Get Premium Rubber Flooring Dubai – Long-Lasting & Affordable

Looking for affordable flooring in Dubai? We have the perfect solution—our rubber flooring in Dubai features durable floors that can withstand everyday wear and tear. Get our amazingly durable flooring at very reasonable prices. It is made from the highest-quality rubber for a 15+ year lifespan. Call us today to book orders.

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Our Rubber Flooring In Dubai Offers Versatile Features

Our rubber floors in Dubai are more than just a flooring solution. It is known for featuring versatile benefits. The slip resistance of these floors makes them best for safety concerns in high foot traffic areas.

Their impact resistance rivals that of Terrazzo flooring, providing durability that will stand the test of time. These rubber floors are fitted with a moisture and sound-absorbing backing layer to prevent moisture build-up and make indoors peaceful.

Slip Resistance60%


Sound Absorption40%

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Experience Years

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Our Latest Rubber Flooring Designs Collection

Check out our latest rubber floor designs for diverse commercial & residential flooring needs. Explore the range of 20+ patterns in rubber tiles, rubber sheets & rolls for your living spaces.

Rubber Flooring Dubai

Yellow – Green 20mm

Rubber Flooring Dubai


Rubber Flooring Dubai


Rubber Flooring Dubai


Rubber Flooring Dubai


Rubber Flooring Dubai

Pink – Blue 25mm

Rubber Flooring Dubai

Line Rubber 3mm

Rubber Flooring Dubai

Dot Rubber 5mm

Rubber Flooring Dubai

Dark Pink – Blue 25mm

Rubber Flooring Dubai


Get Our Complimentary Rubber Floor Design Consultation

Need help! We provide free design discussion for rubber flooring in Dubai, both online or at your home. With free floor measurements, we provide the best custom quotes.

We Have a Wide Rubber Flooring Variety For You

Buy our EPDM rubber floors which feature the best build quality. Such composition makes it a perfect outdoor rubber flooring solution for sports fields. It is highly durable to withstand heavy wear & tear with UV resistance to last for 10+ years.

5 to 10

Rubber floor designs available


Thickness range for all floors

Our interlocking rubber floor tiles feature resilience for years of use and easy, seamless installation. Our floor sheets and rolls are made from vulcanized rubber and are ideal for commercial use, such as horse stalls.

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Our Gallery Of Recent Rubber Flooring Projects

Browse through our gallery of rubber flooring Dubai projects. From custom orders to pre-made ones, check the seamless fitting for these floors for your inspiration.

Rubber Flooring Dubai

Hire Our Flooring Masters For Flawless Rubber Floor Installation

Looking for a quick and efficient rubber flooring installation service in Dubai? Look no further, get the experienced & reliable floor fitting from us.

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Moisture-resistant backing layers

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Aligned flooring for an aesthetic look

We have skilled floor fitters for rubber flooring, utilizing the best techniques for each floor type for flawless fitting.

You get a floor installation with proper subfloor preparation for a stable walking surface with appropriate backing layers.

Why Choose Our Rubber Floors Dubai?

We have a brand presence of 15+ years in the flooring market. We have delivered & installed 1300+ rubber floors in both commercial & residential spaces. Our competent floor fitters have the experience necessary for laying down perfect rubber flooring in Dubai. Our custom gym flooring solutions for indoor & outdoor spaces are the best in the market.

Rubber Flooring Dubai


We are the first choice for selling luxury flooring due to the quality of our products & services.

Online Round-The-Clock

We are never off – we are available for your rubber floor needs any time of the day.


We provide custom rubber flooring in Dubai for your preferred interior design stylizing.

Check Our Past Customer Reviews For Rubber Flooring

Go through these reviews & feedback from our past customers. Read their first-hand experiences with our rubber flooring in Dubai to get the confidence to invest in our services.




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Yes, it is a great option for residential spaces. We offer rubber floors in tiles, sheets, and rolls as per your floor needs. All our flooring solutions are made of high-quality rubber, featuring slip resistance, sound absorption, and durability against foot traffic.

Yes, our floor fitting experts have the necessary experience in laying down rubber flooring over existing floors like concrete and tiles. Our team prepares the subfloor by cleaning and leveling it to ensure proper adhesion for long-term performance.

Yes, this flooring is super easy to clean and maintain. For simple cleaning, you can do daily sweeping to clean off the dirt & debris. With a wet mop dipped in the detergent solution, clean the surface for a better appearance. For long-term maintenance, use professional waxing or buffing to restore the rubber’s shine.

Yes, it is perfectly safe for the kids’ playing areas as it meets the safety standards with an anti-slip surface. In addition to this, our rubber floors are made from low volatile organic compounds with minimal odor emissions for healthy indoors.

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