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Outdoor rugs are widely used nowadays by people to make their outdoor areas safer and more appealing. These rugs also keep the area clean and free from many bacteria. That’s the reason people search for high-quality luxury rugs for their places. We are the best suppliers of outdoor area rugs all over the UAE. We never compromise on the standards of our rugs and carpets. That’s the reason customers always select us to buy luxury rugs for their patios.

The rates of all types of rugs are also highly affordable. We care about the pockets of our customers that’s why we always provide premium quality rugs at reasonable rates. These rugs can easily fulfill all the requirements of the users related to flooring.


Outdoor Rugs Dubai- Make Your Space Stylish And Cozy

Carpets and rugs are widely used to cover up the floors and to make them more elegant in indoor areas. But people usually ask what about outdoor areas? Of Course, rugs can be the best choice for them. That is why we are supplying outdoor rugs UAE and water resistant rugs for our customers so they can decorate their outdoor areas without facing any difficulties. Our rugs for the outdoors are competent enough to give the most stylish and luxurious looks to the patios, balconies, and backyards.

Our rugs are very versatile therefore they can easily be adjusted in all places with all types of custom outdoor furniture. No matter if your outdoors has wooden or aluminum furniture, our rugs can easily adjust with them and give off a very uniform and sophisticated look. Also, our rugs can easily cover your damaged or worn-out floor and make it completely elegant with their appearance.

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Types Of Outdoor Rugs In Dubai

We provide all types of outdoor rugs in Dubai, Abu Dubai, and Sharjah. We have an extensive collection of various rugs such as polypropylene rugs, nylon rugs, acrylic rugs, bamboo rugs, jute rugs, and polyester rugs. All of them are ideal for all outdoor places. Our rugs are available in every color and size. You can easily match the color of the rugs with your furniture to create an amazing look in the outdoor area.


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Astonishing Features And Benefits Of Our Outdoor Rugs

There are countless benefits of having our outdoor rugs in your garden. Some of the most prominent beneficial features of our rugs are mentioned below.

Stain Resistant

Our outdoor area rugs are resistant to all types of stains. They never absorb stains. That’s the reason stains are very easy to clean because they are just on the surface.

Water Resistant

Our rugs are highly water resistant. When it rains, you don’t need to remove them from the outdoor area, instead, these rugs resist the damage from water.


Our rugs are highly comfortable. Your kids and pets can easily play on them without the danger of getting injured. Because these rugs are very soft so if they fall on them they never get a severe injury.

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Where Can You Use Our Outdoor Area Rugs?

You must be happy to know that you can use our rugs in various different situations. No matter if you want to install them on your balcony or garden or if you want to use them in indoor areas, they provide a perfect fit for all places. You can place them near the pool to provide an anti-slipping floor. You can even use them in kitchens to make the kitchen floor more secure. They can also be used in kids’ playing areas to prevent your kids from falling.

Our water-resistant outdoor rugs are also a great option for camping, so you can bring them with you to create a comfortable floor for sleeping even in the forest. Our rugs are also best for bathrooms, as they can withstand moisture damage easily. You can easily use our rugs in hundreds of places and they will completely fit in all.


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Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

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Avail Our Remarkable Customized Outdoor Rugs in Dubai

Rugs usually come in limited sizes and shapes. They are often in round, square, or rectangular shapes. But if you want a rug that covers your entire surface then we are here to provide the best-customized rugs for all places. For instance, no matter in which shape or size your balcony is, we can easily arrange a made-to-measure rug for you in no time. The requirements of our clients are always our priority. That’s the reason we help them to choose their rugs according to the requirements of their place.

We have large options in designs and styles of rugs. You can select any of the designs, styles, and materials of the rugs according to your aesthetics and we shall offer you the best build quality for all. You can also take advice from our experts before selecting rugs. They can guide you about which type of rug will be best for your garden.


Why Choose Us For Outdoor Rugs In Dubai?

Plush Furniture is the top-rated brand for providing rugs and carpets all over the UAE. We have thousands of satisfied customers that only trust us when they want an outdoor rug for their backyard or balcony. The quality of our rugs is very high as compared to other rugs available on the market. That’s the reason people who want a long-lasting solution for their garden always select us to buy outdoor area rugs.

The delivery services of our rugs are also very reliable. We can deliver your rugs all over the UAE at highly affordable rates. Now, what are you waiting for? Visit our gallery now to select the best rug for your place or you can also visit our store to check the quality. Our customer care team is always ready to serve you with their quality services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Polypropylene is considered the best rug material for outdoors. Polypropylene rugs are mostly used in outdoor areas because they are waterproof, and stain resistant. These rugs can also bear high foot traffic and never fade from the blazing sun rays. That’s the reason it is the best type of rug.

Rugs for outdoors are designed to be used in the exterior area, throughout the year in all seasons. They are completely waterproof and weather resistant so they can be easily left outside even when it is raining.

Outdoor rugs are not difficult to maintain. These rugs can easily be maintained by following just simple steps.

  • Vacuum and shake the rugs on a regular basis to keep them clean.
  • Use mild detergent for washing the rug when it gets too dirty.
  • Use baking soda on the rugs to remove the foul smell.
  • After the rain, let the rug dry completely in the sunlight to keep them secure from molds and mildew.

Outdoor floor rugs are usually resistant to molds and mildew, but when things such as dust and moisture accumulate in them then they can cause the growth of molds. To keep your rugs safe from these situations, clean them on a regular basis.