Buy Our Outdoor Rugs In Dubai For All-Weather Durability

We sell the most stunning yet highly durable outdoor rugs in Dubai. Our outdoor floor coverings are made from highly resilient materials featuring protective coatings for all-weather resistance. You won’t see the color fading when you buy rugs for the outdoors from us. Make your outdoor sitting and lounging delightful with these stylish outdoor area rugs.

Outdoor Rugs Dubai

Benefits Of Using Our Outdoor Rugs In Dubai

Our outdoor rugs have been treated with a stain-resistant layer to prevent stains. The cutting-edge manufacturing techniques prevent the absorption of liquid spills, making them moisture-resistant.

The use of specialized UV-treated color dyes for these outdoor rugs in Dubai gives them color fade resistance. The dense pile construct of natural and synthetic material fibers gives them that plush underfoot comfort for walking.



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Outdoor Rugs Dubai


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Outdoor Rugs Dubai

Avail Of Our Free Style Consultation For Outdoor Rugs – Discounts Up To 15%

Looking for cheap outdoor rugs online in Dubai? Contact us online to get advice on the right floor rug with cheap rates & amazing discounts.

All Types of Outdoor Rugs Are Available At Low Price

At our store, we feature outdoor rugs made from diverse materials. Our 100% natural outdoor sisal rugs offer the perfect rustic charm, while synthetic nylon outdoor rugs offer all-weather resistance.


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Color choices to match outdoor decor

To give your outdoor spaces an exotic feel, we have bamboo rugs—ideal for shaded areas. From eco-friendly options to seagrass rugs, all of them are perfect for the outdoors. All these amazing types of outdoor rugs in Dubai are available at our shop at a very affordable price range.

Outdoor Rugs Dubai

Our Gallery – Select Your Perfect Outdoor Rug

We welcome you to browse our gallery of outdoor rugs online in Dubai – a selection of rugs that will transform the outdoor ambiance. Whether you want vibrant patterns or subtle designs, find your preferred floor coverings.

Outdoor Rugs in Dubai

Personalize Your Exterior With Custom-made Outdoor Rugs

We offer personalized outdoor rugs for a bespoke transformation of outdoor decor, using quality materials and the best manufacturing techniques.

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Perfect fit for your outdoor spaces with bespoke rugs

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We add non-slip backing layers for custom outdoor rugs.

We offer custom-made outdoor rugs in Dubai for your specified dimensions, colors, and designs to meet your unique aesthetic preference.

Our team provides expert design consultation for your outdoor floor coverings needs. Avail at market competitive prices for quality made-to-order rugs.

Why Prefer Our Outdoor Rugs In Dubai?

Our priority with outdoor rugs lies in giving you stylish outdoor aesthetics with a comfortable walking experience. We craft each outdoor rug in Dubai with attention to detail and keeping in mind the individual preferences of every customer. With expertise in craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials, our rugs are the best-selling among the UAE residents.

Outdoor Rugs in Dubai

Premium Quality Rugs

Our rugs are regarded as the standard for quality in Dubai due to the use of quality materials & artisanship.

Trendy Design

We continuously add new and improved rug patterns & designs to give you what is trending in Dubai.

24/7 Online Booking

We maintain a round-the-clock online presence for your ease of placing orders for outdoor rugs.

Reviews About Our Outdoor Rugs From Happy Customers

To better assist you in making an informed choice of our outdoor floor rugs, check out these happy customer reviews from our 15K+ customer base.




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At our outdoor rug shop in Dubai, we have lots of amazing outdoor rug options for you to select from. All of them are made for optimal outside use. Among our best-selling ones are the ones made from synthetic materials like polyester with non-fade color dyes.

Leaving a rug for extended periods in direct sunlight is not recommended. While all outdoor rugs provide sufficient sunlight resistance, prolonged exposure can still harm them. Take them out of direct sunlight exposure once in a while.

All types of floor coverings, such as carpets and rugs, need proper maintenance. To maintain your outdoor rugs, you need to clean them just like any other floor covering. In case of stubborn stains, use a detergent with cloth to gently remove the stain.

Yes, all our outdoor area rugs resist pest and mold infestation. We treat each rug with a non-toxic pest-repellent spray, which keeps all those outside pests from damaging your precious rugs.

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