Get Durable Outdoor Upholstery Dubai with Aesthetic Appeal

Experience the difference in your outdoor decor with our affordable yet durable outdoor upholstery in Dubai, which provides extreme comfort. From cushion refurbishments to complete outdoor sofa upholstery, we offer comprehensive solutions. With advanced stitching, sewing, and padding techniques, you get robust upholstery—making it a long-term value-added investment.

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Choose From Our Wide Range Of Outdoor Upholstery Dubai Options

Visit our online store to choose from 30+ fabric options for outdoor upholstery in Dubai. Choose a fabric that suits your aesthetic preferences and styles. Among our top sellers is Sunbrella, best known for its color fading and water resistance.

All fabrics are available in different designs and patterns, like floral patterns and striped designs. Get outdoor Sofa upholstery fabric for furniture with an average lifespan of 7+ years.

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Stitch Strength100%

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai


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Outdoor Upholstery Dubai

Our Catalog

At Plush Furniture, we offer a wide selection of Outdoor Upholstery Dubai fabric options, including silk, cotton, wool, and Sunbrella. With a phone call, you can get our free fabric samples delivered anywhere in Dubai.

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai

Call Us For Free Consultancy On Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

Visit our store in Al Quoz, Dubai or call us to get suggestions for your custom-made outdoor upholstery service. Get a complimentary consultation on all upholstery services.

We Provide Ever-Lasting Outdoor Upholstery In Dubai

Plush Furniture offers a wide range of outdoor furniture upholstery services in Dubai. Our outdoor sofa reupholstery transforms your worn-out sofa set into a stylish appearance. We use all-weather-resistant fabrics in our custom made furniture with diverse foams for comfortable seating and a long lifespan.


Outdoor Upholstery Service Done


Fabric Choices For Upholstery

We perform outside upholstery in Dubai which lasts for many years. Our premier outdoor cushion reupholstery service offers quick-dry fillings with water-resistant covers for easy maintenance.

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai

Our Stunning Gallery For Outdoor Upholstery Dubai Transformations

Need inspiration for your outdoor furniture upholstery designs? Check out our gallery of exquisite before & after upholstery transformations for sofas, chairs, & cushions. Call us today for a quote.

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Hire Us For Expert Outdoor Reupholstery Of Your Furniture

Our upholsterers are equipped with the necessary knowledge to repair any upholstery damage – making your old furniture new.

From rips to tears to color fading, we take care of every problem. Get our outdoor chair upholstery fitting tailored to your aesthetic needs.

We carefully remove older upholstery & fillings for replacement. Precise stitching techniques and finishing touches give flawless outdoor upholstery in Dubai.

Why Choose Us For Outdoor Upholstery Dubai Service?

We are well-known as a premier outside furniture upholstery service provider in Dubai due to our quality craftsmanship. Our customer-centric approaches, such as affordability, make us a client favorite. We provide free pickup & deliveries for custom outdoor furniture upholstery.

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Premium Materials

We only utilize top-quality materials for our Outdoor Upholstery Dubai for comfort, elegance & durability.

Custom Options

Each upholstery design is custom-made for the specific aesthetic needs of our customers.

On-Time Deliveries

We are punctual in our outdoor furniture upholstery – each project is completed with quality.

What Our Customers Say For Our Outdoor Upholstery Services

Still thinking of choosing us or not? If yes, read why we have raving reviews from our past customers for our outdoor furniture upholstery services in Dubai. Be part of a community of satisfied clients.




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Yes, we provide outside furniture upholstery fabric which is resistant to mold & moisture build-up. Fabrics like Sunbrella are naturally resistant to mold build-up. As for others, we treat them with antimicrobial agents for protection.

Our outdoor upholstery in Dubai is super easy to clean for maintaining its pristine condition. Regular vacuuming & brushing removes any dirt. For stains or spills, use a mild soap solution with the help of a damp cloth on the affected area.

We use color fastener dyes for our fabric colors, which gives them natural UV resistance against color fading. We also treat our fabrics with UV-resisting materials to increase their fade resistance even under direct sunlight.

Yes & No. We have multiple upholstery options, each with its own recommendations for machine washing. Some are securely stitched as they are not machine-washable, but some can be removed easily for washing.

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