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Jute Rugs Dubai; The Finest Rug Choice

Jute rugs are the symbol of durability and beauty at the same time. People are searching for high quality rugs made from jute for their places to make them highly attractive and beautiful. We offer the most durable and highly affordable jute round rugs to all our customers all over the UAE. The quality of our rugs is famous among all the people of Dubai. That’s the reason people always prefer us to buy rugs for outdoor areas, living rooms, bedrooms, and tv lounges.

There are many rugs available in the market but we must say that jute is the best choice for you if you want the most durable rug for your place. So if you want to buy the most elegant and sophisticated rug, then come to us and get your favorite rug from us.


Essential Features Of Our Best Jute Rugs Dubai

Jute rugs are very beneficial to use. When you are buying rugs from us then you are going to get some extra benefits. Some of the most amazing features of our rugs are:

Kids Friendly

Our rugs are highly kids friendly because they provide some extra protection to kids when they are playing on them. They provide an ant-slipping property that’s why kids and pets never fall on them.


Our rugs are highly water resistant. They resist almost all damages caused by water. Jute rugs are also a great option for outdoor areas because they never absorb rainwater and remain safe.

Easy to Clean

Our rugs are also very easy to clean. You just need to vacuum them on a regular basis to maintain their beauty. You can also use mild detergent and water to wash them to make them completely clean.

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Get Customized Jute Rugs Dubai

If you are looking for a rug that is according to the size and the requirements of your place, then you must be happy to know that we offer customized Jute rugs for our customers. Our customers just need to tell us the size, shape, and other requirements of their rug, and we will deliver the exact fit rug for their place in no time. Our customized area rugs are also very affordable so you can easily get them for your place.


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Our Jute Rug Dubai Gives Adorable Look To Your Place

Our company offers the most adorable jute rugs Dubai to all the people of UAE. These rugs have the ability to make the place more attractive and elegant. Our rugs are completely versatile so they can easily be adjusted in all types of interior decor no matter if you want to install them in a contemporary interior or retro style environment.

The thickness and sizing of our rugs are just perfect for all types of floors. We have all sizes of rugs such as cheap jute rugs 9’ x12’, 2’ x 4’, 4’ x 6’, and in every size demanded by the customers. We have both thin (2’’ to 25’’) and thick (30” to 75’’) versions of these rugs. All the users can select according to their needs.

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Choose From Our Extensive Collection Of Rugs

Plush furniture provides you with unlimited options when you are choosing the rugs for your residential or commercial areas. We have an extensive collection of all types of jute rugs having different colors, designs, and patterns. You can select any of the colors of these rugs according to the walls and the curtains of your place.

As these rugs made from jute are water resistant, they can also be used in kitchens. Our rugs are the best option for high-traffic areas like the lobby, living rooms, and bedrooms. Our collection includes unlimited styles of rugs, our customers can easily follow up on their interior style or they can also take advice from our interior designers on which rug is more suitable for their place.


Choose Your Style

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Round Jute Rugs

Round Jute Rugs

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Natural Jute Rugs

Natural jute rug

Natural jute rug

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Living Room Jute Rugs

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Jute Rugs with border

Durable jute rugs

Durable jute rugs


The Unique Composition Of Our Jute Rugs

The nature of our jute rugs is unique as compared to other types of rugs on the market. Our jute floor rug composition is completely natural and contains premium quality material. These rugs are environmentally friendly because they don’t emit harmful gasses into the environment.

The life of these rugs is also longer compared to the other rugs. Users can use these rugs for many years with just little need for maintenance. Our jute round rugs are also safe for outside areas because they can easily resist the growth of molds, and mildew on them and keep them healthy for the users.


Why Choose Us For Buying Jute Round Rugs?

We are included in one of the best companies in UAE that offer the most stylish and elegant round jute rugs to all their customers. Our company is one of those organizations in the world, that care about all the needs of their customers. That’s the reason people always trust the quality of our rugs and choose us for the purchase of round rugs.

The longevity of our rugs is also another very big reason for choosing us. Our rugs are resistant to many damages and maintain their beauty by not absorbing stains and water. We also provide a good quality underlay at affordable rates with these rugs to keep them always in their place. Our delivery services are also highly reliable so you can ask us to deliver your rug to your place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, jute is a washable material but it is not safe for machine washing, either you can give a hand wash to the jute rugs. For washing the jute, cold water and mild detergent is required. Fill the tub with cold water, mix detergent in it and then soak the rug in it. Rinse the rug with water and then dry it in the sunlight.

The customization of size, color, style, and designs of jute rugs are available. The customer can select the size of the rug according to his place and he can also select the color, and design of the rug according to the interior decor of the room.

Yes, jute rugs can easily be placed in the bathrooms because of their unlimited benefits. They are anti-slipping, that’s the reason they are best for washroom floors. These rugs are also resistant to water so water won’t damage them. They are also resistant to molds, and mildew..

Vacuum cleaners are mostly used to clean jute rugs. The vacuum absorbs all the dirt and dust particles from the rug without damaging it. If there is any stain or spill on the rugs then a mixture of vinegar and water is safe for them if you don’t want to use chemicals containing cleaners on them.