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PVC flooring is employed in locations with significant foot traffic. It is the most durable and adaptable. It is noted for having high durability and is offered in a variety of shades, patterns, and designs. PVC Carpet Flooring is also waterproof. PVC Flooring Dubai is the ideal flooring option for both residential and business spaces.

It is renowned for its exceptional structure and is simple to maintain. Every room in a house is a great fit, thanks to its durability and waterproofing. PVC Floor tiles are simple to clean using a mop and water. Staining, dampness, and decomposition are all prevented by surface coating. PVC tiles are naturally scratch and cut resilient, unlike hardwood floors.

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With beautiful designs that are humidity-resistant and climatically adjustable, Plush Furniture offers the best PVC flooring Dubai has to offer. This kind of flooring has a robust internal core that is shielded from excessive temperatures. Soundproof, stain- and dirt-resistant vinyl flooring is available only at Plush Furniture. PVC flooring is simple to maintain and has several layers that shield it from spills and heavy stains.

It is accessible in homes, bathrooms, kitchens, sports venues, institutions, and retail businesses. There are several price points for PVC flooring in Dubai, including vinyl sheet, tiles, planks, and boards. When installing PVC floors, consider a non-slip treatment. Regardless of its acoustic insulation, it may be mounted easily on concrete, wood, or chipboard.


We offer durable PVC Flooring in Dubai

Plush Furniture is your reliable access to the top PVC Flooring Dubai Manufacturers in the UAE. We provide the most amazing PVC floor ideas for a stylish yet affordable flooring solution for your most important spaces. The PVC Vinyl flooring and also the rubber flooring, two of our top offerings, are the ideal long-term investments that are still used after many years.

Unlike others on the market, Plush Furniture is among the top brands in the UAE that offers a variety of PVC carpet flooring options at the best possible prices if you wish to equip your floorboards with Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) flooring. If you’re searching for the perfect PVC vinyl flooring seller in Dubai, Plush Furniture is your ultimate destination.

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The Benefits of PVC Flooring

Due to all of its incredibly appealing qualities and attributes, PVC Flooring is growing in popularity. There are many various types and designs of flooring, each with unique practical and aesthetic qualities. Therefore, if you intend to install PVC Flooring in your home, we also give information on its benefits.

If you want these features in your home or place of business, PVC flooring is the solution to go for! PVC flooring is especially suitable for cold areas. Multiple layers of vinyl polymer are used to create PVC flooring.

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  • Strong and Durable

It is excellent when flooring can last a very long time and is lovely. Because of the durable PVC upper layer that sits on top of the underlying layer, a PVC floor may survive for a very long time—at least 20 – 25. The floor can endure more and will continue to look lovely if the base is sturdy and the PVC upper layer is tougher. This type of flooring is frequently used for ideal sports flooring, indoor areas, gym area, and high-traffic areas.

  • Ease of Maintenance

The upper surface of a PVC flooring is slick and waterproof, so neither rain nor dirt can get through. Because of this, it is maintaining and cleaning the flooring is simple. The flooring may be kept clean and hygienic by routinely vacuuming and mopping. Plush Furniture provides maintenance supplies that are specifically created. That way, one may ensure that the flooring is properly taken care of.

  • Soundproof

PVC flooring offers sound-absorbing qualities, making them perfect for homes and gym floor areas with poor insulation or apartment buildings. Due to the quality of the several layers, you may travel across the area without anybody hearing your footsteps.

  • 100% Waterproof

PVC flooring is water-resistant and perfect for utilization in kitchens or bathrooms. In case you have kids or pets, vinyl PVC flooring is also a suitable option for you. If you don’t spot an accident or spill immediately away, it may be cleaned up quickly without the need for specialized cleaning supplies or lasting damage. PVC flooring is hence worry-free flooring.

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  • Compatible with Underfloor Heating

PVC flooring has the unusual capability to adjust to environmental temperature.

The flooring has a relatively low heat resistance due to its slimness and plastic underlayment.

Since underfloor heating is a perk that one may add to a house, it may be paired with this flooring. Using PVC flooring and vinyl layers will improve the appearance of your space guaranteed.

