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Are you getting rid of having a hard floor that will get your feet in some pain? If that is the case, then you shouldn’t have to go elsewhere.

Because we give you the ever best and the quality terrazzo tiles dubai that won’t suffer your feet anymore. Now you can make your floor more unique and stylish with quality.

So, if you want to get the real quality, visit plush furniture dubai. It’s time to give more great touches to your floor with our terrazzo tile.

Enjoy the great feel of your feet and the best floor designs for your place for long-lasting and highly quality.

Best Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

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Stair Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

Stair Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

Reliable Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

Reliable Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

Luxury Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

Luxury Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

First Class Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

First Class Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

Durable Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

Durable Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

Versatile Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

Versatile Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

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Venetian Terrazzo →

Rustic Terrazzo →

Epoxy Terrazzo →

Classic Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

Get the Best Color Combinations And Patterns

You can bring a more appealing look to your space with this terrazzo flooring, which comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so that your customers will be able to choose the right product that perfectly suits their needs and requirements. There is nothing like the look you get when the lights strike on this floor when the lights strike.

Featuring high-quality manufacturing details and unique craftsmanship, epoxy flooring embedded with terrazzo will add an enticing and appealing look to any space you place them in. A very creative floor that is very easy to install will enhance the style of your interiors and ensure that your floors look distinctive.

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Bathroom Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

Discover Types Of Terrazzo Flooring

We give you more exposure to go through another terrazzo type perfectly suited to your terrazzo flooring. Taking modern terrazzo flooring as an example, let’s see what type is available.

Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring: 

This material is usually placed over concrete slabs and measures 1/4 to 3/8 inches thick. It is the best “thin-set” system available for a brilliant color floor that can be used with synthetic, glass, or granite.

They are designed to withstand intense tensile and compression loads, chemical resistance, and various colors, making them ideal outdoor flooring material.

The Cementitious Terrazzo

There is a difference between cementitious terrazzo and epoxy terrazzo in terms of thickness and weight. Colors of these products can be chosen from a variety, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition to being a durable flooring system, it contains no volatile organic compounds and does not transmit moisture vapor.

The Russian Terrazzo

It is considered to be a great choice for patios and gardens because rustic terrazzo has texture both indoors and outdoors. Landscapers and lawn decorators use rustic terrazzo to decorate their gardens and landscape lawns because it is non-slippery and easy to install.

Commercial Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

Advantages of Terrazzo Floor Suface Installation

  • High durable with compressive strength exceeding 80N
  • High resistance to abrasions and scratches
  • Resistant to aggressive liquids with strong chemical resistance
  • Exceptional glossiness for a vibrant look
  • Aesthetic appeal with a wonderful appearance
  • Lasting over 500 years found worldwide.

Terrazzo tiles bathroom

To create a bathroom that looks like something straight out of an interior design magazine, combine terrazzo tiles with jewel tones and soft pastels. You can use terrazzo not only for the floor, but for the countertops and the shower as well.

Terrazzo tiles outdoor

There are many uses for terrazzo, not just indoors. Among the strongest yet most elegant materials for outdoor construction, terrazzo concrete is an excellent choice. Despite extreme weather conditions, this material remains resilient.

There’s no problem with it when it comes to weather conditions such as cold, heat, and rain. With this material, you can create numerous artwork flooring options, such as flooring for gardens, patios, pools, walkways, and so on.

Customized Terrazzo Flooring Dubai
Elegant Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

Count Us For Best Terrazzo Installation

You can order terrazzo flooring at Plush Furniture in any color and design that matches your interior. Unlike other flooring types, terrazzo is not affected by wear and tear. Take advantage of it and get tension-free life for the rest of your life.

Since our flooring can withstand all climate changes, it is ideal for lawns, patios, balconies, and other outdoor areas exposed to the weather. In the case of the terrazzo cement floor, there are thousands of happy customers who have purchased from us.

Also, our flooring is reasonably priced, so you can easily order. Besides providing flooring installation services at highly affordable prices, we can also provide installation services for walls. We can assist you with placing an order for flooring right now.


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In addition to its shock resistance, terrazzo is also extremely durable. A concrete slab can even be laid with underlayments. In addition to being shock-resistant, terrazzo is also very durable, as a result of anti-crack membranes.

Ensure that Terrazzo flooring is sealed and grouted properly as the first step to maintaining it. You don’t need to worry about maintaining this flooring as long as you keep it clean and don’t use harsh chemicals.

A Terrazzo Floor will generally last between 10 and 75 years, depending on how well it is maintained. This is definitely a beneficial investment for the rest of your life, but only if you consider taking appropriate care of it.

Terrazzo Flooring Dubai offers the first-class benefits of flawless durability and heavy-duty performance. In addition, there are countless design possibilities, as well as a wide range of color palettes to select form.