How to Hang Curtains In a Corner Window

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A charming space with shoddy drapes is comparable to a lovell. It devalues everything else, sticks out startlingly, and generally uncomfortably disturbs everyone. When many homeowners were in need, we, as leading suppliers of curtains, decided it was time to update the post with some new tips and compile how to hang curtains in a corner window.

Different Steps of Hang Curtains on Corner Windows

There are multiple ways by which the curtains can be hung in the corner window. Usually, it is a sign of worriedness and concern to hang the curtain for the beautiful look of the home.

Step One: Ways to Install the Curtain Hangers

Ways to Instal the Curtain Hangers

The first step in hanging curtains on corner windows is to install them. The hangers must be set up perpendicularly and at the same height.

Step Two: Make to Fix the Elbow Plumbing Component

The next stage in figuring out how to hang curtains on corner windows is to fix the elbow plumbing component at each end of the curtain hangers. The two hanging rods are joined by it.

You may purchase various types of elbow connectors on the market. You must choose one, and when deciding, ensure the design matches the curtain’s style.

Step Three: Hang the drapes

Hang the drapes

Inserting the curtains is the final step in figuring out how to hang curtains on corner windows. The process of hanging your curtain in the corner might involve some trial and error.

However, don’t be afraid to attempt other postures as the ideas come to you. You will be astonished by the outcome when you finally get one that meets your expectations.

Dressing a Corner Window

Dressing a Corner Window

Your corner window can be decorated in various lovely ways to give it a breathtaking appearance of elegance and beauty. Here are a few tips on how to go about doing this.

Designer Drapes

Designer Drapes

In this idea, you hang the curtain in the window to provide you with a gloomy room when you pull it closed and an obstruction-free window when you open it.

Utilizing Blinds

Utilizing Blinds

This may be the simplest way to decorate your corner windows. Window blinds provide you with seclusion while blocking light when they are down. When they are up, they don’t hinder your view.

Design of Valances

Design of Valances

With this idea, you can achieve a room with an aesthetically finished look. The disadvantage of valence design, as opposed to drape design and window shade application, is that you won’t have privacy. Blinds can be used to make up for this.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds

This is the ideal choice for people who adore dark spaces. The Roman shade design is simple to draw up. I have a good feeling that you will adore this design if you’re looking for something romantic.

How to Install Curtains on a Side Wall to Cover Windows

How to Install Curtains on a Side Wall to Cover Windows

As an interior designer in Dubai, It has encountered windows that are placed next to a side wall rather than in the middle of the wall. Curtains can be hung in a side wall window in various ways.

First step: You can select a single curtain. The single curtain has to have a beautiful heading and a tie back on the wall to draw it back. Eyelet headings can be used to achieve this.

The appearance is classy and lovely, especially for people who favor really simple designs. With this setup, moving the curtain to either side of the window is simpler and doesn’t require a tie-back or pullback.

Second Step: Double curtains is also an option, but you must choose lightweight curtain fabrics. This will lessen the number of materials that, when the curtains are open, sit on either side of them.

These light materials have the drawback of not protecting your privacy; as a result, you might need to spend money on window coverings to make up for this.

Is Hanging a Curtain without Making Holes Possible?

Is Hanging a Curtain without Making Holes Possible

You can use several other methods to hang your curtain if you don’t want to harm your walls or make holes in your flat. You have a few simple alternatives for hanging your curtains without drilling holes. They consist of the following:

Use of Adhesive: Some adhesives are powerful enough to support a curtain’s weight. It may support the curtain hooks. You can look at this step-by-step guide for further information.

Tension rod application: Tension rods are made to fit into windows without hooks. To maintain the tension required to keep the curtain standing, the tension rods must be the same size as the wall.

Window Treatments for Corner Windows

However, it doesn’t seem like it would have been simple to hang curtains to decorate these windows. The curtain rods in Bath’s room have been shortened and are extended from one rod to the next where they meet in the corner. This is a clever way to cover up the location where you met the rods in the corner.

Indoor/Outdoor Single Curtain Rod

Indoor/Outdoor Single Curtain Rod in Christiansburg

Purchasing curtain rods with hooks suspended from the ceiling allows you to meet the curtain rods in the corner without impediment. You can buy these rods in various colors, which would look great in a farmhouse.

Wildflower is at home.

It appears to have used an elbow-jointed corner curtain rod. These are single-piece rods, so you must mount the brackets before adding the rod and hanging the curtains.

White drapes look stunning with the addition of wooden roman blinds. It either lets the sun through or blocks it out. Consider installing a ceiling fan if heat enters the room through the windows when the blinds are open but you love the design.

Corner window hardware and a single curtain rod

Corner window hardware and a single curtain rod

A telescoping corner rod, often known as a corner rod, is a fantastic way to embellish corner windows. These curtain rods are attached using a corner ball connector that rotates nearly 360 degrees.

Connector for a curtain rod

Connector for a curtain rod

These adjustable rod connectors are ideal for any existing rods you may have. They turn from a 90° angle to a straight angle. They come in a variety of colors, so they may easily blend with the rod.


From this article I hope you picked up some fantastic curtain-hanging techniques. Most interior designers are frequently perplexed about how to hang a curtain in a corner so that it has the same elegance and beauty as those installed in traditional positions.

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