It works best in homes, kitchens, baths, sports venues, schools, and retail establishments. The floor is shielded from moisture and rot by PVC vinyl.

Measuring Floor Area

Fixing & Installation

Buy The Exquisite and Luxurious Range Of PVC Vinyl Flooring in Dubai

Although PVC Vinyl Flooring Dubai is a type of flooring that is laid to give comfort, your area will seem more luxurious and magnificent due to its distinctive patterns and surface. Thanks to PVC Vinyl flooring on tiles, your room will have a decent appearance and design.

These floors are resistant to noise, humidity, and water. Our PVC vinyl tiles will complete the main and most important task in this respect. PVC flooring Dubai is the ideal choice for all of our clients with luxurious preferences.

We at Plush Furniture are Dubai’s top vinyl flooring provider because we are a trustworthy company. Plush Furniture is a top-rated company that provides its valued clients with services of the finest quality.

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Plush Furniture Offers Top Level PVC Vinyl Flooring in Dubai

The finest flooring option can withstand all types of weather and are moisture-resistant. The inside core of the PVC vinyl flooring sheets is durable and shielded from extreme heat and cold.

Above everything, Dubai Vinyl Flooring has many layers to shield the floor from water and bad weather.

Plush Furniture is your ultimate destination for wonderful PVC flooring. They provide a slight amount of sound insulation and are stain and dirt-resistant. In addition, it shields against abrasion and scrapes. We offer a huge selection of PVC tiles for colors, patterns, and designs.

You can contact Plush Furniture if you have a tight budget. We offer the best flooring in every category at a very low cost. With wooden flooring, you can also prevent any kind of injury or slipping. Therefore, as we are the top flooring suppliers, you must buy from us.


Choose Your Style

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Wood PVC flooring tiles

Wood PVC flooring tiles

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Wood design pvc vinyl flooring

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self adhesive pvc vinyl flooring tiles

PVC vinyl flooring tiles

PVC vinyl flooring tiles

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Top-Notch PVC Vinyl Flooring Dubai Supplier & Installer In UAE

Are you trying to find a local supplier of vinyl PVC flooring? Plush Furniture provides customized PVC flooring that is made to your needs and specifications so that it will properly match your space. You’re also given a sample to choose from by our knowledgeable personnel. No matter where in the UAE you reside, our knowledgeable personnel will provide free doorstep shipping services. Get in touch with Plush Furniture’s knowledgeable team right away or request a free quote. Additionally, we provide free assessment services throughout the UAE.

Why Choose Us?

Alongside free shipping and installation, we at Plush Furniture provide custom-made PVC flooring throughout Dubai. Effectiveness and durability are hallmarks of our premium flooring. With no pressure to buy, our professionals will deliver samples of PVC plastic to your home.

Experts at Plush Furniture will assist you in selecting the ideal flooring option for your domestic and business floors. Plush Furniture is the one-stop shop for all types of PVC flooring and other flooring necessities.

We provide you with low prices and free doorstep shipping in addition to letting you purchase online. To assure your continued comfort, we also provide effective installation services.

Get in touch with Plush Furniture via our internet website or give us a call at the 24/7 available number and describe your needs. That’s all. After that, you’ll receive cost-free quotes from Plush Furniture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly is! The finest vinyl flooring options are all 100 percent waterproof. This implies that PVC flooring is a fantastic option for damp spaces or locations where there is a potential for wet feet or spillage, such as bathrooms, washrooms, cellars, kitchens, or even entryway flooring.

Fix any holes, cracks, fractures, or any uneven sections on the floor after inspecting it. Employ concrete filling or a related floor patching material to fix the damage. The best approach is to eliminate the bulk of the foundation and replace it using a new one if the subfloors possess significant fissures.

One of the biggest sources of dents in vinyl flooring involves heavy furniture or equipment. These things can put a lot of pressure on the tiles if they are not dealt with caution and can cause damage.

A temperature-controlled outdoor space can incorporate vinyl flooring. So long as you have control over the temperature, you may put vinyl flooring in a sunroom, covered porch, or any other “outside” area. Despite being completely waterproof, vinyl still has to be protected against temperature fluctuations.