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Adding a border between a wall and floor will also increase the beauty of your home. So, we bring quality and unique wall skirting to Dubai. We cares about all of your needs & concerns about decorative homes.

The Wall Skirting borders are long-lasting, durable, and environmentally friendly, adding beauty and charm to any office, home, hotel, apartment, and other commercial space.

Your wall decor will last much longer with the brilliant addition of our modern wall skirting. We’ve developed a range of captivating wall skirting Dubai designs for ultimate wall protection.

Best wall skirting in Dubai
Classic Wall Skirting Dubai

We Are #1 Skirting Boards Suppliers in Dubai

Whether you need new skirting or want to renovate your old skirting, Plush Furniture offers a wide selection of wall skirting.

Our wall skirting is often called baseboards or kickboards and is used in modern interiors. It depends on the form and material of the wall skirting, whether it needs to be glued, hammered, screwed, or nailed into the wall.

However, skirting doesn’t do much. A messy gap between the wall and the wooden floor can be covered with this, visually giving the interior character and raising the ceiling. The makeover of every room would not be complete without them!

We Offer Versatile Wall Skiring Designs

PVC Skirting: Using PVC floor skirting Dubai, you can easily conceal uneven edges and dents between walls and floors.

Aluminum Wall Skirting: The Aluminum skirting services we provide are suitable for residential and commercial applications.

MDF Skirting: It is long-lasting & durable adding charm & beauty in offices, homes, hotels, and apartments.

Wooden Skirting:Wood skirting hides cables, cracks between the wall and floor, and irregular floor joints.

Staircase Skirting: They cover the space between the stairs and the wall, stairs Skirting are mostly made of raw wood.

White Skirting: You can choose from premium white wall skirting boards to the cheapest plywood skirting boards.

Best Wall Skirting Dubai
Durable Wall Skirting Dubai

Astounding Advantages of Our Wall Skirting

We will explore several advantages of wall skirting that you were unaware of. Now you can find wall skirting more beneficial for your home’s beauty.

Now let’s count down:

  1. Strong, durable, and built to last, modern wall skirting has a long service life.
  2. Decorative skirting boards can also serve as a protective layer.
  3. Despite its moisture resistance, it is not water-soluble.
  4. These skirting boards conceal incoming electric wires—inconsistencies in cabling, uneven edges, and walls with small gaps.
  5. To prevent gaps between walls and the ground, wall skirting services in Dubai is the best option.
  6. A clean and professional look can be achieved with skirting walls.

Our Skirting Projects

Stunning Wall Skirting Dubai

Stunning Wall Skirting Dubai

Reliable Wall Skirting Dubai

Reliable Wall Skirting Dubai

Perfect Wall Skirting Dubai

Perfect Wall Skirting Dubai

Modern Wall Skirting Dubai

Modern Wall Skirting Dubai

First Class Wall Skirting Dubai

First Class Wall Skirting Dubai

Elegant Wall Skirting Dubai

Elegant Wall Skirting Dubai

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Let’s Make Your Walls Look Spectacular With Our Wall Skirting Designs

Wall skirting from Plush Furniture enhances a wall’s appearance and functionality while giving it a more presentable finish.

Furthermore, our high-quality wall skirting gives an excellent appearance to any imperfections in your walls, in addition to serving the purposes of securing and beautifying.

We bring you the best skirting boards on the market to help you achieve the highest level of wall finishing inside your spaces.

Moreover, we offer a vast variety of wall skirting designs, each available in endless shapes and sizes, to create eye-catching wall decor.

With PVC skirting Dubai, you can extend the lifespan of your walls for a reasonable amount of time.

Versatile Wall Skirting Dubai

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Get Affordable Wall Skirting Installation Services From Us

In terms of cost-effectiveness and affordability, our installation services are quite reasonable. With the help of our expert installers, we ensure that they are perfectly installed. We put significant efforts into supplying you with quality skirting products, so you can hire us to install your skirting. This multi-faceted product can be accessed in numerous ways and will significantly improve the appearance of the entire room.

Perfect Hdf Skirting Dubai

Why You Should Prefer Us?

  • Support: Plush Furniture will assist you in every way possible with the appropriate design of your space.
  • CSR: We deliver eco-friendly, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing wall solutions.
  • Wide Selection: We offer a wide range of skirting tiles that are made from durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing on all of our skirting boards without sacrificing quality.
  • Quick TAT: We offer quick turnaround time as we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to outdoor projects.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Get in touch with us or give us a call at +971502136026 24/7.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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When it comes to hardwoods, natural is always best, and FJ Pine is the most sustainably harvested and economically feasible hardwood. Hardwood is the best choice for a traditional feel with raw or stained timber skirting.

Screws or nails will attach the skirting board to the wall. Walls are framed with ground boards, which are usually 24 inches apart. To access the screws or nails on the back of the board, pry it about 1cm away from the wall.

It is based on what customers like yourself are opting for and industry standards when determining the height of a skirting board. In general, skirting boards are about 145mm high or six inches.

If the chisel and hammer aren’t effective, the crowbar is a far better option. If you are removing skirting from the wall, you should place a thin block of wood between the crowbar and the wall to avoid damaging it.