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The Best Road Marking Company In UAE To Get Real Track

Looking for a road line marking company in Dubai? Undoubtedly, Plush Furniture is one of the leading suppliers of road safety products. Having been in the road marking paint business for many years, we are considered one of the best road marking company in UAE.

Our road safety products include a variety of options. Road paints, crash barriers, and other products fall into this category. You can visit our website to find the one that suits your needs. We offer road markings in different colors, including yellow, white, green, and more. As per your requirements, we provide road marking services.

As a leading thermoplastic road marking paint supplier, we offer a wide range that meets global standards and norms.

Best road marking in Dubai


Explore Variety Of Road Marking Paint Services

Our products speak a great language when it comes to quality. We provide a wide range of quality road marking paint that meets international standards.

So, let’s find our vast variety:

Reflective Road Marking:

Despite its unique ability to reflect colors, reflective road marking paint belongs to a special pavement marking category.

During the night, this paint reflects the light that falls on it from the vehicles. That’s why it shines in the dark. In addition to being visible at night, this property also contributes to its visibility during the day. Due to this, nighttime accidents are less likely to occur.

Safe Reflective Line Marking

Thermoplastic Road Marking:

Thermoplastic paint is available in yellow, green, and white. Aside from this, we also produce thermoplastic that glows at night due to its ability to reflect light. Road markings made of reflective thermoplastic are included in this category

Reflective Road Marking

Safe Reflective Line Marking:

Safe reflective paint is produced by using upgraded machines. It has a good shining effect due to its excellent luminosity. Moreover, our paint resists weather damage of all kinds.

Thermoplastic Road Marking


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Get The Durable Road Marking Paint Service In UAE

We do not doubt that our road line marking paint is one of the most durable materials on the market. There are several reasons for this, including the quality of raw materials.

The raw materials we use for making road marking paint are of the highest quality. We use high-quality road marking paint that is highly durable and cannot peel off easily. Road markings are best done with this paint because of its strength.

Now Get The Top Quality Services Of Our Road Marking in UAE

As a multifaceted road marking contractor in Dubai, we offer our clients various services. There are several ways in which road markings can be combined with:

  • The road stud installation
  • Surfaces with high friction
  • The screed application
  • Markings for car parks
  • Specialist Marking
  • Markings on the interior
reflective road line marking

Choose The Right Material For Road Marking In UAE

Manufacturers can choose from a wide range of marking materials and coatings that can meet their specific requirements. It is best to use a mixture of these marking options for the best results.

Rubber Resin with Chlorine

The chlorinated rubber paint consists of a durable alkyd-modified chlorinated rubber resin with fast-drying properties. No bleeding or discoloring is caused when the coating is applied to bitumen or concrete. This glue dries quickly in a short amount of time, is durable, and offers high visibility.

2-Epoxy Pack

Two-pack epoxy has a reputation for its durability and its ease of preparation. It is necessary to allow a more extended period for the application to cure, usually at least 14 hours. It is important to note that epoxies can chalk if exposed to UV light over time. Externally, it is desirable to coat the surface with a weatherable coating.

Signs And Shapes:

It is possible to convey specific information with the help of road marking signs and shapes. Strong adhesives can adhere shapes and signs to our road marking.

When you use signs and shapes efficiently, employees, machines, and products can be moved in the right direction. You can guide and control your workers’ movements by marking footprints on the floor. Signs such as stop signs, exit signs, and warning signs can help your workers stay safe.


Choose Your Style

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road marking paint

road marking paint

highway road line marking

highway road line marking

garage car marking

garage car marking

car parking marking

car parking marking

yellow road line marking

yellow road line marking

best road marking

best road marking

Increase Road Safety With Our Best Road Marking Paints

The population’s lifestyle is becoming faster with a busy schedule and a lack of travel time. In turn, this causes stress, resulting in many accidents due to a lack of awareness by the driver.

 Our road marking paint ensures the driver can see the safety signs and directions.

It is important to follow these markings as they indicate which part of the road to use, provide information about the conditions ahead, and indicate where passing is permitted.

With our road marking paints and their highly reflective properties, it helps drivers in adverse weather conditions as well as at night. Using different colors, the product presents different signals without misinterpretation.

road marking paint.

Why Choose Us For Road Marking in Dubai

With our road marking services available around the clock, we can ensure that your business receives the least disruption, and we can work on schedules as tight as possible, ensuring that we can always meet your deadlines.

We are pleased to provide you with quality road marking paints to show you the right track to follow.

As soon as you place an order for our services, we will only put you on hold while we wait for your order to be processed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Chlorinated rubber (CR) paint is inexpensive but won’t last more than one year. TP paint is expensive, but it lasts a long time. Depending on your budget and requirements, it depends.

These markings are intended to provide information and guidance to drivers. The most effective and durable option is using white paint to paint the road surface. Drivers don’t need to search for signs when approaching because the paint is applied to the road surface.

It is the most popular material for road markings due to its hard-wearing and reflective properties, which makes it ideal for highways and high-traffic roads.

A hot-applied thermoplastic compound with 2.5mm of thickness includes reflectorizing glass beads