Buy High-Quality Cowhide Rugs in Dubai

We offer premium-quality, comfortable, and durable Cowhide Rugs in Dubai that will not only make a bold statement in your interior with their vibrant colors but also offer a lot of functional favorability. Our faux cowhide rugs will always fit right in to complement your space decor.

Cowhide Rugs Dubai

Aesthetic Benefits Of Our Cowhide Rugs In Dubai

These rugs are made of supreme quality materials and offer durability against the wear and tear from foot traffic. Thesearea rugs are made from real animal skin. Our rugs are extremely soft, comfortable, elastic, and environment-friendly.

The modern design and unique style of our Cowhide rugs in Dubai make a bold statement in your interior at affordable prices. Anti-slip backing layers prevent you from falling for protection against injuries.

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Cowhide Rugs Dubai


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Cowhide Rugs Dubai

Our Cowhide Rugs Available For Up To 15% Discounts – Free Delivery

Our premium-quality natural and faux cowhide rugs are affordable, with amazing discounts of up to 15%. We offer free delivery anywhere in Dubai.

We Sell Different Types of Cowhide Rugs Dubai

Browse our extensive collection of animal skin rugs for your residential and commercial space decor. Brazilian cowhide rugs in Dubai are cheap and have a soft and durable texture like wool rugs.


Different Types Of Cowhide Rugs Available


Pattern & Marking Options To Choose From

For the vibrant decor of your floor covering, we have Colombian cowhide floor coverings with intricate patterns and markings. If you want a minimalistic design with a neutral color palette, our Scandinavian rugs offer modern sophistry for interior decor.

Cowhide Rugs Dubai

Get Inspiration – Our Cowhide Rugs Dubai Gallery 2024

Take a look at our exclusive gallery of cowhide rugs featuring unique designs and superior craftsmanship for ultimate interior decor. Choose your aesthetic style & book your order today.

Cowhide Rugs Dubai

Get Customized Cowhide Rugs In Dubai At Affordable Prices

For custom-made rugs with cow skin, we offer a wide range of sizes, colors, shapes, and markings to choose from.

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We offer textured & smooth finishes for custom rugs.

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Get personalized trims or fringes for added beauty.

Our best designers and manufacturers create custom cowhide area rugs in Dubai at a reasonable cost to match your classical and modern interior decor.

They all are made from only the best materials and superior craftsmanship. Buy this customized cowhide floor-covering solution at a cheap price.

Why Choose Us?

We are among the trustworthy and most popular suppliers of the purest cowhide rugs in Dubai because customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer the finest quality and most durable soft flooring products at affordable prices. At our stores, a team of professionally trained staff remains at your service.

Cowhide Rugs Dubai

Free Design Consultation

Get our free cowhide rug design consultations to choose the perfect floor covering.

Affordable Services

We provide inexpensive customization services for cowhide rugs and carpets.


You can get a highly durable yet soft cowhide floor rug made precisely for your space.

Insights From Our Customers – Reviews on Cowhide Rugs In Dubai

To offer you peace of mind, here are the reviews and valuable insights from our customers. Discover why our customers love to buy cowhide rugs from us. Read, compare, and buy your rugs from us.




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Cowhide luxury rugs are cured through a process called tanning, which makes them extremely soft and highly durable. Walking or sitting on such a cured rug will provide a feeling of extreme comfort and relaxation to your feet. This feature makes them great for use in any area of your home.

If you’re thinking of buying a cowhide rug, the smell of the rug will tell you whether it’s made of animal skin or not. For this purpose, take a good deep sniff of the rug because rugs made of real leather have a distinct smell. It won’t give off the odor of chemicals or synthetic materials.

A cowhide genuine rug will last for 20+ years because it comprises the actual leather and is highly durable and resilient. It can easily stand the wear and tear from everyday usage and also stand up to the test of time without losing its glamorous appearance.

You must never machine wash your cowhide rugs in case of stains from liquid spills. Blot the area with a paper towel or a dry cloth to absorb the liquids. After that, mix a mild detergent solution with water and brush the area gently. Rinse with warm water and again blot dry it.

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