic vibe, hardwood flooring is still a popular option for kitchen flooring. It’s an excellent choice for residences with open floor designs in particular. The living room of a house can easily transition from having hardwood flooring in the kitchen. Although traditional wooden flooring requires some upkeep, more and more companies are employing sealers to help safeguard these timeless floors.

Vinyl flooring is a robust, long-lasting flooring option, despite being a little gentler compared to some other alternatives. The most renowned vinyl type, the wood effect, is one of the popular trends for 2022. The vinyl market is being driven by vinyl made to resemble solid hardwoods.

While the choice of kitchen flooring color varies significantly among people of different tastes, today’s homeowners tend to favor a cheery, light, and white look. White-stained flooring is therefore anticipated to be still in demand in 2023.

Because they provide a contrasting sense that makes the cabinetry shine through, light-colored floors look good in a kitchen with dark cabinets or counters. Lighter shades are frequently perceived as being calming and tranquil in a space. Unbelievable as it may seem, lighter kitchen floors conceal scratches more effectively than darker ones.