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Rugs are the most fool-proof elements for adding to the beauty of any and every interior decor. They can instantly spice up the look of any given space and are the most versatile and flexible decorative stuff that can be easily considered for all spaces. Irrespective of the place where a fine-quality rug is installed, it will always provide you with high-end performance in terms of quality, appearance, durability, resilience, etc.

If you’re looking for a quality yet affordable rug that can transform the look and feel of your space and last for longer periods of time, you’re in absolutely the right place! At Plush Furniture, we offer you premium quality, most comfortable, and durable Cowhide Rugs that will not only make a bold statement in your interior with their vibrant colors but will also offer a lot of functional favorabilities as well.


We Are The Top-Notch Supplier Of Brazilian Cowhide Rugs In The UAE

For being a customer-oriented company, we aim to achieve customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal. Also, we are among the first-rate suppliers of inexpensive cowhide Brazilian rugs in the UAE. Over and above, we present our worthy clients with the best quality products to help them improve the aesthetic approach to their interiors. Adding to this information, our products are not only classy and inexpensive but also offer durability and resilience against all extents of daily usage.

Irrespective of your contemporary or traditional interior style, our faux cowhide rugs will always fit right in to complement your space decor. Moreover, they are acoustic in nature meaning and provide a significant amount of noise reduction in your room interiors. At our best flooring shops in Dubai, you can enjoy the delightful purchase of these inexpensive yet fancy soft flooring products that are customizable too, in a wide range of options.

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Our Naturally Made Cowhide Rugs Are The Ideal Budget-Friendly Option

Are you in search of inexpensive and attractive animal skin rugs that are durable too? Congrats, because you’ll be mesmerized to know that we offer the entire collection of our soft flooring products at exceptionally low prices. Our cowhide luxury rugs are contemporary in style and are one of the most durable decorative elements available at our stores that will not only uplift the decor of your interior to perfection but will also prove their practical worth in the long run.

On top of that, these rugs are offered by us at highly affordable prices and are value for money just like our other soft flooring products such as Area Rugs, Sisal Carpet, Wool Rugs, Carpet Underlay, etc. Not to mention all the functional benefits that you’ll get at such affordable pricing with this quality floor covering. If you’re looking for the most beautiful, cozy, and durable Cowhide Rugs near me, we are the best option to buy from because we offer a wide range of options to help you get the best for your interior.


Get Our Expert Delivery Services For Cowhide Luxury Rugs In Dubai

Now that you know, the stylish cowhide rugs for sale at our flooring shops comprise the finest quality materials and are durable as well. Let us tell you, we offer the fastest and most reliable delivery services, along with customization services for these rugs as different interiors have distinct space requirements and require rugs to be cut down for a perfect fit.

This way, we secure your valuable investment and provide you with long-term advantages. Over and above, you can also explore a number of incredible decor ideas on our platform, in order to come up with the best styling for your places. Our trendy yet practical rug decor ideas will work as a marvelous upgrade to your interiors, in no time. Get in touch now!

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The Fundamental Significance Of Having Our Cowhide Rugs At Your Place

Mostly, rugs are bought for the purpose of providing a comfortable feel underfoot. But, have you ever thought about the other practical and ornamental benefits that you can attain with a rug of the finest quality? Let’s provide you with the information on what exactly you are paying for!

  • These rugs are made of supreme quality materials and offer durability and resilience against the wear and tear from extensive daily use.
  • As they are made from animal skin, they are extremely soft, comfortable, elastic, and environment-friendly.
  • The modern design and unique style of our Cowhide rugs help you make a bold statement in your interior, that too, at affordable prices.
  • They are anti-slip meaning they will prevent you from falling to provide you protection against all forms of injuries.
  • They also offer ease of cleaning and maintenance as well, thanks to their high-quality and stain-resistant fabric material.


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Beige Cowhide Rugs

Beige Cowhide Rugs

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Natural Cowhide Rug

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Natural Authentic Cowhide Leather Rug

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Cowhide Leather Rug


Why Choose Us?

We are among the trustworthy and most popular suppliers of all types of carpets and rugs in Dubai because customer satisfaction is our top priority. Also, we stock the largest collection of cowhide Brazilian rugs in the entire UAE and have many colors, designs, sizes, and pattern options for made-to-measure rugs. We offer the finest quality and most durable soft flooring products that are affordable as well.

At our stores, a team of professionally trained staff workers remain at your service all the time to help you come up with the best decor creations for your interiors. And, with our inexpensive installation and customization services for Cowhide rugs and carpets, you can get the most long-lasting soft flooring products fitted precisely in your interior space. Buy a faux cowhide rug from us and enjoy the everlasting perks and pros afterwards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cowhide luxury rugs are cured through a process called tanning which makes them extremely soft and highly durable. To walk or sit on such a cured rug will provide a feeling of extreme comfort and relaxation to your feet. This feature makes them great for usage in any area of your home and to enjoy the most of their benefits, you can place them in front of a fireplace.

If you’re thinking of buying a cowhide rug, the smell of the rug will tell you whether it’s made of animal skin or not. For this purpose, take a good deep sniff of the rug because rugs made of real leather have a distinct smell and won’t give off the odor of chemicals or synthetic materials.

A cowhide genuine rug will last for years because it comprises the actual leather and is highly durable and resilient. It can easily stand the wear and tear from everyday usage and also stand up to the test of time without losing its glamorous appearance.

Many companies offer cowhide luxury rugs that are the most luxurious and equally practical interior decor elements. They will significantly add to the beauty of your interior space because of their contemporary styles, modern design, and astonishing patterns. It is advised that you always look for a quality cowhide luxury rug that can also last for a longer period besides being beautiful in appearance.