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A completely modern and adaptable flooring solution, Stone Plastic CompositeFlooring Dubai ideally appropriate for all places. It’s a matter of quality in terms of the finest, most expensive, and highest-density components paired with cutting-edge technology to provide incredibly long-lasting functionality.

Stone plastic composite, hardwood material, and vinyl slats are the substances used in our flooring.

Being a customer-focused business, keeping our clients in Dubai satisfied and content is our primary concern. And we only provide our clients in Dubai with the highest grade flat spc flooring.

Plushfurniture is Best SPC Flooring Company

Choosing the right flooring service supplier in Dubai is the first step for having a noticeable and long-lasting flooring solution. We at Plush Furniture install, arrange, and display this magnificent flooring in your areas using professional-grade services.

Plush Furniture only provides the highest quality SPC vinyl flooring products, which come in a variety of floor covering alternatives and flooring accessories with a range of pros and cons. We are Dubai’s top provider of SPC floor installation services.

Our employees are competent and skilled at carrying out the flooring task. We plan and properly deliver all flooring items to your doorstep. So, we are the ideal choice if you’re thinking of putting SPC flooring in your house or place of work.

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Browse Next Generation SPC Layer Designs

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Vinyl Click flooring

Vinyl Click flooring

spc vinyl floor installation

spc vinyl floor installation

SPC herringbone flooring

SPC herringbone flooring

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Spc click vinyl plank flooring

Living Room SPC Flooring

Living Room SPC Flooring

Click Vinyl Flooring Installation

Click Vinyl Flooring Installation

Adorn Your Floors with Our Stunning SPC Flooring – Save 10%

With the help of the furniture and wall paint, try to create the contour of SPC flooring tiles. Contrasting color choices usually make a space sparkle.

We offer the most skilled staff and the best Stone Plastic Composite flooring. We provide a broad spectrum of flooring solutions, from SPC tiling to SPC composite flooring.

Plush Furniture is also Dubai’s most reasonably priced flooring provider. Our staff of knowledgeable flooring specialists can assist you in selecting the best SPC click flooring for your house or place of business.

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Key Features of Stone Plastic Composite Flooring

Durability: Spc flooring is ideal choice for locations with high foot traffic. If maintained properly, it may really last 20 years longer.

Budget-Friendly: SPC flooring typically 70% less costly than wooden timber flooring while still giving 100% real-wood like appearance.

Easy To Clean And Maintain: You’ll quickly discover that SPC tile flooring is significantly simpler to maintain than other types of flooring.

Stain-Resistant: SPC material’s worn layer serves as a shield against spills and staining.

Easy Installation: Particularly with the click-lock kind, installation is rather straightforward. Also, it is created for DIY enthusiasts!

Most Common Types of Stone Polymer Composite Flooring

  • Commercial-grade SPC flooring
  • Hybrid SPC flooring
  • Embossed SPC flooring
  • DIY SPC flooring
  • Waterproof SPC flooring
  • Anti-slip SPC flooring
  • Enhanced SPC flooring
  • Fire-resistant SPC flooring
  • Stone veneer SPC flooring
Herringbone SPC Flooring
Herringbone SPC Tile flooring

Factors to Consider Before Choosing SPC Flooring

Underlayment Thickness 

✅ Fire & Slip resistance

✅ Sound insulation

✅ Subfloor compatibility

✅ Environmental impact

✅ Installation location

✅ Cost

✅ Warranty

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Measuring & Installation

More Flooring Products

Get Affordable Rigid Core Spc Floor Installation Services

Plush Furniture is the top supplier of SPC Rigid Core Floorin with the top installation services. We offer quick and simple installation so you can eliminate wear and tear and enjoy hassle-free maintenance.

Our aim is to offer highest quality products and installation services at reasonable prices. We also provide the best flooring rates to our consumers while providing a large selection of colors, dimensions, and flooring types.

Why is Plush Furniture the Best Option for Spc Flooring?

Plush Furniture assist regarding durability, convenience of installation, affordability, & aesthetic appeal to be the perfect fit for your spce. For your forthcoming SPC Flooring tasks, our professionals can quickly give you quotes.

  • We Offer High-Quality Products at Reasonable Prices
  • We Have 200+ Customer Satisfaction Ratings
  • Years of experience in the Dubai flooring market
  • Over 100 completed flooring projects in the Dubai
  • We Provide Premium Quality Products at Affordable Prices
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Customers Also Ask

SPC is resilient, frequently even more resilient than LVP. It can withstand the traffic of busy families and is dent, scratch, and abrasion-resistant. SPC flooring has a strong core because they are made of PVC as well as a lot of lime powder, which renders them more resilient to breakage from impact or heavy items.

A variety of LVP floors is SPC. SPC is available in a variety of thicknesses, hues, and styles, much like LVP. It may be used wherever and maybe click-locked or bonded securely. Most consumers spend roughly $1,800 for $2000 per square foot, which is within the $1,400 to $2,000 nationwide average price range for installation of SPC floors.

SPC flooring typically costs a lot less than hardwood flooring while still giving you the desired natural wood-look aesthetic. The price of installing SPC flooring is very reasonable. Installing the SPC flooring yourself can save some cash on hiring an expert SPC flooring service provider.

SPC vinyl outperforms WPC despite the fact that both are highly resilient. Even the most intense traffic or furnishings won’t damage the surface thanks to the stone-plastic hybrid core.