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Kitchen Rugs; The Coziest And Most Delightful Among All Rug Choices.

Plush Furniture proudly presents to you the dynamic floor covering choice of Kitchen Rugs which will not only amp up your interiors but will also create a comfortable and delightful space for working in the kitchen. We offer a wide variety of both classic and contemporary style options for kitchen luxury rugs to adorn your commercial as well as residential kitchenettes, that too, at affordable prices.

A commercial kitchenette or scullery is a place with high foot traffic round the day, especially in the case of restaurants or bars, and their floors can become dangerous for the workers because of higher moisture and humidity levels. With our anti-slip and grate-proof kitchen floor rugs, you will not only prevent your workers from injuries but will also save yourself from the economic loss that can occur due to slips and falls.


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Having a quality yet inexpensive rug for your commercial or residential kitchenette that can also dignify the decor of your space to perfection, is a dream for most of homeowners. To make this dream come true, we offer the most diverse collection of kitchen rug sets featuring a wide variety of vibrant color options, unique patterns, modern designs, and different sizes and shape ranges.

We acknowledge the fact that different interior spaces have distinct decor and style requirements that can’t be fulfilled with the same product every time. Therefore, we offer you this sensational collection of luxury jute rugs for your kitchens to help you come up with something astonishingly different for your space that is practically serviceable as well. Also, a team of skilled professionals is always available for your consultation at our stores that help you make this decision quickly and also by taking into consideration all your personal preferences.


Our Custom Kitchen Rugs Dubai Are The Perfect Budget-Friendly Option

If you’re looking for a suitable kitchen mat that exactly fits your decor style, then you’re more than welcome to place an order for a customized kitchen luxury rug at our store. Our customized sisal kitchen runners and rugs will transform the look and feel of your place within absolutely no time and as they are precisely made to measure, there will be no spacing problems either.

Also, these quality kitchen rugs are available at exceptionally low prices at our soft flooring shops in Dubai which makes them a value-for-money option for improving the aesthetics of your space. These are not only slip-resistant but also offer resistance to all other types of damage such as moisture, wear and tear from everyday usage, etc. Not to mention all other practical benefits that you’ll get at such low pricing with this quality floor covering solution.

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Enjoy The Perks And Pros Of Having Our Kitchen Rugs In Your Place

The benefits of having our supreme quality, classy yet inexpensive floor coverings in your kitchen space are not just limited to the visible aspects. Rather with our kitchen floor mats, you will enjoy plenty of practical benefits too. Below, we’ve described some noteworthy features of this incredible soft flooring product.

  • The aesthetic appearance of our custom floor coverings will definitely add to the beauty and style of your kitchen space.
  • They are durable and stain-resistant, which makes them an ideal choice for high foot traffic areas like kitchens.
  • Apart from being resistant to water damage, they are also really easy to clean and the detailed maintenance is really convenient too.
  • Our custom Kitchen Rugs also prevent you from slip or fall injuries, thanks to their slip-resistant properties.
  • Last but not least, they provide a comfortable and relaxing feel underfoot.


We Supply The Most Durable And Slip-Resistant Kitchen Rugs In The UAE

If you’re looking for a quality yet inexpensive floor mat that can transform the appearance and vibe of your space and last for a longer duration, you’re in absolutely the right place! We offer you the finest quality, most comfortable, and extremely durable kitchen mats that will not only make a bold statement in your interior with their vibrant colors but will prove to be practically serviceable as well.

At our stores, we have kitchen Rugs and floor mats comprising the finest quality natural as well as synthetic fabrics such as wool, acrylic, polypropylene, polyester, jute, sisal, cowhide, and many others. These best-quality rugs promise to last longer than regular ones and easily withstand all types of damage. Just like our Modern Area Rugs, these luxury rugs also provide comfort and safety to you besides adorning your space.

Stain Resistant Kitchen Rugs


Why Choose Us?

We are among the first-rate suppliers of different types of Carpets And Rugs in Dubai and offer them in a diverse collection of styling choices. At our stores, professionals are available all the time for your consultation to help you find the most welcoming decor solution for your interiors. We offer the best quality kitchen luxury rugs that are durable, practical, and resistant to nearly all types of damage, at affordable prices in the UAE.

Also, you can place an order for customized kitchen modern rugs at our flooring shops in Dubai to have a perfectly made-to-measure piece of soft flooring product that will resolve all your spacing and styling problems. So buy washable Kitchen Rugs of the finest quality from us and enjoy the best online purchasing experience of soft flooring products in the UAE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Kitchens are places with massive foot traffic and require highly durable and extremely resilient floor covering solutions like polypropylene, acrylic, or vinyl rugs. It is advised that you choose an option that is easily cleanable with a low pile. Also, it should be slip-resistant to prevent any injuries due to slips and falls.

Regardless of the type of fabricated rug you choose for your kitchen, it should always add to your kitchen space and style and not detract from it. Also, it should provide a comfortable feel underfoot besides being slip and moisture-resistant. Last but not least, it should offer easy cleaning for its efficient maintenance.

The cost of your customized rug for a kitchen space depends upon some essential factors such as the size, design, fabric material, and quality of the rug. All these factors add up to determine the cost of your custom rug. Simply put, you should look for an inexpensive customization service provider to save the cost of customizing your product.

Yes, kitchen floor mats can be waterproof but those are not made of fabric materials. These floor mats comprise the best quality rubber materials and offer a non-slip, resistant, and highly durable surface. Also, they can easily stand up to the test of time without losing their appearance. Nowadays, many companies are offering quality waterproof kitchen mats at affordable prices.