Buy Our Stylish Area Rugs In Dubai To Create Modern Interior

Welcome to the best area rug shop in Dubai, where we sell the most stylish and stunning-looking floor coverings. Make a style statement for your living rooms or embellish your entryways with these area floor rugs. They are made to meet your individual aesthetic and style preferences at affordable rates.

Area Rugs Dubai

Discover The Features Of Our Area Rugs In Dubai

Discover the elegance of our area rugs with their hand-stitched design patterns featuring expert craftsmanship. The use of premium color dyes makes our floor coverings add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the room.

Our rugs are made of quality materials like wool, silk, sisal, and more to give a plush feel underfoot. Both the hand-stitched and machine-made rugs feature a durable backing layer with carpet underlay for non-slip walking, reducing the risk of slips and falls.



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Area Rugs Dubai


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Area Rugs Dubai

Get Area Rugs Discounts Up To 15% – Free Design Consultations

You can get up to 15% off on our premium area rugs online in Dubai. Get your free design consultation over the call or in person. Choose the right area rug for your home.

Choose From A Wide Range Of Area Rug Types

At, you get to select from a wide range of area rugs in Dubai. Adorn your living room with Persian rugs placed near your custom sofa sets for timeless decor. Improve your interior aesthetics with intricate patterned Kilim area rugs.


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To enhance the visual appeal of your wooden flooring, we have contemporary area rugs in geometric, floral, and abstract patterns. Our jute rugs provide the best moisture-resistant protection for your SPC flooring.

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Our Area Rugs Gallery – Discover What True Artistry Feels Like

Welcome to our gallery of stunning and luxurious area rugs in Dubai. Check out the beauty and experience true artistry. Be inspired and book your area rug online today.

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We Craft Your Vision in a Custom Area Rug Dubai

As the top supplier of area floor rugs in Dubai, our company provides the best-customized area rugs.

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We add custom colors & patterns for rugs.

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Handmade area rugs with textured finishes.

Each rug is made-to-order to meet your exact design & dimension specifications – choose from our 20+ different materials.

Our best carpet & rug designers work their magic to create a custom area rug in Dubai that is both visually appealing and functional in use.

Why Choose Us For Area Rugs In Dubai?

Our store is known in the UAE for selling premium-grade area rugs both handmade and machine-made. Our priority is customer ease & satisfaction for which we offer affordable prices for all our area rugs in Dubai. With our free design consultation to assist, you get to choose the perfect rug for all your floor covering needs.

Area Rugs

Quality Area Rugs

Our store sells the most vibrant collection of traditional, modern and vintage area rugs at low rates.

Reliable Delivery Service

We are the most reliable area rug shop in Dubai featuring Same-Day order booking and delivery service.

Proven Track Record

With 15+ years of track record and 13K+ area rugs sold, we maintain a satisfaction rate of 100%.

The Helpful Feedback & Reviews Of Our Area Rugs In Dubai

Sometimes, you just need to hear from others before you decide on something. This is why customer reviews work best for sales. Check these reviews and see why we are a top-rated area rug company in Dubai.




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As a premier supplier of area rugs, we keep an eye on the latest trends for floor rugs. Our rectangular rugs have been in trend mostly. The geometrical design of the rug adds to a relaxing ambiance. Another ongoing trend includes round rugs giving a focal point in the room’s decor.

The ideal size for a living room floor rug is either 9 * 12 inches or 8 * 10 inches. These two rug sizes are ideal for your standard living room size in Dubai. It allows for proper anchoring of the seating area while the borders of the floors remain visible. For a cohesive look, try placing the front legs of furniture on the rug.

The color of the area rug depends upon your aesthetic and interior decor preferences. We have 50+ colors in different shades. If you are looking for modern decor, pair a black or white rug with your gray couch. For a striking appeal, we recommend vibrant colors for your rugs.

Our area rugs have a lifespan of somewhere between 5 to 15 years. This lifespan depends upon the material and the maintenance of the rug over the course of its life.

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