Buy Our Jute Rugs Dubai For Eco-friendly Interior Decor

Welcome to our store, where we sell premium-quality jute rugs in Dubai. These floor coverings are made from 100% natural jute fibers, which offers suitability and eco-friendliness. The natural fiber build of these rugs makes them highly durable yet low-maintenance elements of home decor.

jute Rugs Dubai

Features That Make Our Jute Rugs Dubai Highly Desirable

Add a classic interior charm to your living spaces at cost-effective prices for the most amazing features. The natural jute fiber build of these fibers gives them immense durability. These rugs can withstand high foot traffic to resist wear & tear.

Our jute rugs in Dubai are low-maintenance floor coverings because of their natural water resistance. They also do not accumulate dust due to their antistatic properties, making them ideal outdoor rug solutions.



Water Resistance75%

jute Rugs Dubai


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jute Rugs Dubai

Free Design Consultations For Jute Rugs – Discounts Up To 15%

If you have trouble finding the right jute floor rug, call us for free expert advice on choosing your perfect style.

Our Jute Rugs In Dubai Are Perfect For Indoors & Outdoors

Add rustic and earthy charm to your floors with our natural jute rugs made from natural fibers. These braided jute rugs, made with expert craftsmanship for natural warmth and texture, will add timeless appeal to your outdoors and indoors in Dubai.


Different styles for indoor & outdoor decor


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If you are a fan of handmade, consider buying our hand-woven Jute rugs in Dubai with intricate artwork stitching for a special charm. Place jute rugs with sleek borders to give your room that finished touch.

jute Rugs Dubai

Showcasing Our Jute Rugs Dubai Gallery – 2024

Take a stroll through our amazing gallery of premium Jute rugs. See the colorful hues, striking patterns, and aesthetic styles of these floor rugs – find your perfect new rug. Book orders today.

jute Rugs Dubai

Get Our Custom Jute Rugs For Personalized Look

Get the custom-made jute rugs in Dubai at cost-effective prices for a perfect fit of your living spaces.

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Different weaving techniques to achieve uniqueness

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We offer personalized logo & brand printing on demand.

Our expert team designs your perfect jute area & floor rugs for custom color & pattern specifications in unique designs.

Get the bespoke border customization of your rugs with hand-weaving techniques for improved visual appeal and comfort.

Why Choose Our Jute Rugs Dubai?

Choosing our jute rugs will be a value-added investment in your home decor. Our rugs feature high quality and use premium, naturally sourced jute fibers for long-lasting durability. The expert hand-weaving craftsmanship of custom jute rugs in Dubai adds visual aesthetics to your interior decor. We offer year-round delivery services for our floor-covering rugs across the UAE. Choose us for a hassle-free shopping experience.

jute Rugs Dubai

Wide Range

Our jute rug store in Dubai features a wide catalog of stunning design & color variations.

Affordable Rates

For all the jute rugs whether pre-made or custom-made, we offer market-competitive prices.

Free Sample & Product Deliveries

Receive free jute rug design samples before placing an order – free of charge delivery services.

Our Customer Reviews – Benefit From Their Experiences

Still need a little bit more convincing? Then check out these customer reviews about our jute rugs in Dubai. These reviews highlight our craftsmanship and quality service, which makes us a market leader.




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It is not advised to machine wash jute rugs. Their natural fiber composition can deteriorate over time when exposed to high-pressure washing. You should vacuum clean them or use a dry cloth for spot cleaning.

Yes, you can definitely use our rugs in high-foot-traffic areas. Their natural fiber build resists wear and tear, and the tightly stitched fibers add to this natural resilience. Jute can still show signs of wear and tear over time. To avoid that, clean them regularly and rotate the rug to maintain its longevity.

Jute rugs can be used in humid environments like Dubai due to their water resistance. We treat our jute rugs with an additional layer of moisture-resisting materials to prevent moisture and mold build-up. For indoor placement, ensure that the room is well-ventilated to reduce moisture issues.

Our jute rugs in Dubai feature color-fade resistance despite prolonged exposure to the sun. We treat our rugs during the manufacturing process with specialized color dyes and non-toxic UV-resistant chemicals.

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