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To create a level surface on which to install tiles, natural stone, and wood flooring, self-leveling floor screed is crucial material. It can cover the pipes for underfloor heating and is frequently used as a finishing material on top of a solid concrete base. Additionally, ready-mixed screed solutions are available and are frequently the simplest choice, especially if you have never worked with the material before.

We provide a fantastic self-leveling, self-compacting floor screed in Dubai that improves finish. In contrast, the other screed is a semi-dry cement-bound product with polypropylene fibers for added durability.

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Before screeding a sizable area or putting screed over underfloor heating, you should always speak with a contractor. Sharp sand, cement, and water are the main ingredients in the sand. The solution can be blended using a screed floor before being disseminated through a pipeline connected to the pump if the screed floor is being deployed for larger projects. An alternative method is manually stirring the mixture in a bucket using a mixing paddle.

There has been a progressive move away from utilizing ready-mixed screeds in favor of the more labor-intensive conventional method of mixing the sand and cement on site before applying the screed. The final mixture must always be smoother and easier to work with than regular concrete, but it must also contain enough concrete to keep it together and prevent further breaking.


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Usages of Screeding Floor

The screed can be used to level off old floors or as a smooth finish on new ones. A plain, hardwood, or acrylic float is frequently used to apply screed, and it is typically finished with a spade or power float. It is made up of four parts of water and one component of cement. You should normally allow one week of drying time per centimeter when letting the floor dry, based on how steep the level of the screed is.

However, you should often give a little additional time if the thickness of the screed is greater than five centimeters. The final flooring can then be put down on top of the screed after it has had enough time to dry out completely.

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The Screeding of Floor Quantities

If you want to produce a concrete surface that is precisely flat and level, a screed is the best option. It is frequently used as a sublayer for floor finishes being durable screeds for industrial locations and as renovation screeds for expedited refurbishments.


You will be able to walk on the self-leveling floor after two to three hours because of its quick-drying qualities. Even though it is now safe to walk on, it may take a day or more to dry out.

Quickly Application

Due to its pumpable system, the screed is incredibly simple to make and apply. As a result, larger areas can be finished in less time than with a standard sand and cement screed.

Screed Flooring is Easy to Dry and Light-Weight

For leveling pour substrates to provide finer tolerance for installing tiles, carpets, and other items, a self-leveling screed is frequently applied.

As a result of its durability and abrasion resistance, it can also be utilized as a flooring finish in and of itself. It can be used on top of screed or concrete.

Self-leveling screed flooring can withstand modest vehicular traffic within 48 hours, thanks to its swift early hardening abilities. In contrast, concrete and sandy screed can take up to 3 to 7 days to dry.

Due to its lightweight, the inner floor screed can be used for high-performance bonding, unbonded, and floating screeds without overloading pre-existing floor slabs. They are fit for sizable industrial projects.

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To add more durability and a better polish to a hard concrete base, floor screeding is also used as a finishing product. Our services use a self-leveling screed to finish uneven concrete buildings and subfloors. All varieties of cement screeds, including standard epoxy, polyurethane screeds, and calcium sulfate pumpable self-smoothing screeds, are no problem for our crew to work with.

Our self-leveling screed gives customers quick alternatives for finishing and return-to-service for durable, high-quality industrial flooring that satisfies all specifications. Contact our staff right away for more details about our service or to request a price that is unique to your needs.

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Concrete is combined with significantly coarser materials while making screed, which gives it a more smoother appearance. Screed is therefore better suited to finishing surfaces than to concrete’s structural functions.

Cement, water, aggregates, and occasionally admixtures are the main ingredients in concrete. Usually, it serves structural functions like foundations, floors, walls, and beams. Screed, on the other hand, is a cement and aggregate mixture that is thinner and free of water.