How To Hang Curtains Like An Interior Designer

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Before the windows are entirely draped, a space never feels genuinely finished. Curtains and window treatments offer that lovely finishing layer that can change a room. A timeless blackout curtain, our go-to option, always looks good. This blog covers how to hang curtains for high-quality window treatments here.

Finding the ideal curtains in Dubai is, of course, only half of the solution. The second half ensures that they are appropriately hung. Several factors come into play, including determining the fullness and the height at which to hang the rod. In this blog, information put together a simple guide to window curtain sizing and hanging techniques so you can consistently get a high-end designer look.

Design Tips For How To Hang Curtains Like a Professional

How To Hang Curtains Like a Professional

Here are a few design guidelines that our interior designers in Dubai have shared for choosing the ideal curtain fabric, type, and size to hang your curtains like an interior designer.

Whether you choose dramatic pinch-pleat curtains or simple, inexpensive sheer curtains, what seems simple is deceptively complex, time-consuming, and a little overwhelming. Additionally, curtains are necessary for designing a cozy, inviting, and finished atmosphere.

Try to Measure the Size of the Curtain

Measure the Size of the Curtain

Measure at least twice to set the stage for excellent window treatments. To choose the proper size curtain panel for your room, measure the width of your windows and the height of your ceilings. It is usually advised to pick the longest drape possible to make the room appear larger, using your ceiling height as a guide.

Attach your drapery rod, so it extends at least six inches on either side wider than your actual window, if possible. Double up on curtain panels or choose a wider width to fill out the empty area and give the room a complete, opulent appearance. This high and wide design enlarges the space and draws the eye of the audience.

Think About The Lighting And Fabric

After checking off the measurements, you may choose your curtains. The three alternatives are often sheer, light-filtering, or blackout curtains. For example, sheer or unlined curtains work best to keep a living room light and breezy. Bedrooms and home offices that require extra light control should use cotton-lined or blackout curtains.

There are various textiles to pick from in terms of aesthetics. Luxurious fabrics like velvet lean more upscale, while natural materials like linen, cotton, and hemp give a place a more informal, relaxed appearance. The same is true of curtain heads; more complex designs, such as pinch and box pleats, add a traditional, refined touch, while grommet and ripple fold lean more toward casual.

Choose the Style of your Curtain

Choose the Style of your Curtain

Choose how you want to hang your curtains after that. There are around three possibilities available here as well. A rear tab or rod pocket curtain is the most informal, fundamental style; you slide the curtain onto the drapery rod through the loop at the top.

Although metal rings stitched into the header of eyelet curtains make them equally fuss-free, it is advised to choose the back tab for a more polished appearance.

Additionally, we usually advise clip-on drapery rings, back tab hooks, and circular rings if you want to enhance the setting further. These decorative touches make it much simpler to open and close drapes while adding something.

Choose Your Curtain Rod Style

Choose Your Curtain Rod Style

Perhaps the curtain hardware is more expressive than the curtains themselves. Fortunately, choosing is a little easier and eventually boils down to taste. When working with thicker material, like velvet, one general rule is to select a thicker curtain rod with a center mount. Any design is acceptable for cotton-lined curtains and sheers.

Consider matching another finish in your area for a unified effect if you’re concerned about color and finish. Consider using a matte black curtain rod to pair with a black pendant lamp. Alternatively, maintain all the lighting fixtures in one finish and the curtain hardware in a different finish for consistency and a bit of contrast.

Install the Curtains

Install the Curtains

It’s time for the main event now that you have correctly proportioned. Installing curtains will undoubtedly require the assistance of someone. You can seek assistance from our Dubai curtain installation and fixing team if you want a more professional look.

First, hang a curtain panel from the rod to measure the correct height and hold it against the wall. Your curtain panels shouldn’t pool or float; they should softly touch the floor. Mark your height with a pencil across each bracket while carrying a level.

Install the curtain brackets high and wide using an electric drill and the supplied screws and accessories. Put the rod into the mounting brackets and hang your curtains from it.

Do’s and Don’ts of Interior Designers While Hanging Curtains

When choosing window treatments for your apartment or villa interior design project, there are several things to consider. The size and positioning of the curtain panels are equally vital, even while the color and pattern of your curtains are unquestionably significant and have a significant impact on the atmosphere of your area.

Here are listed some of the most common problems homeowners see with their curtains below, along with suggestions for how to remedy them quickly.

Overly Short Curtain Panels

Floor-length curtains provide the best practical and decorating and appealing qualities. The same cannot be said for your window treatments, even though some pants look terrific cropped at the ankle. If you’re utilizing curtain panels already created but need a shorter length, buy more panels and have them hemmed to the right height. Your neighborhood tailor can hem them, so you don’t require a workroom. Three floor-length choices are available below

  • A finger’s breadth separates the panel’s bottom from the floor in the floating state.
  • A very little fold or bend above the hem is called breaking.
  • Fabric gathers on the floor in puddles.

The easiest to maintain is floating while fluffing and adjusting are needed each time the curtain is moved for breaking and puddling. You should go for short curtains if anything prohibits floor-length curtains below the window, such as a heat source.

Typically, when we encounter such circumstances with a client’s home, It is advised to employ a roman shade, which may still add color and pattern to the space while fitting within the window frame.

Too Thin A Set Of Curtain Panels

A curtain with insufficient fullness gives the impression that you were working with limited funds and could only buy half the required amount of cloth.

To provide the idea of fullness when the curtains are closed, ensure there are still some waves in them. To get the ideal width for panels with the right fullness, multiply the width of your window by 2 or 2.5.

Very Small Curtain Rod

In addition to covering the entire window frame, the curtain rod should also reach past the window trim on all sides. The curtain rod makes the window appear broader by extending farther than the window.

More natural light enters your room when the curtains are open because the panels can stack in front of the wall rather than the window.

The Incorrect Height of the Curtain Rod

The window and the entire room appear shorter when the curtain rod is hung directly above the window. The curtain rod should be hung between the top of the window casing and the ceiling.

What do you Prefer: Ready-Made or Custom Panels?

Custom window treatments are what we specify for the majority of our interior design projects. The size of the window and the fact that our clients have chosen us to build a custom home for them are the two main reasons we typically go the custom route with the clients.

Custom window treatments can create something truly one-of-a-kind because they can alter not only the sizes but also the abundance of fabrics, decorative trims, and pleat styles.

Special Window Treatments?

For every project, there might be better options than custom window treatments. Sometimes you require window treatment solutions that are value-driven or have a speedy turnaround. There are still many lovely options available, and some have additional embellishments like tassels or edge banding, which give them a more beautiful sense, even though there are fewer fabric options with ready-made panels.

Final Words

Here at Plush Furniture, you can buy readily available curtain panels. Purchase longer panels and have them hemmed locally if you need help finding any that are the exact height you need. Apart from this, if you still need help hanging your curtains for a villa or apartment, you can call our interior decorators to assist you.

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