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Aluminum Pergolas are a fantastic way to extend your villa’s living space with Plush Furniture Dubai. Aluminum pergolas are an excellent option for UAE pergolas because the humidity and salty air promote corrosion in other metals.

Aluminum can be powder-coated with different colors for added safety and color variation. A full range of aluminum pergolas is available at our custom furniture store in Dubai.

To maximize the comfort of your home, installing a metal pergola that transforms your patio into a new living room is possible. Your pergola, carport, canopy, or shading should provide comfort and satisfaction.

Best aluminum pergola in Dubai
Powder-Coated Aluminum Pergola Shades

Get The Modern  Aluminum Pergola System For Your Place in Dubai

Pergolas made of aluminum will complement our outdoor spaces more beautifully if they are high-quality and perfectly fit our outdoor spaces. With our aluminum pergola system, you will find many great features. Let’s have a look at each feature:

Range of design:

There is now a wide range of aluminum pergola systems compared to wooden pergolas, from simple fixed structures to high-end automated ones.

Adaptable to your needs:

The metal pergolas and shade sails we design fully customize to suit your needs.

Outdoor Design With Durability:

This 100% aluminum Pergola is made to complement your backyard and provides a cover when it rains and an open awning in the summer.

Roof Advanced:

The roof is made from aluminum slats that can easily fold the attached handle. This converts the pergola roof from open to closed in seconds.


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Explore Types Of Aluminum Pergolas That We Offer in Dubai

A vast variety of aluminum pergolas in our outdoor furniture collection are perfectly made to meet your requirements and enrich your space even more.

Powder-Coated Aluminum Pergola Shades:

An aluminum pergola can be installed outdoors, alongside a car parking shade, and over a swimming pool. It is available in materials such as transparent, wooden, and fabric. To provide support, aluminum pergolas can be fixed to walls or posts.

Retractable Aluminum Pergola Shades:

This pergola shade is unusual because of its shape. A retractable pergola shade is ideal for any weather, just like our retractable awning shade. Open it if the weather isn’t rainy or sunny, and close it if it’s too hot or humid.

An aluminum powder-coated retractable pergola is sturdy and long-lasting. Roofs covered with retractable fabrics appear much more attractive. It is often used in gardens, open roofs, rooftops, patios, outdoor hotel spaces, and swimming pools.

Louver Aluminum Pergolas:

The powder-coated steel pergola has a durable louver design. Compared to other pergolas, it is a little pricey. Like flat roof pergolas, louver pergolas can be attached to walls or posts.

Retractable Aluminum Pergola Dubai
best aluminum pergola

We offer Aluminum Pergola For Home and Business Purposes

An aluminum pergola shade can be used in several settings outside the house, in a garden, or a park. Depending on your needs and the location where you plan to place these shades, you can customize the size, shape, and type.

The first thing you must decide when putting Pergola Canopy in your outdoor area is what it will be used for. If you have a garden or are out on your doorstep, you might wish to have a pergola parking shade or a seating area. A metal pergola can be used in the following areas

  • For residential sector
  • For commercial sector
  • For car parking shades
  • For swimming pool areas
  • For garden area
  • For patio backyard


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Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Louver Aluminum Pergolas

Louver Aluminium Pergolas.

Custom Built Aluminum Pergola.

Custom Bulit Aluminum Pergola.

Custom Aluminum Pergola

Custom Aluminum Pergola,

Retractable Aluminum Pergola.

Retractable Aluminum Pergola.

Modern Aluminum Pergola

Modern Aluminum Pergola

aluminum pergola for Patio

aluminum pergola for Patio

Let’s Entice Up Your Garden With Our Exclusive Metal Pergolas For Sale

In contrast to traditional pergolas that provide shade, an aluminum pergola does not block the sun. Increasing your main structure’s value, enhancing your garden, creating an outdoor extension for your home, and creating private spaces are just a few examples of how it can be used for extensive purposes. Aluminum Pergolas in your patio or backyard enhance the aesthetic beauty of a place.

Lightweight and easy to assemble, aluminum pergolas in Dubai are tailored to individual needs. The roof on a pergola determines the type of pergola, either a Gable pergola or a Flat pergola. Moreover, sloping walls characterize gable pergolas, whereas level roofs characterize flat pergolas. There is no doubt that pergolas are still in fashion and will remain so for a long time to come.

Our Expert Team Provide Efficient Aluminum Pergola Installation in Dubai

You can protect your patio or deck from the elements like rain and sun by covering them. Having served as the leading aluminum pergola Dubai supplier for over a decade, we know our customers’ concerns. A family event can be celebrated outdoors in a place created for such occasions. Your outdoor space can be transformed easily with the help of plus furniture.

Using our services, you can create an outdoor living space that is both functional and engaging. If you are interested in having your aluminum pergola professionally installed by plush furniture in Dubai, you may consider this. Don’t let your loved ones be exposed to harmful UV rays.

aluminum pergola shade

Why Choose Us For Aluminum Pergola System in Dubai

You will find aluminum pergolas with good design with us if you are looking for aluminum pergolas in Dubai. We have served many clients with various aluminum pergola designs in Dubai and ensured the quality of aluminum pergolas.

With Plush Furniture, your outdoor space will be protected during unseasonal heat waves. It won’t matter where you are in Dubai, as long as you live there, we’ll deliver it to you. You can count on us for the fastest and most reliable delivery service. The aluminum pergola we offer is also reasonably priced.

Get a no-obligation quotation from us by emailing or calling. We also provide a space to visit or send a quote via email. Our team of professionals 24/7 will meet all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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With their clean, elegant appearance, aluminum pergolas are stable and stylish and can be custom tailored with accessories. The aluminum pergola is also long-lasting and almost maintenance-free.

Most people ask us if the aluminum patio covers from Alumawood are noisy when it rains. It’s a yes. Rain makes aluminum patio covers loud and noisy.

Over time, aluminum won’t warp, rot, or crack like wood. Pergolas will be fire- and termite-resistant. Maintenance-free aluminum pergolas will last for many years.

Despite their lightweight construction, the maximum wind and rain resistance is still achieved with wooden or aluminum pergolas with roofs.