We Have The Luxurious & Coziest Rugs In Dubai – Save Up To 15%

At our store, we sell the most luxurious and Coziest Rugs in Dubai at affordable prices. Our rugs can be used as standalone floor-covering solutions or as layering for your carpet floors. We use only premium materials and best-in-practice rug manufacturing techniques, for both machine and handmade.

Rugs Dubai

Key Features of Our High-Demand Rugs in Dubai

Our rugs are made from only the best materials, such as wool, polyester, nylon, and silk. It ensures their durability, which will last for 15+ years. We also treat our rugs with UV-resistant dyes to prevent color fading.

You can add a luxurious feel with the dense and hand-tufted manufacturing of our Rugs in Dubai. Our skilled artisans make our rugs most appealing by hand-stitching intricate designs for modern and traditional patterns.

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Rugs Dubai

Shop Premium Rugs For Your Floors With Up To 15% Discounts

We believe in the affordability of our rugs and thus offer amazing sales & discount deals all year long. Call now & book a free consultation & rug samples.

We Have a Wide Range Of Rugs in Dubai

Our store sells the most stunning Persian rugs in wool and silk fabrics featuring intricate hand-stitched designs. You can also buy our Turkish rugs, which feature diverse geometric patterns in vibrant colors on highly durable wool fabrics.


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We have traditional handmade rugs with floral motifs or unique designs. For your affordability concerns, we have long-lasting yet cheap-in-price modern Rugs Dubai made from polyester & nylon. Call now and order any of them from our store.

Rugs Dubai

Our Gallery Of Eye-Catching Rugs Dubai – Be Inspired

Need some visual inspiration to buy our floor rugs? Explore our gallery of exquisite rugs, from commercial to residential spaces, in stunning designs and patterns for diverse aesthetic tastes.

Rugs Dubai

Get Your Customized Rug In Dubai At Affordable Rates

At Plushfurnitue.ae, you can get customized rugs in Dubai to match your unique aesthetic style at the best market rates.

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Bespoke patterns & colors for your custom rugs

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Quality assurance checks to meet high standards.

Our best craftsmen will make your rugs handmade for custom sizes to fit your floor spaces for aesthetic appeal.

Get the best hand-tufting or hand-knots in your rugs to get a unique look for your room’s decor.

Why Choose Our Rugs In Dubai?

Our rug store in Dubai has been the hallmark of the market for the last 15 years. We are known for selling the best rugs Dubai for homes and offices. All of our floor coverings are made from high-quality natural and synthetic fibers in both hand-woven and machine stitching techniques. We keep the prices of rugs low so that anyone can decorate their home with these luxurious rugs.

Rugs Dubai

Wide Range

Our store has a wide collection of quality rugs in both traditional and contemporary designs & patterns.

1-Day Delivery

We will deliver your rugs in Dubai within one day of placing your order. You can order from anywhere in the UAE.

Customer Care

Our excellent customer care & support systems are online 24/7 to answer all your questions about rugs.

Client Testimonials – What Our Customers Say About Our Floor Rugs?

Dubai is a market filled with all sorts of rugs and carpet retailers. What sets us apart as the best rug supplier in Dubai can be seen in these reviews from our clients. Hear what they have to say.




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Yes, we have the best & authentic Persian rugs in all different patterns and designs. As a top supplier of Iranian floor rugs, we import handmade floor coverings from Iran directly in silk and wool fabrics colored in natural dyes. We also provide authentication certificates for these rugs.

To effectively clean and maintain your rugs, you need to vacuum clean them with a brushless suction accessory. In case of stains, never rub the rug, instead, use the blotting technique following cleaning with a mild detergent solution. Also, be sure to get professional cleaning done once a year.

You can choose from a wide range of rug designs. Common and best-selling styles include Moroccan, Turkish, and Persian rugs. They feature medallion patterns, geometric or tribal designs, and abstract designs in vibrant hues.

Yes, for our affordable floor covering solutions, we have machine-made floor rugs that feature materials that last for 15+ years. These rugs are made from polyester and nylon, which can withstand high foot traffic and require minimal maintenance.

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