Shower Curtain Buying Guide

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Are shower curtains important? The average person doesn’t give shower curtains a second thought, yet they are an important component of your bathroom’s overall design. Not everyone can afford to redecorate their bathroom to their liking. However, a well-chosen shower curtain may drastically transform your room.

Plenty of shower and bath curtains are available online, from artistic ones with hand-drawn patterns to practical designs. Do you have a special bathtub, or are the measurements of a regular shower curtain sufficient?

Reason for Using Shower Curtain

Reason of Using Shower Curtain

A shower curtain is a curtain that surrounds your shower area. Typically there are two ways to contain the water from showers and baths – glass or a shower curtain with a liner. Both serve the purpose of keeping water from spilling out into the bathroom, but a shower curtain also has an esthetic element – it gives your bathroom an elegant touch and provides some privacy. If you are planning to purchase the shower curtain, then focus on the following things

  • Dimension of Shower curtain
  • Fabric Type used in Shower Curtain
  • Style of Shower Curtain

Standard shower curtain height is required for most showers; however, this will change if you have a customized tub. The possibilities for fabric and fashion are virtually endless. Utilizing a few of the best shower curtain ideas will help improve the look of your bathroom since the shower curtain is frequently the focus point of the room.

Which Components Help to Construct Shower Curtain?

Whether you’re looking for something decorative or practical that doubles as a curtain and a liner, there’s something for everyone. Synthetic fabrics and plastics are low-maintenance and make cleaning easy, while natural fabrics bring luxury and eco-friendliness to the table. The curtain materials are the following:

Linen in Fabric

Linen in Fabric

Linen is a great choice for a shower curtain because it’s a medium-weight natural fabric known to stay dry even in humid conditions. It gives an added touch of luxury compared to synthetic fabrics. Unfortunately, since linen is not waterproof, you’ll need to use a liner to keep it dry. To avoid wrinkles, keep your shower curtain closed as you let it air-dry.

Use of Cotton Fabric

Use of Cotton Fabric

Cotton is a lightweight, natural fabric that’s known for its strength. Like linen, it offers a sophisticated and comfortable look to your bathroom. What makes it so versatile is its eco-friendliness and the variety of curtain colors and weights it comes in. For instance, a cloud cotton shower curtain is light and has an elegant crinkled texture, while a shower curtain is medium weight and boasts a cozy knit texture.

Vinyl Shower

Vinyl Shower

Vinyl shower curtains are the most affordable option. They’re usually inexpensive and waterproof, so you don’t need an additional shower liner. Although they can appear a bit cheap, they are commonly used in hotels and dorms since they’re cheap to purchase and maintain.

Polyester in Shower

Polyester in Shower

The best of both worlds can be found with polyester shower curtains. Although they don’t appear to be as pricey as natural materials, vinyl nonetheless has a fabric-like feel while being mildew resistant. Although polyester shower curtains are not environmentally friendly, they do well with striking designs and permanent colors.

Different Sizes of Shower Curtains

Different Sizes of Shower Curtains

The size of your shower curtain should be carefully considered. One that is too short can cause water to leak on your floor decoration and look slightly wrong. For relatively waterproof tile, a small bit of moisture is not a major concern, but nobody wants to be responsible for cleaning up a mess.

Most traditional showers can accommodate all three of the common shower curtain sizes. There is very little space for error because they only differ a little. Different shower curtain sizes and lengths are required in some bathrooms. For a tall shower, you’ll need more height, and for a small shower stall, less width.

As long as they don’t drag on the floor, shower curtains don’t need to fit perfectly. Consider going overboard rather than under. It’s crucial to evaluate your space before buying because a shower curtain that is too short when matched with a liner of the same size will leak water.

How to Take Shower Curtain Measurements

How to Take Shower Curtain Measurements

Measure your shower from wall to wall to determine the ideal curtain size. To give your shower curtain a relaxed appearance when closed, add 12 inches to the width dimension.

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Subtract eight to ten inches if you buy a shower curtain with curtain rings instead of built-in ones. Some rings are larger than others, however if your curtain rod is movable, this difference is less significant. The rod may be adjusted so that it can accommodate a few inches in each direction.

Multiple Ideas for Shower Curtain Décor

The design and feel of your bathroom can significantly change with the appropriate shower curtain. These shower curtain designs for bathrooms can give you some inspiration.

Use of Elegant Curtain Rings

Use of Elegant Curtain Rings

Rings or hooks are used to hang shower curtains from a curtain rod. Some shower curtains have rings built right in, but for the most part, rings must be added. You might wish to upgrade if your shower curtain is otherwise plain because decorative rings can have a big impact. Choose black curtain hooks for a modern look or shower surround curtain pegs to match the rest of your equipment.

Create a Peaceful Environment by using Natural Tones.

When combined with vegetation, natural tones create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. A strategically positioned houseplant by a bathroom window is good for the spirit and enjoys the dampness. Bring in the florals vibes by combining a plant with an earthy shower curtain

Shower Curtains should Match your Décor.

Shower Curtains should Match your Decor

A clean, coordinated look can be achieved by having your shower curtain match your blankets and bathmat, but color isn’t your only option. For instance, coordinate textures. Consider a soft rib bath mat and soft rib towels or a flap shower curtain and two flap towels.

Use of White Curtain for a Clean Look and Style

The ideal shower curtains for small bathrooms are white ones. White sheer curtains open up a room rather than clogging it up with heavy accents. Additionally, they frequently match any bathroom design.

Use the Same Color Tone to Highlight the Texture

Use Same Colour Tone to Highlight the Texture

Colors that are neutral need not be monotonous. Thanks to towels and bathmats, there are numerous opportunities to experiment with texture in a bathroom. Experiment with muted colors and various materials to breathe some life into a plain area. Your towel-folding technique also has a significant influence.

How to Clean and Maintain Shower Curtains

How to Clean and Maintain Shower Curtains

The material will determine how to care for your shower curtain and liner. Plastics are resistant to mold and mildew; you can typically clean them using standard bathroom cleaners. Always keep your shower curtain and liner closed as they dry to avoid mold and mildew developing in the folds.

As long as you take precautions, you might be able to wash a fabric shower curtain in a washing machine. To keep the quality of the fabric, we advise spot cleaning with a natural washing powder or machine washing on a cold, gentle cycle in a laundry bag. To prevent shrinkage, line dry because shower curtains can shrink in the washer, just like your favorite shirt.

Why is the Shower Liner Required?

Why is the Shower Liner Required

Shower liners and curtains are comparable but distinct goods. Usually used for security and beauty, shower curtains hang outside the bathtub. They frequently consist of materials that absorb water instead of repelling it. Therefore, they are not waterproof and take longer to dry. Shower liners shield your bathroom and prevent water from entering.

Shower liners are required unless you use a vinyl shower curtain for a few reasons. First, tuck the lining into your bathtub to stop water from leaking from the shower. Since they are supposed to get wet and rapidly dry, plastic is often what they are made of. Second, they serve as a partition between your bathroom and your more absorbent shower curtain.

Mold and mildew are considerably harder to get rid of from a fabric shower curtain than they are from a plastic liner. Plastic curtain liners safeguard your shower curtain all around. While a great curtain is more of an investment, they are less expensive and simpler to replace.


A shower curtain is a necessity in the majority of bathrooms. They are the ideal representation of form and purpose. Shower curtains from Parachute are made from opulent natural fabrics that go with every style of decoration, whether you want to make a statement with texture or have a clean, minimalist design.

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